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I guess it can be taken from the IT article that Leo was indeed knacker drinking down the park with a few buds and who knew the world cared so much.

Despite my very early comments in the thread that Dr Varadkar broke no laws, he may have broken bye-laws and more, covering the consumption of alcohol in the park and public. Gasp! I know I know… I need a sit down with a nice cold one to take it all in, there is so much to care about these days. Every little helps… :icon_beer:



Was he drinking alcohol? Maybe he didn’t have factor 50 on. Something is happening…


According to @Magpie nothing happened and nothing is happening further still, since apparently no one cares.


Seriously, FFS, who gives a fig, having a picnic and not bothering anyone else, half the country is doing the same.
Give it a fucking rest.


All news sites are covered in click trackers and what not. The editors and others setting the order of stories build up a picture of who is clicking on what, how long people are spending on pages, commenting on what, what is trending on twitter and yes, even who Joe Duffy is yacking about. Based on all of this, it was decided that no one cared and it was not going to generate advertising revenue so that store was de-prioritized.

The single overriding criteria of deciding the priority of news stories is whether it is going to generate advertising revenue or not.

Tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists think that THEY manipulated the media to hide the store. The other interpretation is that no one was reading the articles, which meant no advertising revenue. If a store is generating no revenue it gets dropped.


Prediction: the two metre rule will be dropped in a matter of weeks if not sooner (It’ll still be advisory but not mandatory for businesses and workplaces etc.) Serious pressure coming from several quarters but when it comes from a FG Minister you know it’ll happen.


Norway health chief: lockdown was not needed to tame Covid

Norway is assembling a picture of what happened before lockdown and its latest discovery is pretty significant. It is using observed data – hospital figures, infection numbers and so on – to construct a picture of what was happening in March. At the time, no one really knew. It was feared that virus was rampant with each person infecting two or three others – and only lockdown could get this exponential growth rate (the so-called R number) down to a safe level of 1. This was the hypothesis advanced in various graphs by Imperial College London for Britain, Norway and several European countries.

But the Norwegian public health authority has published a report with a striking conclusion: the virus was never spreading as fast as had been feared and was already on the way out when lockdown was ordered. ‘It looks as if the effective reproduction rate had already dropped to around 1.1 when the most comprehensive measures were implemented on 12 March, and that there would not be much to push it down below 1… We have seen in retrospect that the infection was on its way down.’

This raises an awkward question: was lockdown necessary?

This raises an awkward question: was lockdown necessary? What did it achieve that could not have been achieved by voluntary social distancing? Camilla Stoltenberg, director of Norway’s public health agency, has given an interview where she is candid about the implications of this discovery. ‘Our assessment now, and I find that there is a broad consensus in relation to the reopening, was that one could probably achieve the same effect – and avoid part of the unfortunate repercussions – by not closing. But, instead, staying open with precautions to stop the spread.’ This is important to admit, she says, because if the infection levels rise again – or a second wave hits in the winter – you need to be brutally honest about whether lockdown proved effective.

Norway’s statistics agency was also the first in the world to calculate the permanent damage inflicted by school closures: every week of classroom education denied to students, it found, stymies life chances and permanently lowers earnings potential. So a country should only enforce this draconian measure if it is sure that the academic foundation for lockdown was sound. And in Stoltenberg’s opinion, ‘the academic foundation was not good enough’ for lockdown this time.

There is more


Here you go OW

When asked what advice the Government has for those considering a picnic in the Phoenix Park, Ms Canavan said people should avoid crowded places.

It comes after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was pictured meeting friends in the park last weekend.


When your own start ganging up on you it’s probably time to admit defeat…

Now Dublin Bus weighs in…



Under new coronavirus restrictions, just 12 people will be allowed on a NSW bus, 32 people on a Waratah train carriage and 45 on a ferry.


In relation to the Norway lockdown supposedly not being needed. It assumes people were continuing as normal when in reality people were stocking up and avoiding crowds before official lockdowns.


Looks like the HCQ study was itself suspect and didnt release its model or data for peer review - unsurprising from the increasingly political and editorialising Lancent that it would discredit a therapy because it was advocated by Trump.

Scientists Question Study Linking Malaria Drugs to Covid Risks


This story strikes me as unreliable information dressed up as knowledge on the part of the journalist. The report itself is based on such scant evidence that it should either not have been written or at least have had a warning spelled out in giant sized Capitals underlined and in bold that ALL CONCLUSIONS ARE BASED ON F@^K ALL EVIDENCE. They sort of had the subtle version of this if you read a little deep as a scientist but not if your just skimming the headline or reading it as a friendly journalist.

We have a report based on 3 kids and 3 adults in a school setting. This is no where near a large enough sample to declare everything is safe and nothing to see here. The report goes on to state “It was not possible to ascertain exact numbers of symptomatic contacts who were tested from records, however extensive testing was conducted.”

Instead of this report the authors should have stated we didn’t do a report cause we had too few cases to be meaningful at a time when sod all people were being tested and no asymptomatic cases were being followed up for testing. Furthermore we don’t have a reliable figure for how many of the contacts were tested so writing a report stating no evidence of secondary transmission may be irresponsible.

“HSE experts say schools not high risk Covid-19 settings” does not strike me as the headline quality journalist should be producing from this report.


wait is there online teaching or nothing atm?


Well theres was online teaching for secondary schools but they are on hols as of today. Not sure about primary schools though online teaching.


Interesting info in these graphs

No real reduction in the 1 week average in sweden
UK has seen modest reductions but they probably missed the peak as regards testing

Ireland has reduced dramatically


Very very little.

Homework is thrown over the wall via emails on Sunday nights. Some teachers might have 1 or 2 online meetings during the week, others don’t do that at all.

Some teachers are looking at pictures of the completed homework that’s emailed back to them and commenting, some are doing neither.

Teachers are on holiday the past 2 months in effect but we cannot say that for fear of being accused of public service bashing etc etc


Leo just announced minister for education intention for schools to open end of august and they are paying attention to research about the risk and that its a low risk scenario. He did this on the same day that RTE had an article about how HSE experts say schools not high risk Covid-19 settings
I hope there’s evidence for this other than the study I just mentioned. Summary of that report is their evidence is 3 kids had it and 3 adults had it who had previously attended some schools. They couldn’t say how many of the contacts were / weren’t tested but they didn’t confirm a case from their contacts. I hope the international evidence is of higher scientific value than this.
I believe the risk of death to children is low. The jury is out for me on the risk to their contacts. Given what I have seen regarding hand washing and young children I am fearful.


My kid has homework given 2 or 3 times weekly and daily 1 hour “online lesson”. Different schools can be 1 lesson online weekly or homework only… They opened schools partially to help parents get back to work, but when I was picking up stuff from locker there was only few kids playing in the yard.

With schools it was from the beginning to stop the spread as they are asymptomatic and easy spreaders…

Sweden Sweden Sweden… the stats looks like there is some kind of measures as increase of daily new was not rapid and the fall is very slow as well. Just the levels are very high compared to likes of Austria, Czechia etc…