Coronavirus 2020




It’s a surge… in cases, but not deaths.

…rambling over to for whatever it’s worth, there is for sure is a SURGE going on, a huge SURGE! of RED, a towering inferno of RED, but funnily enough not Sweden at #38 has nothing in the deaths column.

Of course, maybe the Swedes have stopped reporting or something I have missed, anyone know?

For the record, at time of posting - Ireland is at #70 in the list, with +1 death, so we’re 100% worse than Sweden in the death stakes. Serious surge in comparison alright.


Classic casedemic, do lots of testing get lots of results.
Sure if they tested for normal flu, they’d get thousands every day, some of those would be in hospital and small percentage will die from the flu.

What’s the difference?


Talk to Joe. :money_mouth_face:


We still have Mink farms in Ireland. Unbelievable really in 2020.

  1. Gauge public reaction, across a few states, see how that goes.
  2. Then rabbits, deers, cats, dogs, pigs, cows… it’s in the HUMAN food supply!!! on noze, less meat, we have to go without meat!

Meanwhile Human Guinea Pigs to the GM trenches - here comes your RNA vaccine Baby!


I was invited to join the vaccine trial in June, having volunteered online in March following an internet search. The invitation came in an email with the subject-line “Covid-19 vaccine study, Imperial College London”…

…Vaccines are produced in several ways. Oxford University is using a tried-and-tested model that involves altering the virus so it can’t reproduce. Imperial College London, however, is developing an “RNA vaccine”. It edits the genetic sequence of the virus, copying its outer casing but not the contents inside.

…RNA vaccines are self-multiplying, reproducing inside your body so that more than two million doses can fit inside a one-litre bottle, making it potentially cheaper and easier to distribute than Oxford’s version. What effect will an RNA vaccine have on me? That was, and is, anyone’s guess.

RNA vaccines have never before been approved for human use. Imperial’s version had only been used on monkeys and mice. According to an article in Nature Communications, the mice experienced few side-effects. Moreover, they developed a remarkably high immunity to Covid-19, even higher than most humans who had recovered from the illness.

Archived link:

If I am not mistake coronavirus is an RNA virus and needs your cells machinery to replicate (keep taking your zinc ionophore and Vit D3!) and thus is not a self-multiplying vaccine, it’s RNA is using your own human body cells to replicate (does it go on forever or what?) like Coronavirus, and I know this will be open to some correction…so this deserves it’s own thread tbh… but I’m waiting for @blamegame to point out she probably has no children and seven repeal sweaters in her wardrobe, one for each day of the week to gauge interest. :wink:

Which reminds of the black propaganda before repeal the 8th, you know the one, “I had an abortion in Liverpool, walking around the streets crying holding my tummy, on my own, crying, in Liverpool…”, they used plants with that one, had a video online with one girl, telling the whole story, crying, in black, black background, black… lots of black, remember the leaked PR said “don’t all go round wearing black…”, must have been fake or conspiracy theory, cause they wore black and more black, while they normalised killing in the name of ??? they used a plant on planks live debate, same identical story, different girl, all in black… so easy, like taking candy from a baby, Edward Bernays eat your unborn childs heart out, that kind of stuff, unleashed on Ireland, lighting up for liberty they were, or in that case takin’ the life from the unborn child one repeal jumper at a time… telling the same story, a fib, your mother taught you better, but you know, mothers soon to be a thing of the recent past… so how do we know this is not the case with such articles and not cleverly disguised PR pieces for interests etc. etc. hmmm?

The Eloi have a right to know you know, even if their emaciated bodies have not the calorific protein dense nutrient rich intake enabling even a raised eyebrow from their black mirror… :whistle:

A link to some stuff about RNA vaccines and Pfzier, trails etc. etc.

Two of the 4 vaccine candidates include a nucleoside modified mRNA (modRNA), one includes uridine containing mRNA (uRNA), and the fourth vaccine candidate utilizes self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA). Each mRNA format is combined with a lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation.

BNT162b1 and BNT162b2 are both nucleoside-modified RNAs, formulated in lipid nanoparticles. BNT162b1 encodes an optimized SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain (RBD) antigen, while BNT162b2 encodes an optimized SARS-CoV-2 full-length spike protein antigen.

The larger spike sequence is included in two of the vaccine candidates, and the smaller optimized RBD from the spike protein is included in the other 2 vaccine candidates. The RBD-based candidates contain the piece of the spike that is thought to be most important for eliciting antibodies that can inactivate the virus.

On July 1, 2020, the manuscript describing the preliminary clinical data for BNT162b1 is available online and is concurrently undergoing scientific peer-review for potential publication.

