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Apparently Leo does and as he said himself two days ago, he “unfortunately” got caught on camera:

[Leo Varadkar] said [On FM104 earlier] that there will be no repeat picnic in the park this weekend as he doesn’t “ want to give my press officer a heart attack or anything .”

He said: “Unfortunately there are camera phones anywhere there are people these days but that’s the way it is. You have to live your life. And if you’re afraid of photographs you’d never go out.”

I am sure the nation, the people, feel that bit more secure and reassured all is well, under control and in order, knowing Dr Varadkar’s press-officer, is having a more relaxed Bank Holiday weekend compared to last week…you have to wonder. :whistle:


… yea but…


Sounds to me like one conspiracy theory too far, not one I am familiar with either, dunno how you can manipulate the media to hide “unfortunate” reality, by drawing attention to it… weird, well, well maybe unless, well unless you PAY THEM LOADZA MUNEY (under or over table)… so it seems the only show in town, is after all “clicks”, a conspiracy for profit and profit only dictating what the media focus on and thus how the public become informed of say their politicians and leaders actions, postures and priorities at the most critical time of crisis, well, gee I dunno, it sounds likes it is open to encouraging corruption, promoting systemic corruption of methods and practices, but, but maybe we need to state-fund the media 100% to avoid this terrible situation. On the plus side too, it would keep people in jobs, “essential” jobs no less.

What could go wrong?

Ok great… thanks for your time @The_Curious_One…Hey Kids, big thanks to @The_Curious_One for dropping by class today and giving us some real world industry insight, I think todays takeaway here is If you ever pay a dime to the media, well, what do they say about fools and their money… but if you fancy a career in journalism then a degree in advertising is the ticket!



I was watching reports from Land of Hamburger today and one thing came to me: there is going to be big rise in cases in a week or two.

btw… I can’t believe this is not fake.



Not too much social distancing at the various protests and riots. If there were any health care workers on protests, they should be dealt with harshly…


That ridiculous march in Dublin today led by angry black lads (the irony of it all!) wasn’t showing too much social distancing either. That aspect barely got a mention on the RTE news just now and when it did, an excuse was made by the reporter!

Lets see will Dr Tony say anything tomorrow about this march or if he’ll just stick to refering to families going to the beaches/out for walks


One rule for thee



James Woods …Videodrome is just a movie


What I’m wondering is if the Agit Prop Marxist people showed up dressed all in black


No one is paying Journalists

Have you not noticed they are all going out of business? Journalists are all being laid off everywhere. The ones that are working are being paid miserable wages. Or is this their cunning plan, they are secretly pulling in loads of money but as a cover story they are shutting down the industry and living on crappy median type wages.

It must have been the stonecutters. They organized a global conspiracy to bury the greatest political scandal in Irish history. A guy who is nearly universally recognized to have dubious interpersonal skills met a few people in the Park when perhaps maybe he shouldn’t have.


Who pays for RTE? Oh wait…


I know right, it was just a picnic, by a man, in the park, with 3 other men, standing, right there, like they almost knew, as if, someone might notice but since it was 4 men and a picnic. Clearly there was nothing to see here. LOOK, nothing to see! It was however unfortunate. The entire event totally unfortunate. To be caught on camera. Doing nothing Wrong. Breaking no laws. Breaking no rules. Breaking no “new normal” social norms. Standing straight. As a man. In a field. That is a park. On a picnic. Alive. Surrounded by other men or people, with cameras. Is. Very. Totally. Really. Utterly. Unfortunate.

@The_Curious_One … usually an over-abundance of smilies helps to underline the facetious nature of a post, if the style and content is not stand-up on it’s own merits. Nor was it ridicule per se of your insight, but the consequences. I thought your insight was great. Super. A rare gem of an insight that explains a lot more besides. Ok.

Moving on…The story broke on social media. Not dino-media, which is where people are paid to write or curate things people are interested in to generate revenue but are paid very poorly for it so they must not write so good. Ever.

Proper writers. Know how to write good. See.

Gas lighting comes to mind.

Dr. Varadkar has after all been associated with the idea of using sock puppets on twitter or social media, to get some action/traction in the past.


You have to wonder, but since wondering these days is conspiracy theory mental illness reserved only for the feebleminded while being a blatant act of hate and terrorisim, symptoms of suffering severe strain of infodemicitus. I suggest. There is nothing to see here and no need to wonder about an unfortunate turn of events.

To conclude. If the good doctor was a Dinosaur, with a leading role in Jurassic Park - This time it’s not Picnic, he might be cast as the shy but loveable Doyouthinkhtheysaurus.


Coronavirus began ‘as an accident’ in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss

A former head of MI6 has said he believes the coronavirus pandemic “started as an accident” when the virus escaped from a laboratory in China.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Sir Richard Dearlove said he had seen an “important” new scientific report suggesting the virus did not emerge naturally but was man-made by Chinese scientists.

The apparent discovery will raise the prospect of China paying “reparations” for the death and economic catastrophe wreaked upon the world, the former intelligence chief said. It comes as Beijing faces growing pressure to explain precisely how coronavirus first began to spread late last year.

International scientists have reached a near-unanimous consensus, however, that the virus emerged in animals – most likely bats or pangolins – before jumping to the human population…


Second Immunity study.

What happened in Sweden?
stat recount glitch?


Oh no! No longer just fatties and wrinklies at risk!
More bad news for slapheads!


Coronavirus ‘clinically no longer exists’ in Italy, doctor says

“In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” Alberto Zangrillo, head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, told RAI television. “The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago.”

Full read here:



This is so very (very!) Telegraph!


Next thing I’m expecting is to claim that China is causing global warming, and needs to pay reparations for that. And for Dom Cummings. And for the Tories in general.


Would dearly love to know the science behind an attitude like this:

“That’s not the same as us saying that a few fellas to get together for a few pints and having a packet of peanuts constitutes a meal, constitutes a restaurant,” he said.