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Unfortunately it’s probably not going to affect Leo - those of us that have always viewed him as a self-centered self-righteous hypocrite won’t change and neither will those who view him as God’s gift to the Irish public. I think the press were jealous that they didn’t have a nice juicy scandal like the Cummings one so they tried to bring this up to the same level - to be honest he’s dead in the water politically anyway but I for one am quite happy to see him roasted on a spit.


Dude, you have to have economic stimulus baked in for the building sector, Country Tom is not impressed with your lack of “joined up thinking”! :wink:

Seriously though, churches with spires probably already have open venting, channelling that might be as easy as opening an upper door or two and same on ground level maybe all that is required! 'Course the draft might not help some!

The point is these structures have a high differential that is favourable to achieving this even modern churches ten to have a good deal of cubic space above heads, the roof is often 1-3 stories higher with nothing in-between and the older classical building maybe even higher.

Plenty of time until it gets colder to give the builders, engineers, architects and workers some welcome summer stimulus.


Simple answer is to become an atheist, never need to worry about getting the virus while preying to god not to catch it!


37 new cases today lowest since March 13th.


A study shows that you can track the progress of COVID by samping sewage. It gives a 1 week preview of where the virus will be. Could be handy with tracking this and other infections.


My reading of this is near all party support (Sinn Fein is notable exception ) for stitching up private nursing homes. There is an effort underway to distract from the simple fact that government resources to defend against COVID-19 needed to be but weren’t prioritized for nursing homes.

FG Fergus O’Dowd seems to be expressing anti-capitalism sentiments when calling nursing homes wealthy corporations.

I believe nursing homes were left to fend for themselves and the policy was public resources were to be directed to those we had a decent chance of saving. I have the benefit of hindsight when I say government should have directed more resources to nursing homes earlier.

Has anyone media or minister asked Tony Holohan if he thinks it was a good idea or indeed if it thought it was best practice moving people from acute hospital care (without testing) into nursing homes.


For how long have the Nursing Homes been calling for greater state oversight of their affairs and for how long has the state been rejecting their pleas? I strongly suspect if such oversight of private companies had been mooted a few years back the same rep would have been across the airwaves to reject it. Maybe the HSE could have done more to supply PPE when the mostly private sector homes couldn’t source it. There will no doubt be an investigation. I think we should also look carefully to the Nursing Homes that have done well during this crisis. The ones where effective measures were taken, where staff didn’t run away and where cases arose but where residents recovered. We should compare these to other Nursing Homes and learn lessons. One may prove to be that if the Private Sector isn’t resourced for certain failure modes the State may need to be resourced to step in. In that case Nursing Home profits may need to part of the solution.


I’m afraid you’re right - Nursing Home inspections continually show shortcomings in adherence to standards and regulations - they are given time to fix it and the next inspections shows the same issues again. The Government has always been scared of going too hard on this sector in case it ends up actually having to put a proper system in place. Some Nursing Homes are very good and have exacting standards - you can tell them - it’s really hard to get in to them and they are very expensive (because it is expensive to do things correctly). Greedy families just put Granny in the cheapest one to stop the inheritance getting eaten away - it’s cheaper and she’ll be there less time because she’ll die quicker as a result of poor care. Many of these are ‘Granny farms’ typically run by a nurse and their partner (usually a retired public servant). They buy an old place down the country and do minimum renovations to meet the standard and hey presto you’re in business.

The governments failing during the current pandemic has been a failure to provide PPE - that is absolutely scandalous - access to that should have been prioritised to care homes - they were known to be a hotspot in Italy and Washington state in the US right at the start of this. This put staff at serious risk. The nursing homes knew they were a hotspot , they clamped down on visits almost immediately. The second big failing was inadequate testing of referrals from hospitals - these should have gone to isolated step down facilities e.g. hotels to make sure that they didn’t develop symptoms - they could have been tended by a mix of HSE/care home staff and moved into homes only after they were out of the danger period.

The professional advice given to the HSE was that when it came to elderly patients age should not be a consideration in terms of care - everyone should be given the same opportunity to recover - many elderly have recovered.


