Coronavirus 2020

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No amount of head-scratching could explain how Ireland ended up with one of the highest Covid-19 incidences in the world while also having the highest proportion of vaccinated people in its population. At one point, Co Waterford was reported as having 100 per cent vaccination among adults while also having the highest county incidence figures.

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It didn’t help that we never succeeded in getting our numbers down over the summer. That one-third of businesses didn’t bother checking the Covid-19 vaccine pass. Nor did it help that we have an open border with Northern Ireland and proximity to the UK, which has had one of the highest caseloads and deaths in Europe and the lightest and shortest lockdown

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The official explanation was that we started high, endured Delta earlier than others and were more likely to suffer spread because of our younger population, which at that point were not vaccinated.
Towards the end of this year, ironically, the UK was doing comparatively well, considering how open its society has been for months. By that stage, the virus has either killed or infected so many people that its potential for harm had been blunted. Omicron may yet upend that narrative.

Hah. I raise you this…

Quality blather.

Merry Xmas

All those fully injected cloggin’ up the test centres, putting a strain on testing capacity, endless expenditure on testing, on and on… protect others, save exchequer finances don’t get tested! :ninja:

I am not the only one, this video from Dr. Bhakdi sums up my previous 26 day old post in terms of “mind numbingly evil” and the implications:

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Big Lie Boost

Amazingly the genocide boosting figures are actually available!

Bottom graph are shot #1 (green) #2 (grey) #3 (red)

You can see a potential correlation over the summer were the peak of the #2 injections express inot the follwoing weeks big increase in cases (July '21)

Here is a little snapshot of those 2 peaks in the chart.

Date Cases #3 Shot
2021-12-18 7333 41046
2021-12-19 5124 49424
2021-12-20 4799 82005
2021-12-21 5279 112800
2021-12-22 6307 113631
2021-12-23 7411 85740
2021-12-24 11182 9924
2021-12-25 13765
2021-12-26 10404

It seems pretty clear that the only thing being BOOSTED are the bogus cases figures, and whatever else tangible coming down the line, like increased ADE, Adverse reactions etc. etc. for the January UnSurprise.

The old shame button.

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Shame! they really should be feeing angry, very angry that they have been so fooled.


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Well I’m not noticing remotely any shame with quite a lot of vaxxed i know who’ve tested positive. No anger either at all. All just very, very happy that the vax kept them safe.


Total belief in the emperors new clothes.

Quick scan - piece is designed to manage anger in the US or deflect.

US has already done regent so now anger is beginning methinks. Mask has fallen off over the Christmas for many in US if you go by online chatter.

Ireland probably about 2-4 months behind or longer, never underestimate the power of denial.

See how the January UnSurprise is managed and how it’s dovetailed into Mooster March (More Booster!)

I have to think you are right and that folk here in a few months will just go “what the f**k is this/was this shi*e all about”. If demand for boosters falls gradually over the next 6 months, then what chance the end of the stupid pass? One person out of approx say 60 I met in family circles over last 2/3 weeks wouldn’t hug me/shake hands, as not vaxxed - not verbal opposition but clear as day.

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My mum started hugging me again maybe 2 months ago. Rest of the family still brainwashed & masking indoors around those not of their household. No Christmas invites for the unvaxxed, or maybe because I am admittedly moody these days. There’s a lot to be moody about.

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Sorry for you but hard to imagine that there are many like that - would like to think my lot more representative- vaxxed so ok.

Master Luke set the tone for that. The best answer is to mock their absurd assertions. If I get suspected omicron I’d loudly announce that “Your Vax kept me safe” “If you hadn’t gotten jabbed my Omicron would be much worse” etc

. This is not normal. All of these tweets in the last few days from blue ticks with almost identical message: tested positive for covid with mild symptoms, thankful for vacc and booster.