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All the crew after 2 doses.

“Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said all crew on the deployment had received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine and the outbreak was being managed.”

Are the spikes popping up? Shall be easy for Irish Navy to capture the ship on their way back.


Members of the US Women’s team have described the Covid symptoms as “starting with a rash on my balls.”


Multi vaccine resistant mutant Wirius, Ha Ha, back to the" we are all in it together",
I doubt it. .


New hypothesis on twitter - COVID-19 is a live vaccine (for sars) that escaped the lab :woman_shrugging:

Self-spreading or disseminating vaccines have been hypothesized before.


Irish President Terrified of… Families.

Turns out according to Mannix Flynn, ya it would be Mannix wouldn’t it, well The Commander in Chief is terrified of Families and Children. :whistle:

“But to simply have a large crowd outside of his residence, what without wearing masks, simply behaving in an inappropriate manner with no regard whatsoever for those around them, other park users, and then forming a protest that could be construed as intimidating – I think it’s actually unacceptable.”

Like Ronald Regan said, “The only ones who want abortion are those already born” or words to that effect.


Unrolled here the defected topic > BLOOD - Taking Down Humanity - Self spreading Vaccine or Shedding: Bio-weapon by another name?


I :heartbeat: Rand Paul :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Summary - calls Fauci out for his May statement where he categorically denied NIH funding GOF research. And produced a Wuhan paper by the bat lady which is funded by an NIH grant.




G translate of a Dutch article:

Virologists sound the alarm: delta variant also spreads via vaccinated people

Once again, virologists are sounding the alarm about the coronavirus. The delta variant is so contagious that people who have already been fully vaccinated can also pass on the virus. This could have ‘major consequences’ for policy, the scientists warn.

Although vaccinees who contract the delta variant usually do not become so sick that they end up in hospital, they can transmit the virus to others. That is why people who have been vaccinated should adhere to the same rules as those who have not been vaccinated: testing immediately in case of complaints, testing for admission tickets and after returning from vacation, and keeping an extra good distance from people who have not yet been vaccinated.

“The idea we had in the beginning, that you no longer transmit the virus after vaccination, does not seem to hold true for the delta variant,” says clinical virologist Matthijs Welkers (Amsterdam UMC). “We even see people who have already had an infection, have been vaccinated twice and are now testing positive again.”

Health care workers positive

In recent weeks, Dutch hospitals have been startled by a sharp increase in the number of fully vaccinated employees who still turn out to be positive. In Amsterdam it concerns ‘dozens’ of employees, at the LUMC 85 percent of all positively tested employees have been fully vaccinated, at the Radboud UMC 34 cases were recently turfed.

Intensive care in Tilburg. Statue Marcel van den Bergh

It is mainly the ‘mega-high’ number of virus particles that stands out, says medical microbiologist Heiman Wertheim (Radboud UMC), who just happened to test positive himself. “We really thought, what is this? If you extend this to the rest of society, you have quite a big problem.’

After all, vaccinees who contract the virus usually have few complaints themselves. “I think you have a significant group of vaccinated people who just go through with it,” Wertheim says. "I probably would have done that myself, if I hadn’t happened to test myself. Somewhere you think: I’m vaccinated, I’m okay now. But you can still pass the virus on.”

under foot

What probably happens is that the virus partially undermines the immune system. Anyone who becomes infected with the delta variant produces up to a thousand times as many virus particles as with the original variant, according to a recently published analysis. “At the beginning of the infection, it’s probably so much that your antibodies can’t keep up,” says Welkers. “Because of its large numbers, the virus breaks through the defense as it were.”

In addition, antibodies from vaccinees are about eight times less effective on the delta variant protrusions than on those of the original virus, recently published British lab tests show. That doesn’t make things any better.

The fact that vaccinated individuals rarely end up in ICU or die is due to something else. After the initial phase of the infection, the delta variant probably also runs into the T cells, the line of defense that cleans up affected cells and controls the inflammation. This keeps the disease limited.

It was to be expected that some vaccinated people would become infected again, says virologist Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC) when asked, because vaccines do not fully protect. “But with the delta variant, that story is even sharper.”

Koopmans also prefers to get rid of the preferential position of vaccinated people. "Actually, at this stage, if it could be organised, you would want to test everyone as much as possible, to keep an eye on the virus. In any case, it is wise to get tested when you return from vacation or if you have minor complaints, even if you have been fully vaccinated.’

Statue Marcel van den Bergh

In other countries, that awareness is also beginning to decline. For example, Israel, where the population was vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, announced on Friday that more than a thousand fully vaccinated people in that country have already become infected with the delta variant again. And in India, scientists discovered that healthcare workers who had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca often still became infected with the delta variant. “The warning that this emanates is that although vaccination is very important, it is not the only thing that is needed to prevent transmission,” says Koopmans.


