Coronavirus 2020


Sometime last week I saw Miriam O’Callaghan ask a couple of semi-apologetic questions about facemasks of one of the 15 year old looking males who appear to be running the country. His response was along the lines of the data being inconclusive. Then an academic from UCD seemed to suggest that facemasks could potentially add to the spread of the virus (without explaining how).

It was somewhat surreal because on the screen behind them, a Czech professor had just explained how new cases and deaths in the Czech Republic had plummeted ever since that country had introduced mandatory wearing of facemasks in public (along with shutting their borders).

Our local crew proceeded to ignore the guy and repeated that there was no conclusive evidence to suggest that facemasks were of any benefit. Miriam nodded deferentially thereafter and nobody seemed willing to address anything the Czech guy had said. In hindisght its surprising that he got anywhere near an RTE screen given his spiel didnt tally with the official local narrative.

Now maybe there are solid reasons for not wearing masks. But nobody appears willing to ask or explain what they are.


Brits be like - "When I said Ban the Burqa, I meant enforce it on everyone so that it loses its significance…


and indeed



Herself was telling me that a local hairdressers is open on the qt, they are taking appointments by a sekkret whatsapp group and are apparently charging 4x normal rates for the privilege. She was all a tizzy about it, the excitement of it all!
Me, I use my 10 year old clippers, does myself and my son grand. Offered my barber skills to her as an alternative, she declined.


My guess is that businesses will start re-opening in defiance of official advice and/or rules - especially those for which there is no logic in keeping them closed

It’s happened already in other countries - IKEA opened in Denmark against the wishes of the Government there. Others will take legal advice, like the Department store in Germany who won a judgement and opened. (There was a limit on sq footage - but that was challenged.)

On my lunchtime walk around the leafy suburbs, I’ve seen quite a few builders working on houses - one with three vans outside and another with a cement mixer proudly spinning away out on the footpath.

The most bizarre rule in the lockdown exit plan was the one where hotels could open with the hotel bars remaining closed. Not going to happen! (The parties in the bedrooms will see to that.)



It might be argued that confining Covid-negative residents within Covid-positive Nursing Homes, is tantamount to state sanctioned Euthanasia. I would urge the Minister to act now upon the behalf of this most vulnerable cohort of people, and their families, before it is too late.”


Went out for a cycle yesterday eve, 1st time I went outside the 2km’s since that limit was lifted. Quiet an open air party going on around the canal at Portobello.

Loads of people sitting on the canal walls drinking, also on the plinths in the square behind them. Some were in pairs but most were in large groups including some well weathered lads who look like they’ve been drinking since the last recession, never mind this one!


RTE is right up there with the North Korea Broadcasting Corporation for hard hitting news and interviews, and make no mistake.

Note also how throughout ‘the pandemic’ Big Brother has been issuing his public behaviour orders disguised as a butter doesn’t melt in her mouth Dublin virgin, yes a welcome change from the rasping smokers cough growls of RTE’s traditional news matrons and their sullen faces but it’s still Big Brother


Further PPE intrigues.

…Australia’s Telegraph got the 15-page document detailing Beijing’s deliberate suppression of evidence, including: “disap­pearing” doctors and scientists who tried to sound the alarm; destroying proof at genomic-studies labs; and “bleaching of wildlife market stalls.” It also notes the regime’s “deadly denial of human-to-human trans­mission” when it knew the disease was spreading between people.

And China’s still stonewalling: It’s denying repeated international requests for a live virus sample from the first coronavirus cases. That would help researchers working on a vaccine — and maybe shed light on where and how the virus originated. Nor will it let in foreign experts to examine those origins.

Want more? An investigation by Canada’s Global News found that China secretly told embassies around the world to buy all personal protective equipment possible — in mid-January, when it knew the virus would likely go global.

The regime used diplomats, state-owned companies and Chinese émigrés to purchase N95 masks and other gear to ship “back batches of scarce supplies for the motherland.” About 100 tons shipped out of Canada alone — leaving that country with limited supplies when the pandemic hit.

Imagine of that €200 million, Ireland sent to China for PPE, turned out that some or all of that PPE was from stock secretly sourced from around the world, and even though that PPE stock when received was found to be in part useless, like happened to so many other countries, is now just the insult added to the real injury.

