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Heard IBEC’S Danny McCoy on Newstalk this morning having a right go at members of NPHET doing solo runs by appearing on the media flying kites about continuing restrictions.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mr McCoy said Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan has a role to play as an adviser to government.

But he criticised members of the National Public Health Emergency Team for “kite-flying” in media interviews, saying this led to knee-jerk reactions that frustrates public and businesses.

In a letter to Mr Martin, Ibec chief Danny McCoy accused Nphet of “limiting the choice for Government” by making regular interventions in the media and that “we understood you and colleagues were going to address” the practice.

The group also said it was “intolerable” that no plan for the easing of the restrictions had yet been published. It sought a meeting with the Taoiseach “as a matter of urgency” because confidence in the management of the pandemic was “diminishing within the business community”.


‘Danny write me an auld letter there, would ya. I’m dealing with some turbulent Priests and I need to build up the case for stabbing them…remember I got you that bank guarantee and Nama’


Remember cunning & ruthlessness matters more than intelligence when it comes to politics. A politician’s sole aim is to increase his number of seats at the next election. If a politician thinks nephet stop him doing that then nephet become the enemy.

I’m 100% certain that the politicians have dirt, and I mean serious dirt, on nephet members.

Edit: the nephet crew have a certain amount of cunning. They’re not just brainy consultants. A lot of them have backstabbed their way up the greasy pole. For instance their tactic of briefing journalists to the effect of ‘its even worse than we can tell you’ is cunning


While the general public are supportive of the measures as recommended, the politicians will follow what increases their popularity, the reverse will also be true if (when) the general population gets completely fed up with the “medicine” and revolts.

Trying to impose an Xmas lockdown will be political suicide.


…….and the members of this site are even cleverer than NEPHET.

All of you guys must have got HUGE points in your Leaving Cert…………:grinning:


Meeting Privately Recorded in EDMONTON Alberta Canada last week!

“…driven by the media and politicians…this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public…”

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Longer version:


Again wow. Just wow.


So good to hear that from a specialist, I shared with friends as they didn’t believe me about COVID.


This newly-released document by Irish Medical Professionals, released on November 15th, outlines what the Irish Government and NPHET have known since March – that lockdowns kill far more people than they save. We have distilled the document down and made it more readable, with jump-links below to individual sections for your convenience.

This move by Irish doctors echoes the September address by 60 US Doctors at the US supreme court, which we linked for you in our Covid-19 information section here.

Share it far & wide, let’s bring back reality to the masses.

Below is the full text of Nov 15th’s Whitepaper release by actual Irish Medical Professionals. Remember, no one in NPHET is an actual medical professional , yet the compromised Irish Government has outsourced complete control of the country to them. The political opposition in Ireland has gone along with everything and asked no questions – Sinn Fein, and PBP are both complicit.

These Irish Doctors put it far more diplomatically that we do. We say NPHET and many members of the Irish Government should be tried for Crimes against Humanity.

They might have leaving certs though :whistle:


Now here is the funny thing about these “geniuses” (actually almost all are just mediocre middle management bureaucrats) at NPHET…

  1. They seem to be totally unfamiliar with some of the basic principals of epidemiology (the bit in the first few chapter of any book on basic epidemiology) - if there are no therapeutic treatments and no safe effective vaccines ready to go at the start of the epidemic all physical containment tactics will have ZERO effect on the final outcome. But will have very large secondary negative effects on the population.

  2. That all the reliable clinical statistics for SARs CoV 2 shows that it has the same IFR and CFR as all the other general circulation human corona-viruses which are so common as to be considered endemic. No big deal. And that the published IFR for SARs CoV 1 was totally wrong due to lack of any reliable published data.

Lets see. If 15% to 20% of “common colds” are actually human corona-virus infections (and another 5% actually influenza) and the rest caused by rhinoviruses which rarely cause serious problems and SARs CoV 2 has the same kind of health risk (IFR / CFR) as the other common human-corona viruses then the actual health risk from SARs Cov2 is actually about the same as from the “common cold”. Yes, the common cold.

So it seems these “geniuses” in NPET shut down the country for a health risk on the same order as the “common cold”. Do the math, thats the actual health risk.

Thats why the politicians and all those experts are so desperate to keep this crises going. They destroyed the economy and many peoples lives and livelihoods for something that was no more dangerous than the “common cold”. The actual clinical risk (not the one based on the phony 2003 data) was pretty obvious by early March when the first reliable data was published and by mid April this was fully confirmed. Its just another fucking HCOV . Its no big deal.

