Coronavirus 2020



I remember as a child being told to stay away from strange men with if they tried to offer me sweeties.


Where the @ps200306 guy recently? The guy who said I was a moron and a conspiracy nut last summer for stating that Christmas would be cancelled this year and that we’d be into a second/third lockdown. :roll_eyes:
I wonder is he still totally onboard with the mainstream version of current events.


Well here are the latest numbers for the vaccine. 3% serious side effects. 1 in 30. For the yearly Influenza vaccine its around 1 in 500,000.

The key number is in Slide 6.

The numbers quoted for “efficacy” by the vaccine makers mean little or nothing except they got an immune system response from the vaccine. Based on the results from the SARs CoV 1 / MERS vaccines trials any human corona-virus vaccine will be a lot less effective than the Influenza vaccine when administered to real world populations. Not the younger and healthy people used in early trials. The best numbers for the Influenza vaccine is 50%, most years between 20% and 40%.

Other interesting data point. The Influenza vaccine take up rate by nurses etc is usually 90% plus. 60% for doctors. The initial take up rate for the SARs Cov2 vaccine is less than 40% for nurses. In some areas far less than 30%. Because it is untested, and fails miserable in the risk/benefit equation. A vaccine with has an adverse health effect of 3% for a disease that has an IFR of 0.2% and a prevalence of around 0.3%. Thats a very bad risk/reward trade off. So I expect most taking the vaccine are not because they want to but because they have to. As a condition of employment.

Thats why they have already started setting up the compo board for people injured by the vaccine. There are going to be a lot of them by the time the dust has settled so the compo will probably run to billions. Using the Army Band Compo scale measure. Assume the government has any money left to pay out by then. Or there is any economy for the government to tax.


ICU Covid cases now down to 25 - lowest in a month. Hospital cases at 239 - exactly the same number as they were on 4th December when restrictions eased (and the same number as mid-October.)

Where’s the surge? Why the hysteria?


Why the hysteria? Cases are currently rising rapidly.

People infected today don’t show as confirmed cases for about 8 days. People who catch Covid today won’t be symptomatic for 5 days, won’t test positive for 2 days after that or be in national figures for a day after that.

Hospital cases peaked 9 days after confirmed cases peaked in October.

ICU cases peaked 12 to 14 days after confirmed cases peaked in October.
With current growth my best guess model (based on between 10.71% and 17.66% growth per day) shows we exceed 2000 confirmed cases a day between Dec 27th and Dec 30th assuming the infected can get a doctor to refer them for and get a test. 2000 cases a day is the point where test and trace is dead in the water. We would hit 5000 confirmed cases a day between January 2nd and January 8th. Assuming it takes till the 8th to reach this figure good luck getting a bed in ICU from 20th January. This does not take into account any effect of opening up on 18th Dec or any carnage caused by Christmas day.

Today’s confirmed cases may be those who were infected 8 days ago. Based on Yesterdays figures I believe yesterday there were 2900ish + or - about 600ish people initially infected who will go on to be confirmed cases.

The scientist in me says I should state I’ve been wrong before and the human being in me says I hope I’m wrong this time, but why take a chance.


Technically, you’ve already been wrong today.




You quoted 1 line out of 2 paragraphs of a post to show I was already wrong.
I actually mentioned 2 scenarios in that post you only quoted the indented part below not the part in bold. Both scenarios are based on recent growth rates although what recent growth rate more closely reflects future growth rate remains to be seen.

Lowest daily growth rate 10.71% of any period in the last 8 days if projected forward we will have 2189 confirmed cases by Dec 30 (This can’t be modified as people are infected already). It will rise to above 5000 confirmed cases a day by 8th January without change in public behaviour.

If the average growth rate of 17.66% for last 8 days is repeated we will have 3568 cases a day by 30 Dec (This can’t be modified as people are infected already). It will rise to 5000 confirmed cases a day by 2nd January.


Q: If I went into a store warehouse that I am told contains 1 million cases of Cola, and had to check the numbers, and was only allowed use the PCR lab process to achieve this:

Do I end up with:

  1. 950,000 cases of *non-clinically-confirmed Pepsi-cola and 50,000 cases of Coca-cola.


  1. 1,000,000 cases of *non-clinically-confirmed Cola.


