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Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Can you say conflicts of interest?


Over the years I have learned to trust the Bullshit Detectors of combat veterans. Not the REMF’s but the guys who had to shoot or be shot to survive. Its their BS Detector that kept them alive. From the BS of their own side. So when certain sorts of people start talking about certain things in a particular way I pay very close attention.

There is now chatter about the winter flu season lockdown in the US. Enforced by the military if necessary. The current regime in the Capital Hill fortified compound is making very surreptitious plans to try to bring in mandatory vaccination and mandatory vaccination papers. The fact that this is not only unconstitutional but illegal under a huge body of personal rights / human rights law is irrelevant it seems. The fact that about half the states will refuse to be involved is too.

Probably the most disturbing part of what I am hearing is that the main motivation for the mandatory vaccination of military personnel is that it will almost totally remove the “politically unreliable” people in uniform. Which in this case is people who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The majority of political independents and moderate Dems in the military are almost as likely to resign from the military at the moment as Republican voters. Very large numbers of people have left or are planning to leave the military rather than be forced to be vaccinated. Already stories doing to rounds of many units unraveling because so many key people are leaving. So a rerun of the collapse in the 1970’s after being hung out to dry by the Dems in Congress.

This is exactly what the ANC did when they took over South Africa. Removed all the “unreliable” elements for the military and the military quickly collapsed. To its current state were even Botswana would probably defeat them…

The last time I remember such a complete divergence of world views in countries was in the Soviet block. Where the people who watched the state media lived in one world. Complete fantasy and make believe. And the people who listened to the VOA/World Service/DW etc had at least some idea what was going on in the real world. In the US at the moment about 40% of the population live in the fantasy universe of the MSM and about 40% believe little or nothing in the MSM. With the rest going either way.

You really have to go back to the 1890’s or 1850’s to find such a complete divergence of world view among the population. I can see no end game plan for the current DC regime. None. And thats the scary bit.


Yep same signals coming through thus this topic: 4th Quarter Lockdown 2021

It is like a pre-soviet block wall fall moment for the west, we’re very close. The Menace is not going to WIN this one this time either but its will be bumpy and you need to be prepared. Mentally prepared. Then physically/materially prepared.


So the vaccine is no longer a vaccine in a meaningful sense of the word, more a pre-emptive therapeutic (maybe) (with unknown further effects)


Viruses tend to mutate to being more transmissible, but less virulent.

UK VoC briefing has Delta with an overall CFR of 0.2%, so either it has dropped, is lower due to summer (various incl. higher Vit D levels), or there is more herd immunity (either acquired or due to the jab, the experts would all say the latter of course)


Building up to another “nobody saw it coming” doom justification to hard lock down the world before the Menace is overwhelmed.


It's Happening+++

Have you noticed. People are suddenly finding the WILL all over the world to avert that moment of destruction.

The race is on.

Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"

I think it’s worth remembering there are very healthy people who have refused to get vaccinated (I have a CRP less than 1 for the first time in 20 years, high vitamin D, lost a stone in 2 months). But there are also very unhealthy, don’t give a shit about anything people who haven’t got the jab.

So when the propaganda organs say “We’re seeing unvaccinated people in hospital” it’s probably the guys who have a couple of batter burgers every day, smoke, drink etc.


Yup. Interesting CDC report on that.


To be honest, anyone who was self-aware during the Section 31 broadcasting ban and Special Branch hassling you period must be totally relaxed. This is easy. As long as we still have the internet.

They want the 80s back. If you read the archives of th Irish Times or Independent letters page you’d think no one in the South had a problem with British rule, quite the contrary - you’d think it was supported.


In the Back Pocket

Speaking of Sections - Section 32 of the 1947 Health Act, gives Stephen Donnelly the legal power to force inject you and your children, any children, and probably in person too if he felt like rolling up his sleeves and the sleeves of others.

( b ) The Minister may by order declare that—

(i) it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all adult persons should submit themselves to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against such infectious disease, or

(ii) it is necessary, for the said purpose, that adult persons of a particular class (defined in such manner and by reference to such things as the Minister thinks proper) should submit themselves to such specified measure.

(2) ( a ) Where—

(i) the parent of a child is required pursuant to regulations made under section 31 of this Act to submit the child to any specified measure in relation to his protection or immunisation against a particular infectious disease, and

(ii) such parent sends, within the prescribed time and in the prescribed manner, to the health authority concerned a statement that he objects to submitting the child to such specified measure,

then, unless an order (which relates to such infectious disease and is applicable to the child) under paragraph ( b ) of this subsection is in force, the health authority shall exempt such parent from such requirement.

( b ) The Minister may by order declare that—

(i) it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all children should be submitted to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against that infectious disease, or

(ii) it is necessary, for the said purpose, that children of a particular class (defined in such manner and by reference to such things as the Minister thinks proper) should be submitted to such specified measure.


Evil Donnelly will burn in hell


You know the Chicken Pox story, pure unadulterated lies.

Unless the Delta variant is a completely new bio-engineered biological warfare agent no HCOV, even in you stuck a bunch of people in a room with no ventilation with a heavily infected person coughing all over them for an hour, would have a R0 the same as chicken pox. About 12.

The story is classic bullshit plant story. Based on a “leak”. Or a presentation that was based on “unpublished data”. The lead on the story just wrote a book that says that COVID is all Trumps fault and that Fauci is some kind of all knowing Scientific God.

Enough said.

Just had a very quick look at her book. A terribly written mess. So a quota hire. Because she cannot actually write readable prose. Reads like a High School essay.


They just keep losing all control of the narrative. It loses them credibility. These are clearly not smart people. The idea of being ruled by a health technocracy digs a deeper grave every day for itself.

Fauci is an evil little gnome. Anyone who can’t spot his malevolence is dumb or malevolent themselves



Does this mean that the deaths was probably caused by another medical condition and the vaccine saved none???


It’s very scary. I’m still urban…

Speaking of military, new twitter account popped up (seen in telegram) might be interesting.

The Irish Army and Navy are likewise fairly run down over the past years I think.



Archived link:

Link to what I’m guessing is the actual report. It looks to be anticipating all worst case scenarios. doesn’t seem to anticipate a “we’re all good now!” scenario in fairness, but the mail seem to have gone with a combination of the worst case possibilities…


These are the same people who knowingly published and republished a completely fraudulent IFR for the SARs CoV 1 outbreaks in 2003. Being fully complicit in the coverup by the Chinese Government of the widespread outbreak in Mainland China.

Lying scum.

And MERS killed about 900 people total. And it was spread by fucking camels. Yes, camels. That how deadly that “pandemic” was.

These people would also have had access to the closed source intelligence briefings which probably confirmed the bio-lab origins of SARs CoV 1 too. In 2003. As suggest by the Taiwanese Intelligence agency a few years later.

And its also possible the AI nano-bots could take over the earth too. Or a airborne mycotoxin strain could develop and eat all plastics. Or that sharks with laser weapons could come out of the sea and enslave Cornwall.

Thats how stupid the SAGE comment is.