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Wuhan Mayor Admits They Hid Information About Coronavirus, 5 Million Left Before Lock Down

January 29, 2020 By Pui Fun

In a shocking press conference on Sunday (Jan 26th), the mayor of Wuhan, China, Zhou Xianwang has admitted that when they first detected the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), they hid information about the outbreak. He made this admission on Chinese state television, amidst much criticism from citizens who said that the administration was “sloppy and irresponsible.”

According to WSJ, Zhou said that his hands were tied by what he could disclose and the time it took for the local government to send the information to Beijing, about five million people from Wuhan, ground zero of the virus, had already left the city. This happened before Wuhan was put into lockdown and may have contributed to the speed the virus is spreading across the country and to the other corners of the globe.

Zhou said that based on the rules imposed by Beijing, he could not do anything without approval, as they had to get permission from the central government before fully disclosing information about the virus. “As a local government official, after I get this kind of information I still have to wait for authorisation before I can release it,” Zhou said. “This is one thing people didn’t understand at the time.”


I saw a good comment on twitter where they were saying that we should be able to guess the level of infection in China from the evacuees. They were saying if it’s about 2% then the cat is out of the bag. I don’t know what the reasoning behind that is but 2% of 10million Wuhan residents is 200,000 which seems like a lot of infected people to be walking around.


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A summary of the melee of videos you might come across, all allegedly depicting current events in China, context not always easy to ascertain:

  • A room full of many many people compiled together on the floor, writhing or seizing as staff stand around and observe, slowly walking around and stepping over bodies (a Drill/exercise perhaps).
  • Police drones with megaphones commanding people to return in doors in Mongolia
  • Armed Medical or “Kill Teams”, walking around empty streets armed with pistols and automatic weapons
  • Chinese police sealing up apartments or entire building, placing bars over doors and posting notices on the doors.


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This is an unfortunate article for the baby but looks like good information elsewhere in it. The 7 month old has the virus but the other numbers below look promising.

“Shanghai is now up to 203 total coronavirus cases, 6 patients are reported to be serious condition and 7 in critical. There has been one fatality and ten have recovered from the virus and been discharged from the hospital.”

Those are low numbers (comparatively) for the critical cases. Shanghai hospitals are most definitely not overwhelmed and there are a lot of international people in Shanghai so the numbers can be trusted more. I will say though, which isn’t being reported anywhere yet, queues are developing outside Shanghai hospitals, of people that don’t look remotely sick. Some people in China really do not understand anything about medicine. They will go to the hospital to try and get face masks or even paracetamol.

Edit: Also, the death was of an 88 year old man who had preexisting health problems.


Praise be! - The CNN brings The Good News!


And also!

The UAE will suspend all flights to and from the country (except for the Beijing route) starting February 5, the state-run Emirates News Agency reported on Monday.

Passengers travelling from Beijing will undergo a “six-to-eight hour” medical screening at the airport, the statement added.

Considering Dubai is such a hub, I’m surprised they didnt do this earlier.


Interesting stuff.


Wait until CNN get a hold of the fact that the virus itself is racist.

I wonder if its possible that SJWs could be more at risk than other, less politically correct, members of the human race?


That’s Nature responding to the the gender imbalance in China. Imagine if there was no Chinese State apparatus - Nature would fix the gender imbalance entirely.


This is old news as a thing, but only by about two weeks. From what I have gathered cursorily the preponderance of ACE2 receptors seems to be lowest in Middle Eastern populations, highest in Asian and around middle for European populations, not sure about African population groupings.

The net did catch and note the initially higher male to female ratio in reporting, some claimed that it was even reported as a thing early on, but that got disappeared soon enough as a thing.

Who knows what will come out now with the West’s BIG TECH GUNS moving to protect China and do it’s bidding across the internet by cracking down on all those horrible horrible fake cures (aka Bio Weapon stories) and demented sources.

WHO made own map, but no dark mode :stuck_out_tongue: or deaths and recoveries.

I stay with true colors:


The sample set seems small, too small to draw definite conclusions, as noted in the comments to the pre print paper. Also the paper suggests the death rate could be as high as 15%. I think we would see very serious social impacts in China if that was true.


Maybe you are not seeing them, yet.


I think the lack of social disarray would be far higher in Hubai province, then. Theres 10s of millions of people there. I’m certainly not discounting the level of control the CCP has, but I feel we should be seeing more evidence of a breakdown in social order.


Sixty-four new deaths were confirmed on Tuesday – surpassing Monday’s record to post the new biggest daily increase since the virus was detected late last year in the central city of Wuhan.

The death toll in China stood at 425, exceeding the 349 mainland fatalities from the severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) outbreak of 2002-03, which killed nearly 800 globally.

The government in Beijing nevertheless hit out at the US for sparking “panic” with its response to the coronavirus, including a ban on foreigners who have recently been to China.

Having a free kick at the US may play well domestically, but is not going to help Chinas credibility.


When you physically seal people into their apartments, buildings, set all the traffic lights across the city networks to red and send guys in masks with guns to walk around (for what?) the social disarray isn’t exactly forth coming at this point ot seems under such duress and more.

Can we trust China whose economic numbers were not believed to be totally real in the not so distant past on a matter seemingly so grave, ye spotted similar somewhat in earlier expressed disbelief as to the quality of the information coming out, in some instances anecdotally, it may have stopped completely.

Is China going dark?


I take your point.

But 15% death rate? Too scary to contemplate.