  1. Not having enough PCR capacity I have only confirmed 33,000 cases of Cola, but expect the warehouse will be overwhelmed if any more cases are delivered, because best estimate based on the numbers, there are at least 967,000 unchecked cases of cola lurking everywhere else in the warehouse.

* Does not pass the smell & taste test with 100% of consumers

Meanwhile In other news:

Austrian FPÖ Member of Parliament Michael Schnedlitz administered a COVID-19 PCR test to the beverage Coca Cola in the plenum before his colleagues. The popular drink tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

He said he was performing the test live before parliament: “so you can see how worthless and misguided these mass tests are.”

He continued: “The evidence is overwhelming, starting with the absolutely absurd mass tests that are currently being carried out, which are nothing more than a large-scale redistribution of tens of millions of euros in tax money from the population…it can’t go on like this.”

Schnedlitz later wrote on his Facebook page: “The coronavirus mass tests are worthless! This was also shown by a simple experiment in parliament, in which cola got a positive result! But this government spends tens of millions in taxpayers’ money for precisely these tests."

It is recommended not to drink acidic beverages like cola an hour before this test, which some have suggested could possibly explain how he had the courage to take such a gamble. The liquids that keep the pH value constant in a certain range are called buffers. They say that is exactly what the FPÖ politician avoided. That is why the acids contained in the cola reacted with the antibody that is actually supposed to catch the virus proteins.



They should also wash it down with some Cola.


And remember folks, the new variant has been around for months, has an equal or lower mortality rate than the current dominant variant, as is a typical variant at this stage of any epidemic, and that maybe 3 in every thousand might have an active infection. Of which the majority will be asymptotic and be no load / very low load shedders of viruses.

The “novel” variant is such a non-story that even the WHO are saying WTF are you guys talking about. The WHO… FFS…

So I must assume that Dr Henry has not cracked a book since he qualified more than 2 decades ago based on his statements. Well he has spent the last decade or so as part of the HSE / medical bureaucracy which might explain his combination of ignorance and arrogance that is so common with consultants with his sort of management CV. They are fine with the run of the mill standard stuff. Stuff that has effective therapeutic treatments. Everything else, they bullshit just as much as the best bad lawyers. And with the same sort of attitudinizing rolled in for effect.


laugh out loud moment, think i’ll go now crack me open a Christmas coca virus


“In a backhanded way, this bill does not aim to make vaccinations mandatory, but will prevent anybody who doesn’t comply from having a social life.”


The legal battle has started before anyone gets the vaccine. Before we vaccinate anyone, we need “complex consent forms” (in the desperate hope that these will provide a defence to the stream of medical negligence claims which will hit our courts in the coming year).


GGovernment might have boxed itself in. Indebted through perpetual public health lockdowns but unable to mass-vaccinate due to ambulance-chasing.


Who knew the virus was a follower of Christ.

No deaths Christmas Day or Stephens Day and a near 180 drop in cases.

It’s like a miracle or something. :whistle:


Mainly due to testers and labs taking time off, also I don’t expect that too many wanted to be tested over the past three days or so. Just wait until they open up all the testing centres & labs, could be quite a jump in numbers before the end of the week.

Still, a very small number of deaths though, how many had other conditions that could/would kill them if COVID wasn’t around?


We’re manufacturing the narrative that those harmed by the vaccine are the crooked ones, not those who harmed them.

I think the dominant recurring theme to “Modern” “Liberal” post-catholic Ireland is an establishment that victim blames when it f**ks up:
“We all partied”
“McCabe’s behaviour was disgusting”
“Litigation Culture”

It only ever happily accepts responsibility for pre-Liberal age causes “child prisoners” etc


Has anyone in Ireland heard of Implied Consent? WTF are they talking about “complex consent forms”?
Jesus Christ.


Oh, yeah, let’s blame those crooked scientists rushing out COVID vaccines to make us sick. We don’t have a litigation culture - those court reports we read every week are fake news.

But you must know that “modern, liberal Ireland” created a full-blown sworn inquiry in which a Supreme Court judge heard evidence from all sides and issued a report which fully vindicated Maurice McCabe who was subsequently compensated very generously for his mistreatment.

Sorry if my facts disturb your narrative…excuse me, “dominant recurring theme”.