Coronavirus 2020


The z scores for the UK are off the wall, for England they are even worse compared to the rest of the UK but how would the mortality i.e. CFR be higher than generally thought.

The vitamin D theory holds water here, dark skinned people are more likely to be deficient in northern latitudes so a breakdown by ethnic status would be instructive, 1:6 of the UK population are non white as of 2009. It was also proposed as an explanation for the high CFR in Italy and Spain where vitamin D supplements are not espoused. It could also engender a seasonal factor where fingers crossed infection rates don’t abate but fatalities do. I think my meanderings are recalled from the article in yesterdays Irish Times.


Officers should only enforce what is written in law which does not include the two metre rule, says the guidance issued on Wednesday by the College of Policing and the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).

“Officers should only enforce the Health Protection Regulations – government guidance is not enforceable, for example two-metre distancing, avoiding public transport or the wearing of face coverings in enclosed spaces,” it states.


This also appears to the case in Ireland, though I am open to correction.

So far, I have not found any reference to new enforceable “social distancing” laws respective to human relations, other that the specification and limits imposed on the individual not being allowed without “reasonable excuse” travel further than initially 2km and now currently 5km limit, not withstanding the abrogation of constitutional rights (this is not the only example).

Right now it looks like this social distancing meme relies on a broad spectrum lock-step delivery globally via nexus of media, big-tech, governments, local government and NGO’s all being on the same page to keep the meme alive.

Considering air & light is a known natural disinfectant it seems counter intuitive recommendation when you go outside to see continual reminders of this, on buses, hoarding, park signs and even over PA’s.


Next weeks propaganda - yet buried at the end.

“We are talking about in certain circumstances that there might be a marginal benefit (in wearing them). And we are thinking around public transport and retail,” Mr Harris told colleagues, according to several Fine Gael sources who recounted his remarks.

The easing of restrictions next Monday is expected to see a significant increase in the use of public transport and the reopening of some shops.

Already discarded or wind strewn used face masks are appearing about the place, so I guess we can expect to see more of these untouchables.

In some Asian countries, wearing a mask is a social norm, but usually in a certain context, which is by those who are sick, ya know, have a cold or what not. Common practice. Civil politeness and functionally convienent on high density public transport like packed undergrounds or rail transport.


Ah bless, Leo you are spoiling us.

The latest research and evidence appears to show that transmission is lower in those under 14.

“It is encouraging that there is growing evidence that those who are at least risk from the virus are children, and they don’t appear to be super spreaders, and I think that is very significant,” Mr Varadkar said when asked if children would be able to visit elderly family members soon.

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No mention of winter i.e. LockDown II

I seem to remember during the early onset of the push to hysteria, there being a lot of noise made around how children were likely asymptomatic carries and so keep them away from the grandparents.


People still flying in, with no real guarantee of isolating but you can not leave - do I have this right?

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said the prospect of air travel from Ireland is months rather than weeks away.

Everyone who arrives in the State to stay, whether Irish or from abroad, is being asked to self-isolate for 14 days to ensure that anyone with Covid-19 does not infect others.

It comes amid calls for tougher laws to require people arriving into the country to tell authorities where they will be self-isolating.

Mr Varadkar said: “The very strong advice from Government is that anyone entering our country, whether they are an Irish citizen or not, needs to quarantine and self-isolate for 14 days with the exception of certain key workers. We are going to strengthen that over the next few weeks.”

He was speaking at a visit to a contact tracing centre in Dublin today.

“Of course we all look forward to air travel in the future,” he added. “We’re an island nation and a globalised economy. We need to return to business and leisure travel at some point but that really is premature at this stage.

“The European Union and the aviation authorities are thinking about that and how we can return to safe air travel but that is months rather than weeks away.”

Methinks being prisoner in your own home, means you have no home.

“Months” means through the summer, then we hit the final descent into winter and lockdown II kicks in and it’s not till 2021 or later you can get out by plane.

Are the Boats still sailing?

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It’s the slow, carefully-managed climb-down. An exercise in face-saving…I’m scarlet for them.

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I could be wrong but the WHO guidance is 1 metre. The 2m is some to be shure to be shure makey uppy guidance.


There is no NEW evidence that schools are amongst the safest to reopen yet leaving cert was cancelled and schools closed until September.


Yet another child dies in a farmyard accident. Is that three or four since the lock-down? They would normally have been at school at this time.


I think the delay in locking down in Britain and the initial lassez faire attitude is what goosed them, like our attitude to nursing homes did us. The Liverpool vs Athletico Madrid and the Cheltenham festival were superspreading events too. Britain is also much more densely populated and has more appartment living. If the virus is spread by aersolised droplets then delaying social distancing in densely populated area gave the virus a head start.

