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I was assaulted by Dr Karina Butler yesterday; I wonder should I file a complaint at a garda station…

(b) threatens to so injure another with a syringe,

with the intention of or where there is a likelihood of causing that other to believe that he or she may become infected with disease as a result of the injury caused or threatened shall be guilty of an offence.


“It’s for your own good”… I was, thinking this is just cheesy scriptwriters lazy characterization of the abuser, but then again, maybe not! :whistle:

Things Abusers and Manipulators Say to Their Victims

People who have strong narcissistic tendencies and other toxic people are known for their manipulation tactics. Some of them are consciously cunning and deceiving. While others are more primitive and blunt in their disturbing behaviors.

Whatever the case may be, such people tend to project heavily, not take responsibility for their actions, blame others, and use gaslighting.

Here are some of the things abusers and toxic people say to their victims, and what it means:

Its for your own good Meaning, you should be grateful, not upset.

Youre too sensitive. Meaning, your reaction to my toxicity is unreasonable.

Its your fault. Meaning, I did nothing wrong here; it’s you.

You deserve it. Meaning, you are deserving of being mistreated.

Dont be so dramatic. Meaning, you’re overreacting and instigating conflict.

You are so cold, cruel, and lack forgiveness. Meaning, you shouldn’t hold me responsible for my hurtful and manipulative behavior.

You made me do it. Meaning,I have no control over myself in this instance; you’re responsible for what I did.

Headlines with first line, more detail in the link:

1) Find someone vulnerable

Victims are often already victims of other forms of abuse, whether at school or home…

2) Convince the victim that their insecurities are warranted, but you can look past them

Now that the victim is established as a vulnerable person with low self worth, the abuser can play off of that to their advantage…

3) Make the victim believe that their friends and family are bad for them

The abuser is just looking out for you , right? Here is part of the magic trick. If the abuser can convince the victim to leave their own friends, then the abuser doesn’t have to do any of the work on their own…

4) Isolate them from others

If those friends are so bad for the victim, they should give them up right?

5) Insist on small rules to help them “improve” their lives

Now that the victim is isolated from others, and has started to trust the abuser as the authority, the abuser can start to introduce some small “rules” to correct undesirable character traits in the victim. Desperate for change and to feel better, the victim will follow the rules even if they feel slighted.

6) Keep tabs on them to “help” their public image

Since the abuser is oh-so-generous with “helping” the victim be less of a piece of shit (sorry, I’m bitter and it shows), the abuser can now introduce the idea of helping to manage the victim’s online accounts or hear about what happened while the two are apart…

7) Tie sex and love together

Sexual violence is an incredibly traumatic and powerful tool that abusers use to shame their victims. It is never about sex but about power. Especially for young girls, there is so much shame tied up in sexual acts that it is a prime tool for warping her entire reality around healthy relationships…

8) Introduce harsher rules

Now the victim is much more isolated and convinced that they must do everything their abuser tells them to do. Part of the fear that keeps victims trapped is that they truly believe the abuser is helping them out of their insecurities…

9) Remind the victim you are doing them a favor by being with them

When the victim inevitably starts to get fed up with the abuse, the abuser reminds the victim that it is out of the goodness of their heart that they are helping the victim and staying with them. The victim looks around at their life, seeing that there is no one left but the abuser…

10) Leverage some kind of blackmail over them

Just in case the victim is a feisty one (you bet I was), the abuser needs to have a backup plan…

11) If they start to get away, love bomb them

If the victim starts to mention leaving, or trying to get away, there is a tactic called love bombing.

12) Rely on trauma bonding to keep them trapped

The love bombing need not last long, because there is also something called trauma bonding . Trauma bonding is when a victim has learned that they need to be “good” in order to receive love…

13) If they finally get away, don’t worry you’ll find another (probably younger and more vulnerable) one

Again, these rules are written as if they are for the abuser but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s an exaggeration to demonstrate the true ridiculousness of all of this. And while it may be ridiculous, I fell into it and so have many amazing victims that I know. I

The Abuser’s Textbook: 13 steps abusers take to trap victims | by Yim Register (they/them) | Medium

There is also a Regime website and quango, with lots of fab markting products to help victims and others spot the signs, just can’t remember the name or URL right now, but it’s posted somewhere here.

Yea, as I pointed out… The Irish Republic as you knew it, has been suspended and then sometime later Post Constitutional Republic - Globalist Pharma Tech Colony Estb. July 21st, 2021

It’s been one big authority confidence trick since day one.

It’s still all to play for, they have not pinned & chipped everyone.

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Another good one too:

Poisoning. 12. —(1) A person shall be guilty of an offence if, knowing that the other does not consent to what is being done, he or she intentionally or recklessly administers to or causes to be taken by another a substance which he or she knows to be capable of interfering substantially with the other’s bodily functions.