On July 27, 2020, the Companies advance nucleoside-modRNA candidate BNT162b2, which encodes an optimized SARS-CoV-2 full-length spike glycoprotein, at a 30µg dose level, in a 2-dose regimen, into Phase 2/3 study of up to 30,000 participants aged 18 – 85 years, and is expected to include approximately 120 sites globally.

Pfizer and BioNTech stated on August 5, 2020, they began a Phase 2b/3 safety and efficacy trial and remain on track to seek regulatory review as early as October 2020. This study was last updated on September 4, 2020.

On August 20, 2020, a non-peer-reviewed abstract found BNT162b2 was associated with less systemic reactogenicity, particularly in older adults.

Pfizer provided an update on September 15, 2020, stating: ‘Limited blinded tolerability data from the ongoing Phase 3 trial, confirming the mild to moderate tolerability profile as was observed in Phase 1. In the blinded data presented, 50% of trial participants received a placebo and 50% received BNT162b2.’

On September 12, 2020, the companies announced they have submitted a request to the U.S. FDA to expand the enrollment of their Phase 3 pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial to up to approximately 44,000 participants, which increases the study’s population diversity, and include adolescents as young as 16 years of age and people with chronic, stable HIV, Hepatitis C, or Hepatitis B infection.

On September 17, 2020, Pfizer’s overview document for the ‘Phase 1/2/3 Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals’ became available.

And, on November 9, 2020, the companies issued a press statement that said ‘the vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 in (94) participants without evidence of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection in the first interim efficacy analysis. The phase 3 clinical trial will continue through to final analysis at 164 confirmed cases in order to collect further data and characterize the vaccine candidate’s performance against other study endpoints.’

“The first interim analysis of our global Phase 3 study provides evidence that a vaccine may effectively prevent COVID-19. This is a victory for innovation, science, and a global collaborative effort,” said Prof. Ugur Sahin, BioNTech’s CEO.

During the clinical development stage, BioNTech will provide its partners clinical supply of the vaccine from its GMP-certified mRNA manufacturing facilities in Europe. BioNTech is also collaborating with Fosun Pharma to develop BNT162 in China, where the companies expect to conduct trials.

Full text here:

She is wearing black. Did you notice? Brave.


Theyre likely counting the Mink


The people of Yorkshire must be quaking in their boots that it could mutate into their ferrets!


I live alone in London, and lockdown had been an anxious blur of work and half-hearted bouts of exercise.

Is Covid really the problem ?


Novel RNA “vaccine”.


Sweden are intermittent with their reporting, if you look at WHO Europe arcgis there is no data for this week yet, usually updates on Wednesday afternoons so I’d say you are looking at a reporting lag. My recent recollection is Sweden have the same 7-day rolling death toll, with twice the population.


This is no surprise at all, after months of scaremongering, many people are terrified of catching it and if they are tested positive, are really panicking!
PTSD is probably what they are experiencing, I know that at my daughter’s school, there are quite a few teenagers who are almost scared to death that they could catch this “deadly” disease that they are almost unable to function.

So much is happening that is having a far worse outcome than the actual pandemic itself, it will take some people years to recover from the trauma and stress caused by their fear of catching it.


Covid 19 is a Mental Illness.


Interesting debate in NI re lifting of restrictions…can’t imagine a similar scenario here right now.

In a clear indication of the strength of opposition among some DUP members to extending restrictions on businesses, party MLA Paul Frew accused the Executive of committing an “act of vandalism” on the economy.

Mr Frew, who also criticised the introduction of the circuit-break last month, branded the actions of the administration, particularly the delay in providing clarity to businesses, a “shame, disgrace and farce”.

“We have businesses, owners asking do I bring my supply chain in, do I order all that food, do I fill my freezer,” he told MLAs.

"This is unbelievable.


We’re just being trolled now, that clown Tomas Ryan.


Wow. I really did have to double check everything on that Examiner article. The date, is it really Waterford Whispers, is it the Mallow News, the lot.

This country is in some state at this stage if this is what is coming out of Trinity.:clown_face:


Rounding the corner in the US


As has been shown time and again and more importantly in the recent past - counting skills, you know the basic piece, in the US are debatable.


Lets compare with a similar first world population, shall we?

Rounding the corner in the the EU

As of 11 November 2020, 9 650 447 cases

As of 11 November 2020, 251 064 deaths


At least something good has come out of a wretched year. Influenza, the common cold, pneumonia and other pulmonary disorders are down around 95% this year and have been all but cured.

Or could it be that they’ve been given a makeover and repackaged as Covid 19? :thinking: