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I don’t know about this - earlier on in this thread @jmc quoted a rake of peer reviewed articles that suggested that indoors or in relatively still air the influenza virus hung around for considerable period of time - this suggested to me that indoors the further away you were from anyone the better and the two metres looked a bit on the low side so I can agree on their being no scientific basis for 2 metres but there doesn’t seem to be a scientific basis for less than 2 metres so trying to use ‘science’ as a basis for less than one metre makes equally no sense. Now there is a scientific basis to suggest that coronavirus is not equivalent to influenza and therefore the rules can be different but in which direction without evidence. Personally I think a shorter distance outdoors make sense but then again how do you make the case.


A Bert II 'ism, that will come back to haunt us all?

“I am concerned that there is a growing belief that we can as a country borrow cheaply forever and that this is the solution to all our problems. This is the “free money” argument and it is coming from the right as well as the left. There is, however, no such thing as free money. Borrowed money, debt, has to be serviced, that is, the interest on it must be paid every year. This will be a new and recurring charge on our public finances and it will have to paid.”

Mr Varadkar said that he was not comfortable with the idea of refinancing to push the debt further down the road.

"Some will say this does not matter because it is a problem for someone else in ten, 20 or 30 years’ time. I do not agree with that attitude. That someone will be us or, if not us, our successors, children and grandchildren. "

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin said that while the economic impact was “unprecedented” but said that there must be a public sector bailout.

"The overwhelming feedback we are getting from the small and medium enterprise, SME, sector is that there has been no response to the core crisis they are facing, and this is particularly true of the domestic non-exporting SME sector, along with the firms that are exporting.

"Our public sector must be treated fairly too. We cannot allow public companies and places like third level institutions and universities to be undermined by carrying massive new debt and being forced into major cutbacks. We must have a public sector bailout that is comprehensive and fair. "

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I see that the WHO have enhanced their website
You can now select the types of graph to show additional information like “cases per million of population”

Ireland looks very bad on this chart. Could their methodology be wrong, as it appears only to have countries with small populations in this list.


Fascinating, if somewhat depressing, article on the complexities of Covid-19 from a medical standpoint.


Ireland looks just the same as European countries of any scale (Andorra and Holy See excluded). On deaths per 1m population, Ireland is way better than the European countries shown. Why do you think it looks very bad?


yep, tell it to welfare caste :stuck_out_tongue: (corpo or social welfare…)


Varadkar chills in the Phoenix Park. We must be nearly there now



I saw this last night, had no problem because Leo was not breaking the law… but it now appears to be gone!

What is gone?

A video capturing Leo Varadkar with 3 males in the Phoenix park, catching rays and apparently touching. :whistle:

Click here to compare to the coverage of Trump in similar circumstance.


(contains another tweet with the original video)

Meanwhile Cork had a social distancing competition for bored youth at the weekend.

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I was thinking those “civil libertarian” loons at Cabinet were kind of handed Leo on a plate here, when you put Fridays reporting (below) in context as previously posted.

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Great weather for canvassing for a General Election and a good chance of a high turnout too. Ideal conditions.


Do as we say…


You have to wonder, we live in a world were everyone has a phone with a camera that can record moving images.

Even more bizarre is The Taoiseach has recourse to the beautiful house + grounds of Farmleigh with extensive land and gardens that may be made private while also adjoining the Phoenix Park (something I believe they tried to get Bertie to use more for security reasons and he refused it possibly as a permanent residence while Taoiseach - I guess he had far superior instincts, maybe he learned that from Haughey ya dig…), here Leo could have had the identical experience, within the grounds, possibly closed off minus the public adoration, it would have been a very private affair for him and his mates, but he wandered out into the main section of the Park, were everyone has a phone with a camera that can record moving images.

Perhaps in his attempt to be “one of the people” he ended up (rather stupidly) creating the very opposite in optics.

You have to wonder.


So for all you conspiracy lovers we have the ‘Great Dommo’ as Dominic Cummings (Boris’ favourite little friend) -

  1. It was deliberate - Dommo is acting on orders to undermine the UK Coronovirus response - ‘fuck this - if Dommo can drive 260 miles to see his Mam - so can I’ and Bingo! we’ve got the herd immunity Boris and Dommo have so long desired - having both got it Boris and Dommo will assume themselves immune
  2. Dommo had to go to talk to GSK in Barnard Castle to get them onside for the UK/US medical deal where all the NHS purchases magically go up to the list price
  3. Dommo was an idiot but Boris can’t sack him because of a previous incident between Boris and Dommos missus that Boris would rather not have public

Pick your choose. It might be that Leo is trying to fly option number 1 as well by the way. The pressure of the wealthy is on them all at this stage.


Couldn’t really care less what Leo Varadkar does with his spare time, and he needs his downtime like everyone else but he brings this on himself as he comes across as so sanctimonious and this was his own spokeswoman last week:

Last week Department of the Taoiseach Assistance Secretary General Liz Canavan urged people not to have picnics at nature trails and beaches.

She said: “If you’re visiting a public amenity try not to stay too long at the site or have picnics. Please do your exercise and then go home.”


Big bag of cans with the lads

Whole thing lacks credibility at this stage.


Fck off plebs, I’m a Super Hero.

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You’re making this up as you go…….


As has been the position of some here for some time. Socialk distancing conditions. Not a law.

Ya can’t fault Leo on the realities of it, but, people in the majority do appea to feel they were led to believed it is a “law”, well memes are powerful, but they are not so powerful that they an override your inalienable rights, they are easy to suspend, you simply stop believing them… See, simplez!

How long now before the political heave against Varadkar, so FG are in a better position for the up coming General Election?

Maybe that “civil libertarian” faction of Fine Gael (have they been hiding all their political lives, these renegade constitutionalists) may see a chance, whoever the feck they are, of course, they could be an A.Phantom & Bidder Co. psy-op. :whistle:


Oh dear he didn’t, but he did, Leo in name but not in nature, has gone and used the broke no laws :hugs: line… #Shirtgate

Tick Tock