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Maybe Club Med already need to have a rethink.

Yeah, it’s fantastic to see this…and just like the Canadians are fast discovering, the NPHET types might now begin to realize that there are real world consequences and collateral damage to these “rules.”

Hazel Bryant from Travel with Kitts, an independent agency in Hertfordshire, said the Omicron variant meant a lot of people re-arranged Christmas trips for half-term instead.

In February, the Canary Islands is popular with families seeking good weather without too long a flight.

However, Hazel says that because the Canaries and mainland Spain require British children over the age of 12 to be double-jabbed, half the families she is dealing with have changed their plans.

“The reasons are, they’re not double vaccinated or because they’ve had Covid in the last six weeks - which means they haven’t gone for their second jab. Spain will not allow them in”.

So this is the paper the examiner is looking at:

I started looking at this, but it made my brain hurt. First :triangular_flag_on_post: they call the risk substantial, not significant. They then had historical & contemporary control groups (the contemporary “with no evidence” of infection, but how would they know for certain unless chasing them all?) Also modelling and various statistical corrections. Didn’t look at vaccination status in the main results. The subgroups, weightings, composite outcomes, references to referent categories and sensitivity analyses makes my head hurt. Then on to negative outcome & negative exposure controls. If this is a normal infectious disease paper…

Then saw this report on the paper. This one makes more sense to me. It basically says the paper is nonsense. Also that cardiac issues are higher if vaxxed.

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Pfizer added new and peculiar items deep in its business risk disclosures re: clinical trial data, today in its Q4 earnings.

“…risks associated with…further information regarding the quality of pre-clinical, clinical or safety data, including by audit or inspection;” ImageImage

“…challenges related to public confidence or awareness of our COVID-19 vaccine or Paxlovid, including challenges driven by misinformation, access, CONCERNS ABOUT CLINICAL DATA INTEGRITY and prescriber and pharmacy education;”

(all-caps are mine) ImageImage

New risk disclosure regarding Covid-19 itself:

“…the possibility that COVID-19 will diminish in severity or prevalence, or disappear entirely;” ImageImage

Links to Pfizer’s earnings releases referenced above:



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Doh - hadn’t seen it.


Cue professional investors bailing out!

From December last year

FDA in Their Virtual Meeting: We Were Falsely Mislead by Pfizer About the Safety of the Vaxxine. Heart Attacks Are 71x Higher Than Other Vaxxines

Pfizer in 2021 made twice the profits of BP. It made approx 20 billion. And oil is booming

Law requiring people in England to isolate when they catch Covid could be scrapped a month early, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says


All Covid rules to be scrapped by end of the month including isolation

Boris Johnson has revealed the remaining Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted a month early, including the legal requirement to self-isolate.

He began prime minister’s questions by announcing the government intends to speed up the timetable to return the country to pre-pandemic norms.

The PM said he would present the ‘Living With Covid’ strategy when the Commons returns from its recess on February 21.

He confirmed it would end the last domestic restrictions, including the threat of massive fines for positive cases who don’t quarantine at home, ‘a full month early’.

The government had originally set a target of ending all restrictions by March 24, meaning the changes will now come into force before the end of February.

Mr Johnson said bringing the change forward will be contingent on ‘the current encouraging trends in the data’ continuing.

The announcement comes as Mr Johnson attempts to reset his administration and get his own party back onside.

The damage limit threshold has been passed. Get out the suits. :frowning:

Early speculation was Pfizer and Moderna not being the biggest boys of pharma, were being setup for a fall, Pfizer is big enough but Moderna certainly was a new kid on block no?

They are no in the top ten. Pfizer makes no.6

ZH covering the wording.

The other point as made on war room and elsewhere. If there is fraud. All that yummy legal immunity voids is that right?

The immunity will be straight forward to strip away. If time consuming. I’m not the only one who noticed that the FDA EUA’s are based on a invalid reading of the relevant Federal laws. Its the full text body of laws as written not the summary in the Congressional Record that is the final decider. Strip away that legal fig leaf and the product liability immunity will soon crumble and the waves of liability lawyers will soon do immense damage. I can see Pfizer ending up in Chapter 11 bankruptcy before all this is over. But it will take at least a decade at least.

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