Coronavirus 2020


According to the WHO website, approximately 0. 1 percent of the population have been infected with COVID now.
but looking closer at the stats for most countries outside the west, it is clear that the crisis is far from over. Most countries are showing a near exponential rise in reported cases, who knows how many cases are not reported.


This is just a bad article based on incomplete data for 2020 where not all deaths for April have been registered yet. Article written on June 11th mentions Deaths can be registered until 3 months later. April 30th deaths don’t need to be registered till 30th July. This is why registered deaths in April 2020 don’t yet reflect pandemic.
RIP figures for 2020 show 4794 entries for ROI and 2019 figures show 3383. I reckon about 19% (I went through 1 days deaths for duplicate entries on a while back) of these are double entries so truer figures might be closer for April 2020 approx 3883 died and for April 2019 approx 2740 died the difference is 1143. This is 18 less than the worldometer figure for deaths from COVID-19 in Ireland of 1161 for April. So RTE may have overstated the deaths by COVID-19 by almost 1.6%


And yet



Can anyone answer how do Ryanair flights work at the moment?
Are they currently charging people for selecting seats together? I’m asking because It occurs to me that it may be more dangerous splitting 2 people from one household. Increase the chance of your household getting Covid-19 or passing it on.


Final some hope for therapeutic drugs


When pubs open again, avoid them like the plague.

Zero chance of social distancing with a feed of pints.


Sure it’ll be grand in the smoking area outside


DO NOT go to church.


‘Infections’ for a mostly asymptomic disease. Alarmist headlines are part of the campaign.


Fear not, the virus is less likely to infect people who attend woke, left leaning political protests than it is people who attend gatherings of their political opponents or indeed christian religious services.

The past few weeks have been a vindication for those who have been warning (over the course of a number of years) of the anti scientific, anti human foundational pillars of the woke, progressive left.

There is now simply no denying that these people are dangerous lunatics who have succeeded in absenting objective truth from fringe discourse around such issues as transgenderism (to cite one example highlighted on a thread on this site)…and are now seeking to similarly erase the concept of objectivity from mainstream discourse.

Proceed with caution


The woke are fine, they will get covid and pass it on without affecting them. Its the parents and grandparents who will feel the effects. Even some of the fascists and EDL looked young enough to be fine.

Over in America, Maga supporters im sure are fully aware of the potential consequences after signing away any rights to sue. Not one anti sciencific soul between them.


Well the suggestion that one side is ‘progressive’ vis a vis the other is clearly debunked.

‘Progressive’ is now clearly shorthand for pro-censorship, pro race-essentialism, pro violence and anti-science.


After reading this:

I went to their CDC page.

I came across this interesting bit - Korea CDC analysis of “reinfections”,

○ Epidemiological investigation and contact investigation have been completed for 285 (63.8%) of the total 447 re-positive cases (as of 15 May).
○ 59.6% were tested as a screening measure, and 37.5% were tested because of symptom onset. Of the 284 cases for which symptoms were investigated, 126 (44.7%) were symptomatic.
○ From the 285 re-positive cases, a total of 790 contacts were identified (351=family; 439=others). From the monitoring of contacts, as of now, no case has been found that was newly confirmed from exposure during re-positive period alone.
○ In this document, “discharge” refers to discharge or release from isolation of confirmed cases after recovery and meeting all discharge criteria (in accordance with KCDC guidelines).
○ “Re-positive cases” are cases that test positive for SARS-CoV-2 after being discharged from isolation.


Germany, Israel and a few other countries which appeared to be on top of their outbreaks are again seeing a rise. Meat plants and care homes appear to be an issue, again. Lessons learned?


Crystal Palace v Bournemouth was live on BBC tonight.

Commentator made an offhand comment when Andros Townsend came on as a substitute with bushy, lockdown hair.

‘Looks like he’s the only one on the pitch who didn’t have a hairdresser living with them’

Footballers really are full of shit. They held a minutes silence and knelt briefly of course.


Yep. The reason for the UK being in a mess over covid is …footballers. There at fault for at least 1/2 of the deaths, or maybe it was the PM.


Some day you may learn wisdom and see that your sarcasm and diversions show you to be not worth listening to. But this day won’t be soon.


What was your actual point. This is the covid thread. The uk governments responsibility IS at least on point.

The minute silence was for those who have died /effected by covid. The fecking cheek of them. Who do they think they are.

Point well made.


Worth a read of the article in entirety.
Also worthy of note is that we know feck all about some viruses including some we eradicated and had experience with…polio:

newer data from countries that have contacted their polio survivors have shown 85% of their polio survivors to have symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome.[19] On average, it occurs 30–35 years afterwards; however, delays of between 8–71 years have been recorded

is covid going to keep recurring and continually damaging people forever?