The vitamin D thing is very interesting. The fact that it helps your immune system and lower inflamation was a widely touted by the Paleo food movement with growing research behind it. Sporting Ireland sent a text to its athletes telling them to take it as it boosts your immune system and helps lower muscle mass loss so it’s going mainstream at the start of the outbreak.


Can somebody explain to me why it is important to the alt-right and the other kids from Crazytown to play down the effects (or even the existence) of the Coronavirus?

I’m living out here in the real world, I’m no friend of the kids in Government , 10 weeks ago I would have been quite confident of surviving Coronavirus should I contract it - I now know 11 people of around my age (55-65) or younger who have contracted it - three have said it’s the worst flu they’ve ever had, 4 have been hospitalized - one for two days on oxygen and perfectly fine after it , one with two days on oxygen and 3 days in ICU (just short of being put in a coma) - now back home - no pre-existing condition but now on medication for kidneys with the ‘possibility’ that they may need dialysis in future, one has died, one in recovery after a spell on oxygen (spouse of person who died). The other 4 are at home, have tested positive and have the hacking cough and ‘head full of broken glass’ symptoms but nothing else (no massive fever). Nobody has just walked through it. I don’t feel so cocky about it now. I probably know around 2-300 people well enough to know whether they’ve had this or not - 11 is a pretty big percentage of that number.

Edit: I should point out that the person who died had a pre-existing condition - would they have died this year or next? - I have no idea. One of the people who hasn’t had to go into hospital yet has a far more serious pre-existing condition - it’s not related to their lungs - I think the medics feel that they’re safer out of hospital but they have an oximeter which they must report on.

When I read some of the posts around this part of the internet I feel like I’m listening to the 14 year old nephew who tells you you should read Erich von Daniken, or that the stuff in the Da Vinci code is really true. When I was a kid the National Enquirer or the Fortean Times doled out this kind of stuff.


What are you going to do if you’re on the traditionalist right … Agree with the government? There’s no political capital in that position.

The dilemma in terms of discussing this issue for the government, is that if there is a public debate, then people mightn’t take the preventative measures seriously.

(Personally, don’t think the term “alt-right” is valid in Ireland.)


Thanks Metalmike, I was going to make a similar post. I don’t understand this thread. I know several people who have had it in their mid 40s, one of them has had it for 4 weeks now and has been into hospital 3 times, yesterday she said felt ‘worse than she has at any point up to now’. I know another who had a relatively mild dose but now has a ‘post covid cardiac complication’ that they don’t understand - he was supposed to be running the Boston marathon a couple of weeks ago and is now forbidden from anything that could put any stress on his heart. An hour ago, a friend of ours brought her father to hospital with it as his breathing difficulties had gotten so bad.

I don’t know anyone who has died from it, but I know if my parents got a dose like the one my friends got, they would not survive.


We would need a party of the right first, then we can worry about the “alt-right”


The problem is the inconsistency. The people on “the Left” who now want to take things most seriously also wanted to keep the borders open.

There are numerous countries that have done quite well for various reasons with entirely different approaches to us. A different approach isn’t “playing down”…it’s a different approach.


The problem with talking in terms of “left” and “right” is that they mean different things to different people.

If “right” means a smaller, (less interference in daily life) fiscally responsible government then I would consider myself more right.

If you mention “right”, some people have images of jackboots and storm troopers. But that IMHO is left. A left variety of fascism.

So, it gets confusing quite quickly…


Completely agree, so lets close down primary schools, why ?

My problem with the whole lockdown is that its not targeted at the people most at risk, most of our efforts should have focused on care homes and other people at risk, by putting everyone into the same risk category we just kill the economy and waste resources

The same people cheerleading the government response today, will be cribbing the loudest at the inevitable budget cut backs in 18 months, its a scandal Joe, its a scandal


The WHO are now saying that the virus may never go away, where does that leave all the return to “normal” plans.


I think the whole thing has become just another element in the ongoing culture war between what can be roughly labelled globalism and populism. I dont think left and right are of any real relevance any more.

Taking the virus seriously a la the lady in New Zealand, has become a globalist signifier. Denying the virulence of the virus and the efficacy of the lockdown has become a Trumpian signifier. Its basic political tribalism on both sides with little place for reason in between. Its also now perceived as being directly connected to Trumps being relected/not reelected.

Theres a proper debate to be had about the relative approaches because its likely that this thing isnt going away any time soon and its clearly very dangerous for elderly people.

For what its worth, I think the recent studies that suggest that people who have already had it are unlikely to be capable of gettig it again is a game changer. It would seem to suggest that a degree of immunity can be built up by population segments. On this basis, as time goes by, into the Autumn and beyond, the Swedes are likely to be proven to have gotten it right.