  1. The “geniuses” in NPET seem to be unaware that the guy who invented the PCR test said it should never ever be used for mass screening, only as a rough diagnostic test to be used in conjunction with other tests for those with symptoms. They seem to be unaware that as a molecular test the actual threshold of detection for someone with an active HCOV infection only goes above 50% for a few days of infection. The rest of time low to zero.

They also seem to be unaware of some pretty basic mathematics, its about chapter 3 in most bio-statistics books, that says that if what you are testing for has a low probability and the error rate is much larger than that probability ( with PCR an order of magnitude greater) almost all positives are Type II Errors. And with the low test threshold detection number for active infections very high Type I Errors. The minimum acceptable clinical test procedure has a Type I / II ratio of 0.8, Its less than 0.2 with RT/PCR when used to mass test for active SARs CoV 2 infections. The test used by NPHET, the “gold standard”, has no validity as a screening test. None. Its a placebo test.

And yet NPHET use “case” numbers almost totally derived from RT/PCR test positives as the only measure of the “success” of what they are doing.

This is how stupid these people are. These “geniuses” at NPHET. If the had run exactly the same RT/PCR test, same reagents etc, on 10K people this time last year the would have got pretty much the same number of positives. If the ran the same test in 1 years time, 5 years time, 10 years time, the result would be pretty much the same. Because these tests mean zero because almost all positives are false positives and most true positives (those with an actual SARs CoV2 infection) in any given test sample are not actually detected by the test.

This is very basic mathematics. Which seems completely beyond the comprehension of the “geniuses” in NPHET.

  1. In an epidemic with characteristics described above in 1) which has a very high asymptomatic rate (which all human corona-viruses do) and in general community spread (which it has since March) the mathematics of contact tracing is very simple. Anyone who even suggests contact tracing as a public health measure is so fucking stupid that not only should everything they say be ignored but if they have any public health professional qualification they should be up in front of a review board to have their certification very seriously reviewed. They are not competent to offer any professional medical opinions.

So using exactly the same logic as the NPHET people are using with public health measures if a very high points score in the Leaving Cert is the what got these people their position in NPHET (which is very likely given how Ireland works) then a high points score in the Leaving Cert indicates that someone is so profoundly mind-numbing stupid that they should be locked away in a home for the mentally feeble for the own good. Or as in the case of NPHET, the good of the country.

These people are very dangerous charlatans. Pure and simple.


See here is what happens next.

The nascent tyranny has no other options but to double down (which it kind of did with the 2nd lock downs).

Yet, it will not be enough to offer the various players enough protection, because word is getting out, bigly, that the cosplay guys are serious.

So what is the next move?

Real Hard Tyranny (ushered in by something like a Dark Winter as Joe Biden suggested, or similar FF event and so.)

That’s how that circuit goes.

Otherwise, the greater and collective circuit is where everyone stands up and says nope, enough is enough and it’s face the music time i.e. potential public ire, criminal prosecutions, tribunals or as might say nuremberg for the lockdown nuts, because there has to be repercussions so it can never happen again right… oh and then what about the current state of the global money system hmm hmm?

Event 201 doc mentions and links to Dark Winter here -


Sourced from video comments:


More questions raised here:

Rapid Response:

Covid-19 vaccine candidate is unimpressive: NNTV is around 256

Dear Editor

Pfizer’s vaccine “may be more than 90% effective.” (Mahase, BMJ 2020;371:m4347, November 9) Specific data are not given but it is easy enough to approximate the numbers involved, based on the 94 cases in a trial that has enrolled about 40,000 subjects: 8 cases in a vaccine group of 20,000 and 86 cases in a placebo group of 20,000. This yields a Covid-19 attack rate of 0.0004 in the vaccine group and 0.0043 in the placebo group. Relative risk (RR) for vaccination = 0.093, which translates into a “vaccine effectiveness” of 90.7% [100(1-0.093)]. This sounds impressive, but the absolute risk reduction for an individual is only about 0.4% (0.0043-0.0004=0.0039). The Number Needed To Vaccinate (NNTV) = 256 (1/0.0039), which means that to prevent just 1 Covid-19 case 256 individuals must get the vaccine; the other 255 individuals derive no benefit, but are subject to vaccine adverse effects, whatever they may be and whenever we learn about them……We’ve already heard that an early effect of the vaccine is “like a hangover or the flu.” Will vaccinees who are later exposed to coronaviruses have more severe illness as a result of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI), a known hazard of coronavirus vaccines? Is there squalene in the Pfizer vaccine? If so, will vaccinees be subject to autoimmune diseases, like Gulf War Syndrome and narcolepsy that have been associated with the adjuvant?


