Coronavirus 2020



That the lab escaped from the virus was always the most likely explanation, the China CDC for disease control is based there and the “batwoman” is based there who collects strains from all types of bats and I remember in a times article they were experimenting with different strains in a controlled environment, it may have got out…

what’s next in this scenario? China plays by a different set of rules, see the expansion in south china sea, hong kong, buying Africa. Do we bill them for their part in this?! I am surprised to never see anyone raise this topic, well the aussies did and they then walloped them with tariffs.


Last year they wanted you to hate Russia, and they still do I suppose, now they want you to hate China

Guess what, none of your problems are caused by the Chinese

OMG look at this

Those God dam evil commies

Evil Putin up to his old tricks

Its nice to see them recycling the same stories, good for the environment maybe


There was an 18 year old at hair products area of Boots on his phone seeking help’
‘I normally get it off John’s mother for free. She’s a hairdresser’
‘Yeah they’re living with her boyfriend during lockdown. In Kildare or Kerry or somewhere. And his granny is with them. It’s just safer. She’s from Moldova, apparently it’s really bad there’

Lesson: in order to ensure a ride during lockdown. An (Irish)man has moved a middle aged Moldovan…her teenage son…and the granny into his house :rofl:

Moldava again. The underground railway again


With these (confirmed) numbers, there’s certainly some serious level of “herd immunity” building up in the population. And it’s going to kick-in just when the vaccine begins to take effect and the seasonality factor improves… it’s not all bad!


When you consider that in the early stages, the vast majority of sufferes were not tested, so it is only a matter of time before the herd immunity kicks in.
In fact, the lockdowns have delayed this by many months.


I would not infer “herd immunity”, per se, you might be right right, but herd immunity is not the same as vaccine derived herd immunity (I don’t think either are actually comparable from what I have read on the issue, but Big Pharma have done a splendid job of stealing (marketing) the term “herd immunity” in the debate and made it their own) herd immunity in it’s original use and discovery was the natural collective immunological system in a community, the sum of all the immune systems, for measles it was discovered to be 67% exposure for the population to be effective at protecting the younger.

On top of that, if the population of nursing mothers were breastfeeding and had previous exposure to measles, then their nursing offspring would also benefit from historical real exposure temporarily as nursing infants via the breastmilk - and this is also why breast milk is sometimes referred to as “white blood”, because the mothers immune system transfers on-demand immunological protection to the most at risk via the mothers milk!

Also consider that the 0-12 months are at the highest risk of death, (it drops off very considerably after this age and is the reason they can not be vaccinated because it would kill them), incredible really.

I knew it was bad but Ireland has one of the worst breast-feeding rates in the world according to UNICEF.

One hundred years ago most Irish babies were breastfed, now only half are – UNICEF wants to know why.

One hundred years ago in Ireland breastfeeding was the norm, as formula – though invented – was not yet commonly available. It was not until the 1950s after the introduction of the Mother and Infant Care Scheme that rates started their sharp decline. Today, Ireland’s breastfeeding rates are amongst the lowest in the world with only 60% of mothers reporting any breastfeeding at discharge from hospital, including combination feeding, according to the latest available data.

Breastfeeding is the biologically normal feeding method for infants and young children and ensures optimum growth and development. Despite the huge body of evidence to back this up, just 49% of Irish infants are being exclusively breastfed at discharge from hospital. This represents an increase year on year over the past decade but it is far from the 100% of babies UNICEF and the WHO recommend should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life.

BLOOD - Taking Down Humanity - Self spreading Vaccines or Vaccine Shedding: A Bio-weapon by another name?

Here is the chart of daily Test totals for the entire ROI event based on official numbers to date.

The Blue line is Hospital daily test numbers.
The Grey line is Lab daily test numbers i.e. non-hospital.
The Green line is the combined totals of daly tests.

The Thin Grey Line

Chart Date Range: Mar 18th 2020 - Jan 4th 2021

I have also split groups from Chart A into B & C because the scale was mashing the case and deaths down so much rending. Hard to see - in Chart A, but with the last few days of super-duper case numbers going to the moon, it has ruined that scale too! :icon_confused:

I have my own thoughts on this and have expressed some of these in previous posts, they are based on this data - I am happy to be corrected that my arse is very much indeed my elbow, and I have made some egregious rookie error here, but it seems simple enough dataset, once you look at daily instead of running totals, it makes much clear picture in a simple linear chart thanks to @owenm who has made a point of the official figures being really important, irreproachable now less.

The only thing missing to my mind is bracketing of the various lockdown periods. If anyone wants to compile that in text form for me, I’ll include it in a new version of the chart.

Finally, for all those (probably none left) lamenting for the old days of thepin and sure the love of data was the craic, well I am surprised there has been very little analysis of the governments own data other that taking the lead from the Irish MSM which is pointless (…yes but this is property forum you imbecile!) - if I have missed it here or elsewhere, please lash in a few links or whatnot.