All those approx. 9 million consent forms yea… wonder where are they stored? :icon_beer:

Might need to do an audit, anyone for a consent forms audit? :icon_beer:

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Can you feel (see) the vibes man. :peace_symbol:

Archived link:

Not forgetting we’ve seen this before over at The Minds of Men - #16 by Open_Window :icon_beer: with this 8 min video a good old recap:

So yea, what’s in those shots anyways huh… :man_shrugging: :icon_beer:

Looks like the UK has crested the peak, we can’t be too far behind.

Indeed, for some time there are those who have suspected, while others claim that Malone is a form of controlled opposition.

Anyone, anytime, can be unwitting opposition, we all run this risk, informational war and all that, but such unfounded claims are usually reserved as tactic to discredit those who are over the target , so who truly knows, but they then you see they nuked his twitter account just right before he went on Joe Rogan, of course that could be a premeditated credibility play, to keep many off the scent, but then they would have to have the ear of twitter right… yes, but who is really controlling twitter now? :slight_smile:

Some of this info might be new to some and some not.

In view of the confirmed info presented in the PDF
posted below, there’s absolutely no question about
Dr. Robert W. Malone being controlled opposition…

…nor is there any doubt that Malone has done a LOT
of great work educating the public about the extremely
dangerous and deadly Covid vaccines.

Hence, the $64,000 question is: “Does Dr. Malone
know that he’s
*controlled opposition?”

Given the billions of dollars of contracts and grants (see list below) Dr. Robert F. Malone has received from both Big Pharma and the US Government over the last decade, there’s simply no way he could leave the reservation without great consequence.

In point of fact, no one ever leaves the highest echelons of the Medical Mafia and Pharma Family , and then flips to the other side … … … unless they are explicitly permitted to do so. Capiche?!

Therefore, what remains to be understood is exactly how his conoppo status is being used within the Covid Vax Truth Movement by his hidden pharma masters.

Remember, Dr. Malone received two Covid ‘vaccines’ himself. He even often says that he fully believes in the nation’s Super Vaccination Agenda . That’s right—he still believes in vaccines for the young and old, healthy and ill, rich and poor.

Read full here - There’s something VERY wrong with Dr. Robert W. Malone! | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

'Course he could be a White Hat Wizard & so who does that make the Warlock? :wink:

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Or just a made up character with 30 years of “experience” in “virusology”, hidden asset to be pulled out in the right moment? Have you notice some sparkling resemblance between Vernon Coleman and Jacob Rothschild?
I wish Chris Spivey was still active, he just abandoned his website 2 years ago, right before the EVENT started. He was absolutely brilliant.
I’d bet any antivaxer not questioning the mere existence of the “virus” plays their agenda.
The Menace are fully aware of NGM. They play it for their favour and use it to our demise.

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He does confirm 70% in ICU unvaccinated but has other things to say of course…ITU 1/10 of what it was at height of scare…and note mention of IIRC a few young people dying in Kings directly after vax and heart problems etc…

“We Failed”: Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them

"We Failed": Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them | ZeroHedge

longtime gatopal™ emily burns created this graphic. in it, she compares as aggregates the 10 most vaccinated states and the 10 least and benchmarks them off their own performance a year ago to control for seasonality, risk, etc.

cases are considerably higher in the high vaxx states. based on the data showing such prevalent negative VE on cases, this is not unexpected.

but what’s interesting is the deaths figures. they are down across the board, as one would expect given more immunity and milder variant, but they are down considerably more in the less vaxxed states. they also have very different slopes at the moment.

we’re dealing with lots of possible error and bias here, but the difference is substantial and if it is valid, that is not consistent with vaccines reducing severe outcomes.

it’s consistent with OAS style antigenic fixation and poor immune response overall.

so, i am sorry to say it and this is not an outcome that anyone wanted, but i’m getting pretty skeptical that vaccines are helping on severity anymore. even if they once did (and this is arguable based on how stacked the math that was used has been, though i suspect they were at least marginally effective) it does not look like they are doing much or even anything anymore.

this looks more and more to me like full OAS escape, and that means the helpfulness on severity is gone too. it might even flip it and go negative if the antigenic fixation is sufficiently severe and ineffective, but i have not seen anything like sufficient data to make such a claim at this time.

will keep at it.

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This virus is not going away, says Javid

Javid finishes his statement by saying the country is “better protected than ever before” against Covid but “this virus is not going away”.

“There will be more variants and no one can be sure what threat they might pose,” he says.

Vaccines, testing and anti-virals are “the best way to protect our health and freedoms as we learn to live with Covid,” he adds.

For these Times.

Tbh, I think we might need that extra day come Paddys’ Day March, there are afterall, still a lot of snakes to clear out. :thinking:

:warning: WARNING: Reading this article may induce nausea and even vomiting. :warning:

Covid restrictions must go if there is no public health rationale, Donnelly says

…“Restrictions that impinge upon people’s freedoms, that impinge upon people’s civil liberties, they are very, very serious”

:warning: WARNING: Reading this article may induce nausea and even vomiting. :warning:

Now the Beeb is Building 7