The discovery of the infections is a strange echo from a year ago. When corona was new, it was also discovered that the virus spread under the radar by testing sniffling healthcare workers. Many of them turned out not to be a common cold, but the coronavirus among


J&J not great with Delta or :llama: either it seems…


We make good stuff. That’s a bank guarantee folks to you and me.


So… why isn’t the part highlighted below the main headline: “Most Covid Patients in Hospital For Other Reasons”

Mr Canavan also said that the experience across hospitals in the group is that patients exhibiting mild Covid symptoms are being admitted for other reasons, and Covid cases are being picked up through the screening process.


The bolded bit cannot be repeated often enough, this should be broadcasted everywhere!


Pure insanity…

So the lead article in Der Spiegel is about Merkels visit to the RKI where she states that at least 85% of the population needs to be vaccinate to “control” SARs CoV 2.

Interestingly enough no actual scientist names attached to this “prediction”. After some digging found the magic 85% here…;jsessionid=616A302FF3281D4EF5B0B485E7AEA98A.internet092

Its a model. Now what is interesting about the model (apart from the usual stupid key variable estimates) is that the only metric used to define “success” is number of hospitalizations. Nothing else. Basically the 50%/60% vaccination rate gets you N. 80% get you N - 10%. And 95% gets you N - 20%. With huge model caveats at the end. Basically fails sensitivity analysis.

So the only reason to vaccinate way about the base vaccination rate is because according to some model it might reduce the number of hospitalization by 10% to 20%. Like all models change some key value initial value estimate and the model collapses.

But thats not the real insanity. The real insanity is that the criteria for hospitalization is COVID test status (a test with 90% plus false positives) and the age of the person tested. Basically anyone with a high risk of pneumonia or over the age of 70 is automatically a candidate for in-patent treatment if test positive. So a vaccination rate of 100% and efficacy of 100% would make little difference to the hospitalization rate in that scenario. The current one. The hospitalization rate is pure a function of test rate and nothing else.

Always remember the first law of mathematical models - all models are wrong but some model can be useful. Although not in the case of SARs CoV 2 it seems.


The politicians are finding them incredibly useful :frowning:


Morning Ireland journalist tweeted this yesterday…I note Sunday Times Journalist David Quinn has tweeted it this morning - hopefully it picks up some momentum.
Tony Canavan from Saolta group told Morning Ireland yesterday vast majority of Covid patients in his hospitals tested positive after admission for something else (eg, broken leg) … very few were admitted DUE to Covid (and positive cases had only mild symptoms)


Well as SARs Cov 1 in 2003 was overwhelmingly a Hospital Acquired Infection its hardly surprising that actual SARs Cov 2 infections, viral pneumonias, are also mostly Hospital Acquired Infections.

Whenever I hear of someone dying of pneumonia my first question is always what were they actually admitted to hospital for. Because the majority of pneumonia infections are acquired in hospitals while been treated for something else. Its not just MRSA you have to watch out for.


I know some here might have discounted some of the stories OW has posted here as hyperbola and a bit over the top but the next time some some lying fucker in the government talks about “disinformation” about vaccines just remember this. The actual Phase I clinical trial for the pfezier vaccine given to children

The government now wants to vaccination children for a disease they almost never get, rarely spread, and almost never die from.

For adults there was at least cursory Phase I / II clinical trials but there not only is no complete Phase I clinical trial for use of mRNA SARs CoV 2 vaccines with children, the above trial is the first and it only started 3 months ago, but there never have been any clinical trial for any previous mRNA vaccine candidates with children. Ever. For very good reasons. The adult trials for all mRNA candidates were all abandoned long before that stage in the approval process.

The actual clinical trial above is so structure that it minimizes the probability of initial serous adverse responses in the children which would ruin the Science by Press Release planned for the rollout by many governments. The actual vaccine test group is very small 450 , carefully selected (non randomized), and even though the sample points follow the usual protocol 1, 6, 12 and 24 month, with only 450 sample group its going to be very easy to massage the results into something looks good in the press release by month 6. In September.

The only purpose of a clinical trial structured in this particular way is as a legal defense in future law-suits. Thats a clinical trial designed by lawyers, not to get accurate scientific results. Which would be as poor as all previous mRNA vaccines trials over the last decade.


They’ve been giving mRNA vaccines to pregnant women in Ireland for months, but Moderna only started observational pregnancy trials this month.


Forcing on, not giving . I’ve seen it. Like smarties equivalent. What could go wrong , right?