Thanks for the message. Agreed. My relative is in a Nursing home. She has dementia and is quite frail. Her Nursing Home is good in my opinion. Early doors they stopped visits even when TH said they could go on. They rang to discuss a DNR approach, which was appropriate in my opinion. They confined staff/residents to the one floor. They no doubt took other measures. They eventually had some cases. Of these some recovered. Many were very mild. My relative has been tested twice now and has been negative each time. They rang at the weekend to say they are working on a protocol for outdoor visits soon. I would like these types of homes to be leading the debate not the ones you describe above.



If we eliminate the first spike maybe we should look at testing WwTP and hospital sewage on a daily basis?


Agree. Transmission is largely on fecal matter from papers I have read. Hence ‘wash hands’ is better advice than two meters.


Well the media+gov partners did a real good job of side stepping #shirtgate with a segway back to nursing homes issue, was there much outrage or calls of action back when it might have mattered… spin the ball it back into the non-politicians court.

Nice. Normal normal is in full swing. Gotta get that “safe hands” gov formed each day a centimetre close, easy does it… :whistle:


Nobody gives a fuck about a man having a fucking picnic and in a fucking park. I know you want it to be something more but, nobody cares.


So you agree, the media did a real good job of burying this one, and if the media had wanted to they could have blasted lovely Leo on every front page, with super duper negative headlines to tell everyone what to think and he probably wouldn’t have lasted the week.

Well, I guess we shall never know, he is a pet after all. Someones pet.

#notmypet #Strawberry #Shirtgate.


I disagree, the media tried to make an issue of it but nobody cared. The articles didn’t get clicks…so it died.


Really, do you have examples of how the Irish media made a BIG issue of it? Do post the links for the record.

I can see over at they have logged a few examples of this “man” you speak, getting a bit international media attention up to yesterday, but like you say maybe it’s all for the clicks.

One Irish Tabloids is having a bit of fun with it now.

#2478 had it for a while, but like I said l, nobody cares. There are picnics and BBQs aplenty, everyone is at it.
Lord knows there is plenty of stuff to pin on Leo, broadband costs, the children’s hospital costs, hospital waiting lists, housing crisis etc etc etc

Nobody cares about a picnic.


I have to hand it to you though, fairplay, you’ve played a blinder, a veritable loaves and fishes.

The Taoiseach, leader of the Irish state, Dr. Leo Varadkar, in the time of unprecedented circumstances beyond anyones experience or full understanding, has gone from just a man to being a picnic.


You can’t have the choice to care if you don’t know.

What does not get reported enables evil to flourish and flourish it does like a weed.

Clearly you do not care.


And neither am I obliged to care if I do know.


Thus why the caring is measured in aggregate and so few cared about Leo in the GE it took 5 counts to get him elected, as a sitting Taoiseach this was a first.

Maybe that is why no one cares as you have suggested.

Meanwhile. Some more words and images on the subject. Form various other places.

5 questions about Leo Varadkar’s topless belly rubbing session in the Phoenix Park that the media are too cowardly to ask :point_down:

  1. Why hasn’t he apologised for clearly breaking the rules on no picnics?

Why haven’t journalists or opposition had the balls to put it up to him?

  1. Why have we not seen evidence he is actually living at Farmleigh?

He was at home April 9th and he stated in Mid May that was only going to Farmleigh for work

Until we see evidence he is at Farmleigh, we don’t have to believe he is actually there

  1. What the hell is that patch on his back?

Irish people struggle to care about anything in their country whatsoever. So let’s imagine Donald Trump after a topless session where Melania grabbed his belly in Central Park

Lies on his back & there’s a large unexplained patch

  1. Why did the Irish media play Leo Varadkar’s behaviour down while playing up the Dominic Cummings story which is happening in a completely different, unrelated country? 5

@fotoole @IrishTimes

  1. How can a story be headline news in

New York :heavy_check_mark:
Moscow :heavy_check_mark:
Sydney :heavy_check_mark:
Buenos Aires :heavy_check_mark:
London :heavy_check_mark:

But not at RTE, the station where the brother of @simoncoveney has influence?

Maybe @deeforbes_dee or @FergalBowers can answer that one for us?

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