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Women be winning.


Not just disproportionate, but unscientific too.
As if the virus in Dubai is considered another virus altogether to the virus in this country.
Why not just ask the women to stay overnight in a quarantine area while awaiting the outcome of a PCR test (in 24 hours)?
Government figures have previously referred to PCR as the ‘gold standard’ test for coronavirus. Clearly they believe one thing but say another.


2020 PCR was one standard.
2021 PCR is another standard.

It’s Alchemy.


Absolutely shocking if true!!!

< / sarcasm >

Who am I kidding, course it’s not…

An oversight board created to scrutinize research that would enhance highly dangerous pathogens did not review a National Institutes of Health grant that funded a lab in Wuhan, China, to genetically modify bat-based coronaviruses.

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Countdown to the pushback from NPHET and the HSE disputing this ill-timed good news and to bring us all back to our petrified senses…


@jmc previously pointed out the pointlessness of injecting the elderly (but we know that real reason is to allow experimenting on the most vulnerable in society, normally being taboo) saying but a breakout of double think seems to be the order of the times.

Ten-a-penny stories - People got the shot then, people got the covid.

…So-called “breakthrough cases” are not surprising, he added. Michigan’s elderly and those with poor immune systems may not be able to mount a robust enough defense against the virus, even though the vaccines’ efficacy rate is “excellent.”

“Even if you are fully vaccinated, nothing is zero percent risk right now,” he said.

At Trinity Health Michigan, a dozen of more than 3,000 health care workers tested positive after being fully vaccinated, but none have been seriously ill, said Dr. Rosalie Tocco-Bradley, chief clinical officer.




That is to be expected. More than 2/3’rds of the VAERS deaths are people over 70 and most die almost immediately of cardiac issues.

So as the the daily odds of death in this age group is around 1/10000 and the odds of immediate death from vaccination for this age group sees to be around 1/20000 (or lower) that big up tick in deaths in nursing homes is to be expected every time that age group gets vaccinated.

So that is around 500 old people dead for at most a yearly remission of probably death in this age group from this particular infectious diseases of maybe a few dozen max. If even that as most deaths in the last year seem to be substitute cause deaths.

So very much in the HSE traditional of killing large numbers of people though professional incompetence, malpractice and malfeasance.


Just thinking about those numbers. They seem to account for most of the big increase in deaths bugle for a few weeks as registered in RIP.IE in the Jan to March window. When you subtract the vaccination deaths you get a mortality curve that is almost completely accounted for by the lock-down distortion of the normal seasonal mortality curve.




That table is a great example of comparing heterogeneous sample time domains. The median time for the unvaccinated group sample is 54 days. So should be only be compared with the combined vaccination numbers. So IFR of 0.46 versus 0.84…

But as they were using the RT/PCR test for screening who knows what the real numbers are.


BMJ have now an article looking at post-vaccination issues, and referenced the above study.

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All the data are so liable to being manipulated I guess, especially with PCR.

But there are multiple reports, in Ireland alone not to mention abroad, of cases and deaths post-vaccination…


This is what happens when experiments go live and go wrong.

Play no part in it. You will be fine. You will win.


Here we go…


And so says a consultant geriatrician who has been deeply embedded in the medical administrative structure for more than 20 years. I also notice he has zero actual science background. He did is BA in Irish in UCG before getting his MD. Not the sign of someone who has a good grasp of either science or mathematics


I think he’s only an MB BCh. MD is a research doctorate here (but yes is the licensing exam in the US), don’t think he has one?


Bravo! :clap:

Remember this from June 2020?

Asymptomatic spread “very rare”

WHO to believe?


The state sponsored abuse of Children continues. Remember this abuse.