An interesting question - Was any PPE sent from Ireland either commercially or via iris governmental channels or both?

According to the

20% of the kit was unusable, a further 15% had been classified as “acceptable if the preferred product is not available,” a.k.a, backup equipment.

Canada send almost out-of date stock to the Chinese

OTTAWA–Canada’s health minister gave the approval to donating personal protective equipment from the national emergency stockpile that was on the verge of expiry to China, a newly released email shows.

A Jan. 31 email written by Public Health Agency of Canada chief of staff Marnie Johnstone indicates Health Minister Patty Hajdu had offered “notional agreement” to donate supplies that were due to expire in February and March.

The Conservatives have lambasted the Liberal government for its donation, contending it left Canadian hospitals and health-care workers short of critical supplies.

The memo says officials were in a rush to nail down that decision so the supplies could be shipped via a flight chartered to repatriate Canadians stuck in Wuhan, the epicentre of the viral outbreak.

It also says the donation would not “compromise” Canadian supplies.

At the time, Canada had only four confirmed cases of COVID-19, while China had more than 14,000 cases and the virus had spread to 26 countries. The World Health Organization had declared a global public health emergency, but had not yet designated it as a pandemic.

In the memo, Johnstone wrote, “We have some stock in national emergency stockpile (incl stuff that is expiring in feb and March) that we are able to donate without compromising Cdn supply.

…It’s not clear from the documents whether the final donation of 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment did indeed contain items that were about to pass their best-before date.

But they were clearly in play, and time was of the essence.

According to the memo, PHAC president Tina Namiesniowski spoke to Hajdu earlier in the day on Jan. 31. The Canadian Red Cross, which was working with Ottawa to co-ordinate the shipment to China, wanted to pick up the supplies the next day, by noon at the latest.

Nine days later, the federal government announced that it shipped 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China between Feb. 4 and Feb. 9 — items “such as clothing, face shields, masks, goggles and gloves” — in collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross.

Full story here:


The Dublin woman on the radio adverts is so sinister. The focus on “messaging” their garbled message is creepy


Hopeful sign…

“We have no indication of a noticeable increase in individual areas. The situation is very, very constant, very, very stable and that is a really very, very positive, good situation,” he said.

The daily increase in infections, he added, is 0.2%.


Who would have thought it outdoors is better, air con is the devil

But STAY INDOORS they say, 2KM they say.


Lots of comparison with Sweden elsewhere, with the brainwashed masses poo pooing their approach, That Irish guy running the WHO response has held Sweden up as a model.

Sweden had 100 cases a fortnight before we did, we have 274 deaths per million and they have 284. At the moment their 7 day CFR is more than double ours though. Can’t get it out of my head where their state epidemiologist states the outcome will be the same with or without a lockdown. If he’s right they will emerge with an economy, we won’t.

Ireland in Green:


Further proof the narrative changed and nobody noticed:

Makes me violent… If I wasn’t able to go out and run for the last few weeks I would have gone out with an axe.


Probably as accurate as the covid modellers but non the less something to consider


Yes, we’re at the stage now where we can’t continue to sacrifice one form of death from another.

Interesting excerpt from Irish Times yesterday below which confirms that “healthy” (and fit) people are not affected by this to any great degree:

The department also published an analysis of underlying conditions associated with 327 cases of people with the virus who required intensive care. A total of 165 people, or 50 per cent, had chronic heart disease, 76 (23.2 per cent) had chronic respiratory disease, 75 (22.6 per cent) had diabetes and 53 (16.2 per cent) had a body mass index of more than 40, which is defined as obese.


Yes, we’re at the stage now where we can’t continue to sacrifice one form of death from another.

Thats exactly whats going to happen if the current power structure is allowed to continue unchecked. We are living in a virus dictatorship, where all other aspects of life, including other health issues, are subservient.

And nobody has the cojones to speak out.


BMI of 40 is called morbid obesity… nobody getting the hint it seems


I’ve said this before in relation to other articles - but could you imagine RTE putting something like this on their website? No…didn’t think so.

But have we got this out of perspective? How much actual risk does coronavirus present?

The people who are most at risk are older people and those with pre-existing health conditions. The overwhelming majority of deaths has been among these groups.


Who would listen to bloody foreigner if he is not from trendy location?