Coronavirus 2020

I’m wondering what the bill for all the tests is and when will it fall due

Your freedom, pay as you don’t go.

Hospital Admission for December up to the 30th

December Confirmed Case In Hosp. New Admission Discharged
Dec 1 224 7 22
Dec 2 228 16 15
Dec 3 234 14 10
Dec 4 239 11 20
Dec 5 230 7 20
Dec 6 233 10 3
Dec 7 232 14 1
Dec 8 215 11 13
Dec 9 215 11 13
Dec 10 203 13 14
Dec 11 204 13 22
Dec 12 190 12 12
Dec 13 192 10 4
Dec 14 197 12 4
Dec 15 198 14 24
Dec 16 198 9 16
Dec 17 211 10 14
Dec 18 206 13 11
Dec 19 206 12 9
Dec 20 220 13 7
Dec 21 235 8 2
Dec 22 237 11 16
Dec 23 239 14 16
Dec 24 255 24 17
Dec 25 253 14 24
Dec 26 268 19 3
Dec 27 321 31 4
Dec 28 360 39 8
Dec 29 409 36 14
Dec 30 454 60 27

8714 confirmed positive tests in the last week according to figures reported each night for the past week. Yet the Covid app says “In the last 7 days” Tests completed 103,883 and positive rate 13.1%. 13.1% of 103,883 is actually 13608. Are we getting the same guys who audited Anglo to do the figure? Does anyone know what is actually going on?

RTE also have this classic. “the five-day average now stands at 1,279 cases per 100,000 people.” rather than the 5 day average now stands at 1,279 cases. There’s no point complaining to RTE though as their PR will spin it that they do the best that they can with what limited resources they have. An urgent increase in the licence fee is needed if RTE is to maintain high standards. Heaven forbid their “journalists” check a story they file themselves.

Only 1600 or so, not enough. Ramp up the lie machine lads.

During the SARs CoV 1 outbreak in 2003 only one of the cluster outbreaks outside China (Amoy Gardens) did not involve either a hospital or medical staff. In all cases hospitals were the primary transmission vector. The hospital with the lowest transmission rate was the one hospital that was an old style hospital (no air con etc) in Hanoi.

This time around for the vast majority of early cases in the West it was hospitals that were the primary infection vector for large cluster outbreaks. And the one population who have by far the highest rate of admittance to hospitals are old people who live in cares homes. So the two biggest physical location vectors by a wide margin for actual SARs CoV 2 infections are directly connected with hospitals and medical staff.

This book has a good description of the process in Hong Kong hospitals in 2003 as they only got the hospital centered infection sources under control by going back to old style hospital antiseptic environment procedures. Just like they used before the 1970’s.

I strongly suspect that if we had old style hospitals, all tile walls and lino, smelling of medical alcohol and ruled with a rod iron by an old style ward-sister, that the number of SARs CoV 2 cased would have been a hell of a lot lower. Very small indeed.


I agree whole heatedly with the bits of the previous post that apply to this outbreak and Ireland. It seems likely to me that one potential way it got into nursing home’s was hospitals infecting then releasing patients into nursing homes created a near perfect storm. (Nursing Homes Ireland blocking visits was the one thing that stopped it being worse in the first wave). Air con rather than cross ventilation by windows and drafts made matters worse.
Anecdotal evidence but a nurse told me years back that hygiene reports in hospitals are routinely ignored. Mentioned doctors eating in canteen without changing blood stained scrubs. We’d have had a hell of a lot less MRSA too if we had militaristic ward-sisters in charge of hygiene.
Still we can have a hospital “cleaned cheaply” by outsourcing the job to cleaning companies that pay f all. What turnover is there of cleaning staff? What training do cleaning staff get? Are they given enough time to clean an area properly?

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If you are a Chef or other Kitchen Staff worker it is illegal for you to wear your PPE uniform outside of your workplace. You must change and dress in an appropriate changing room.

Nurses, doctors etc. Nah, come as you are.

Science, reasons etc

The single biggest factor in viral pneumonia survival rates is the rate of secondary infections, hospital acquired infections (HAI) . Pretty much all the diffidence in severe viral pneumonia ICU survival rates this time around with SARs CoV 2 between europan countries can be accounted for by the differing HAI rate in the respective countries medical systems.

The countries which put a great effort into reducing HAI rates over the last decade or two had the best survival rates, those that did not have pretty bad survival rates. Some countries have ICU mortality rates two or three times higher than neighboring countries, all down to HAI rates. In some countries the single most effective treatment for someone in ICU is to pump them full of antibiotics. Because of the HAI’s.

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Today’s figure for hospital admissions:

December Confirmed Case In Hosp. New Admission Discharged
Dec 31 491 51 41

Net change +10

Total Hospital confirmed cases, going from 454 yesterday to 491 today, is an increase of 37, minus the 10 net, are we left with the bulk of the increased cases, 27, all being existing hospital based admission converting to the C19 list after a time, which is approx 73% of the confirmed rises in cases presently in the hospital system.

That can’t be right can it? :thinking:

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Todays latest figures tells us that we have a net increase of C19 Hospital admissions of 10, from an actual total of 51.

Latest daily cases recorded are 1,620, of which 1,569 are not overwhelming the Hospital system.

Is that a fair assessment or statement based on the current official figures?

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