Coronavirus 2020



Along with GDP, GNI, exchequer revenue, investment, people at work, mental health


Most of those costs would be almost fully incurred by now, bail out before the rewards seems like it was completely pointless. Should have just let it rip


Lock step effects.

We could be sending out as much as $400 million per month in fraudulent emergency payments but the federal government isn’t doing anything to stop it.

Instead, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is attacking those asking questions.


UK is going to overtake Italy in deaths per million today or tomorrow…

For comparison USA states:


Will be interesting to see how this goes.


Yea China & South were using chloroquine early on - No controversy then huh?

A quick search to illustrate the point, from Feb. an illustrative example from a quick search:

Chloroquine has been used in South Korea with promising results that may account for the lower morbidity and mortality rates. China has also looked at Chloroquine use in fighting the Coronavirus (Wuhan Flu).

I believe Chloroquine has more side affects and thus Hydroxychloroquine has superseded it for some time, but military (US) appear to have big stock of Chloroquine for whatever reasons.


With apologies once again for my maths if incorrect - but it appears that about 0.04 per cent of the population here currently has Covid-19?


Long way to run on covid but clearly the lockdown measures have very little benefit. Simple social distancing measure clearly are a better option. Some things like large gathering and airports are best avoided. Regular testing should help identity outbreaks .


2 months into ‘lockdown’ of the people in this country, they finally get around to looking at international arrivals at the airport. Incompetent, even for this place.

Govt to sign-off on measures for international arrivals
The Government is expected to make it mandatory for all travellers arriving in Ireland to provide an address to gardaí and to self-isolate there for two weeks.

The Cabinet is expected to sign-off on the measures, which are part of efforts to continue to contain Covid-19, later this afternoon.

The restriction will apply to all those arriving into the country at ports and airports.

It will be an offence not to fill in a passenger location form.

Minister for Health Simon Harris told the Dáil yesterday that the measure would apply regardless of nationality and he said now was not the time for non-essential travel.

The UK is expected to announce quarantine rules later today.

As part of the measures international travellers could face spot checks and £1,000 fines if they fail to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving in the UK under measures to guard against a second wave of coronavirus.

Exemptions for road hauliers and medical officials will apply, while the common travel area with Ireland will be unaffected.


Last time i checked norn iron is part of the UK. How is this dealt with?



Long way to run on covid but clearly the lockdown measures have very little benefit.

3,925 dead people would disagree…


Barely a hairs breath between ireland on a death per million basis. All the additional measures here in otherwords made no difference. Here at last 5 countries with greater than excess deaths. France had some crazy restrictions but it didn’t do them any good.

Eastern Europe has performed much better, possibly as a result of some cultural differences.

With an estimated 7% of the population catching covid, that a death rate of 0.5%. Flu levels. They have taken plenty of measures just more sensible ones.


It’s not over yet, it’s not flu and ye we’ve closed before the spike not when shit hit the fan already like some others… Although its not over yet, so next wave can be deadlier.

I guess this one is the significant factor in terms of low spread in Sweden…


I was just looking at the WHO COVID scare page and it appears that Iran is being hit by a second wave and India is about to explode!


Pressure building for the politicians to take back control…

It is understood that there was a “robust” discussion on the issue at Cabinet today.

Some ministers were advocating the adoption of World Health Organization guidance, which states that a one-metre distance is considered to be safe.

At Cabinet, it is understood that the so-called “civil libertarian” ministers called for a speedy relaxation of the rules along the lines of what the WHO are recommending.

Their calls came amid growing frustration at Ireland’s hardline restrictions, especially when authorities have said the Covid-19 has been suppressed.


Two-metre social distancing rule was ‘conjured out of nowhere’, professor claims

Advice to keep two metres apart while social distancing was ‘conjured up out of nowhere’, a government adviser has claimed.
Robert Dingwall, of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG), says there has ‘never been a scientific basis for two metres’, naming it a ‘rule of thumb’.

NERVTAG is an expert committee of the Department of Health (DH) that feeds into the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), which is advising the cabinet on the country’s coronavirus response.

Speaking to Radio 4 on Saturday, Mr Dingwall said: ‘We cannot sustain [social distancing measures] without causing serious damage to society, to the economy and to the physical and mental health of the population.

There is more


There is no law pertaining to this 2M social distancing conditioning meme that I can find in the legislation (please link if there is as I am open to correction), only specification of radius of allowed travel and requirement to have a reasonable excuse to leave your detention box, basically denial of freedom of movement stuff population wide and the reason is probably because anyone could then report an offender and sure, that would not even be workable and simple chaos, so it has to be slight of hand in it’s application, i.e. propaganda.

All Leo-in-name-but-not-in-nature, who will “try” to have a meeting with who, himself in the mirror? No the unelected and therefore tyrannical medical assembly ruling the 26 counties - the truth is, all he has to say is the word, and it is done but Harris has that power now.

What clowns we have, fighting over imagery rules while ignoring the constitutional crisis reduced to a “ding dong” and the decay of the economic vitality but most importantly the vitality of the people, becasue the law of unintended consequences, is a politicians natural blindspot excepting their own ass - no virus should suspend the Republic but sure, first sign of trouble and it’s handbags down.

As for this characterisation of the “civil libertarian” wing of TD’s at cabinet level, ffs, we’re only short of seeing them portrayed as “alt right”.


Its also galling as many of the cabinet are unelected and certainly not TDs. Civil libertarians? I assume this is a form of insult from the uncivil totalitarian lock em up crowd.