Archived link:


Here’s a full list of who sits on NPHET: You can count the Drs if you want. What is the purpose of writing things that are easily shown to be false…

Dr Tony Holohan (Chair) Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health (DOH
Prof Colm Bergin – Consultant Infectious Diseases, St. James’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin
Mr Paul Bolger – Director, Resources Division, DOH
Dr Eibhlin Connolly – Deputy Chief Medical Officer, DOH
Ms Tracey Conroy  – A/Sec, Acute Hospitals Division, DOH
Dr John Cuddihy  – Interim Director, Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)
Dr Cillian de Gascun -  Director, National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL), UCD, Consultant Virologist
Mr Colm Desmond – A/Sec, Corporate Legislation, Mental Health, Drugs Policy and Food Safety Division, DOH
Dr Lorraine Doherty – National Clinical Director for Health Protection, HPSC, HSE
Dr Mary Favier – President Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP)
Dr Ronan Glynn  – Deputy Chief Medical Officer, DOH
Mr Fergal Goodman – A/Sec, Primary Care Division, DOH
Dr Colm Henry – Chief Clinical Officer, HSE
Dr Kevin Kelleher – Asst. National Director, Public Health, HSE
Ms Marita Kinsella – Director, National Patient Safety Office, DOH
Mr David Leach – Deputy National Director of Communications, HSE
Dr Kathleen Mac Lellan – A/Sec, Social Care Division, DOH
Dr Jeanette Mc Callion – Medical Assessor, Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)
Mr Tom McGuinness – Asst. National Director, Office of Emergency Planning, HSE
Dr Siobhán Ní Bhrian – Lead for Integrated Care, HSE Prof Philip Nolan President, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Ms Kate O’Flaherty  – Head of Health and Wellbeing, DOH
Dr Darina O’Flanagan – Special Advisor to the NPHET, DOH
Dr Siobhan O’Sullivan – Chief Bioethics Officer, DOH
Dr Michael Power – National Clinical Lead, Critical Care Programme, HSE Consultant in Anaesthetics / Intensive Care Medicine, Beaumont Hospital
Mr Phelim Quinn – Chief Executive Officer, HIQA
Dr Máirín Ryan – Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Health Technology Assessment, HIQA
Dr Alan Smith – Deputy Chief Medical Officer, DOH
Dr Breda Smyth  – Director of Public Health Medicine, HSE
Mr David Walsh – National Director, Community Operations, HSE
Ms Deirdre Watters – Head of Communications, DOH
Mr Liam Woods – National Director, Acute Operations, HSE 


I , if I wish to, can use my PhD and insist I be addressed as Dr.

My much better looking and better educated half has 2 and believe it or not can insist ,if notions got to her, that she be addressed formally as Dr,Dr, X.

You are aware how academics and the environments they work in do their thing aren’t you?


Would you care to pick out the Liberal Arts grads from the list then to prove your theory?


Yea, tbh I don’t fully understand the structure of that line either.

Maybe it was not proof read enough, unless it is intentionally misleading, or a point badly made/garbled, my best guess is the later, that maybe it should have read “practicing” … medical professional, i.e. similar to @jmc point they are Dr’s in name not but in day to day practice, maybe management positions (a variant of never having to face the consequences of their actions) - perhaps lash that point in the comments and it might get corrected or clarified.

Of course, that doesn’t undermine the point that handing over the nation to medical tyranny was a great idea. It never was.

Leadership is not about abdicating responsibilities and passing the buck, that’s a politicians job… oh wait! :icon_redface:


Ain’t no theory kid. There’s a couple of physiotherapists on the list for a start.

Mask up.


Is it just NPHETs dealing with the pandemic you have serious issues with? Or the response of governments in the whole of Western Society?
Seems to me Ireland is somewhere in the ‘middle’ in terms of their response to the pandemic


It… depends on the circumstances? That’s why I referred to the effective reproduction number. Indoors vs, outdoor, ventilation vs no ventilation, spending prolonged time with others vs social distancing. All that stuff. Set up optimal conditions for the virus spreading, and it’s very infectious indeed. Take away those conditions, and it isn’t.

I’m sorry, but after 9 months of this stuff I can’t believe that you’re engaging in good faith. If you are, you have my sympathies.