Numbers available at for anyone that want to dive in do, and do a better job than I with chart types and scales… cause and sure what else would you be doing - breaking lockdown? :ninja:


You will not find any statistically worthwhile data from the HSE or Dept of Heath. None. After all this is a country where the national statistical agency finds the government health agencies so useless as a source of such basic data as timely morality figures that they use death notices put up by undertakers as the only reliable source of national data for the country. The official numbers from the heath dept / HSE /etc eventual catch up 12 or 18 months later. Enough said.

What you have plotted is the just the number of possible / probably repository infections filtered using a completely clinically meaningless molecular test. Thats all.

There is no statistically usable information available in Ireland on even the most basic medical subjects. None. For example I can find without much effort almost real time data for respiratory illnesses / deaths not only for the country but at the county / municipal level for Norway. Denmark etc. And in Ireland? They could not even be arsed to add up how many people died in the H1N1 pandemic of 2009/2011 even though it would have run to several thousand at the time. Could not be bothered. High quality data on the current situation. Forget it. You might find some of the real data in an Excel spreadsheet in an office in the Tallagh Hospital or somewhere like that. In some clerks office. Thats about it. A complete joke.

Nine months later there is still zero information in the public domain about just what the script kiddies in UCD playing around with the epidemiological models written in R actually use as the key variables assumptions. I would guess based on their past performance whatever the default values are in the Programming R for Dummies book is.

As I said before this is what happens when you have a country run by a failed history teacher and a doctor who I would not trust to treat an ingrowing toenail successfully. Treat all flu like symptoms as a SARs CoV 2 infection and isolate, what a fucking moron. Actually he is much more than that. By this stage Holohan is an extremely dangerous and out of control deranged cunt. Verging on the mendaciously evil considering just how much real harm he has done to many many hundreds of thousands of people over the last 9 months.


Indeed, but the sad reality they have spun is based on that fact we all have equity (negative-equity more like!) as such in this deathly lockdown, legislative overreach aka medical tyranny.

However, perhaps I am taking an kind of “insider trading” view of these figures. For example, remember that 3 day lag… :whistle:


True - the Public Health doctors are underfunded, and I think still working without a proper computer system? As are most hospitals - some stuff is online but most charts are paper-based, although hearing tales of EPIC etc from the US we may be better off. I did look at that online data briefly, but couldn’t see how to make anything sensible if it. My stats skills are only average, but interesting to see more analytical minds also find little there to work with. Ivor Cummins has simply been using overall mortality figures for the most part, when Tweeting out . Which weren’t excessive for 2020.
And so many of the deaths in the spring were among the elderly. Speaking of which… plus ça change


Looks like Moderna vaccine may be appoved tomorrow by EMA


Portuguese woman dies two days after getting Pfizer covid vaccine | Daily Mail Online

Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he 'wants answers’

  • Sonia Acevedo suffered a ‘sudden death’ on New Year’s Day 48 hours after jab
  • The 41-year-old mother-of-two worked in paediatrics at a hospital in Porto
  • Ms Acevedo had not suffered any adverse side-effects after being vaccinated
  • An autopsy is expected to take place either today or tomorrow

A Portuguese health worker has died two days after getting the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

Sonia Acevedo, 41, suffered a ‘sudden death’ at home on New Year’s Day 48 hours after receiving the jab. An autopsy is expected to take place later today or tomorrow.

The mother-of-two, who worked in paediatrics at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Porto, is not said to have suffered any adverse side-effects after being vaccinated.

Ms Acevedo’s father Abilio Acevedo told Portuguese daily Correio da Manha: 'She was okay. She hadn’t had any health problems.

Need to keep an eye on these isolated cases during these trials


Now for HSE to roll it out quickly…

Taoiseach said yesterday 135,000 will have both doses by end February, which seems very slow





2.2 million people did vote in a day in 2020. I mean, checking a ballot card, marking people off a list, time to cast vote…it’s not that different.


With close to 5m to vaccinate, ‘only’ 135K by end Feb seems slow. But I guess production will ramp up as more vaccines approved. Pfizer also opening a new plant in Germany next month


Government pledge more kool-aid on way.


I don’t believe anyone thinks we are going to get close to even 80% coverage by end of the year or ever, nor do we need to. Once the over 70’s and hospital staff are done ~800K then it’s all over, the death and seriously ill numbers through the floor.

And I’m hoping that is what the reasoning behind putting Robert Watt in as Sec Gen of DOH is all about.


Interesting. So we need 20% of the population’s msot vulnerable to reduce deaths by 90%.

Haven’t seen any rollout projections beyond Feb so don’t know ballpark how long the 800K will take