Coronavirus 2020


Will we ever find out what businesses benefited from Covid money?


Some pretty serious allegations here

And media timeline here


By the numbers: Over half the country — 26 states — have seen their coronavirus caseloads increase over the past week.

  • New cases are up 77% in Arizona, 75% in Michigan, 70% in Texas and 66% in Florida.
  • California, which has seen steady increases for weeks, recorded a 47% jump in new infections over the past week.
  • These steep increases come after weeks of steadily climbing cases or back-and-forth results across the South, Midwest and West Coast. Only the New York region and parts of New England — the earliest hotspots — have consistently managed to get their caseloads down throughout May and June.


I am surprised that Colorado, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia are not included in the states than NYC has barred. All of these still have very high proportions of active cases suggesting that it’s not under control there. Maryland in particular looks like it is going to have a very tough time. It’s quite shocking that 1 in 600 of the NYC population have died of Coronavirus in a 4 month period.




A Snowflake pearl-clutching authorities’ ‘Major incident’:

‘unbelievable scenes’
‘bins overflowing’
‘record number of parking fines’
‘alcohol use’:rofl::rofl:

Here’s a better one that didn’t involve reprehensible families taking their kids to the public beaches…


To be fair, of all the places that large crowds could gather in the middle of a Covid-19 epidemic, Bournemouth is the one that would worry me most, given its demography! :open_mouth:

(For the non-English here, Bournemouth has been known for decades as a giant retirement home. :wink:).


Brixton or a british seaside holiday. Not sure which would scare me more, covid or no covid


This is bizarre. What is the “science” that wasn’t available a few months ago - which is now available? And what form did that science take?

Finally, the conversation moved onto masks: to wear or not to wear? Again Prof O’Neill stressed the need to follow the science. Back in March, he said, he wasn’t sure about the efficacy of wearing a mask in places where social distancing wasn’t possible, because the science hadn’t been done.

But in the last three months, a lot of serious work has been done and the conclusion is that wearing a mask can literally be life-saving. Prof O’Neill put it this way to Ryan:

"If you and I are wearing masks now, it decreases our risk 99%. Isn’t that fantastic?"


So why were they not wearing masks? Is wearing masks only for us plebs? Sounds like the Prof is not walking the walk.


No need for masks if they were social distancing at 2 m which seemed to be the policy


Yep the good professor is lying, the reason they didn’t recommend it before was because they didn’t want to take away masks from frontline workers. They’d known that this was on the way for 3 months and didn’t up stocks of PPE. It was well known that wearing a mask limits transmission as that’s why they’ve been wearing them in hospitals since forever. There are pictures from the Spanish flu of people wearing masks to protect themselves.

From here on in every flu season all healthcare workers should wear masks and everyone should wear them in close settings. Cheaper and more practical than developing flu vaccines, that might or mightn’t work, every year.


Parts of Melbourne locking down again,

Security guards at quarantine hotels spread it, people crowded into streets and into public transport to do black lives matter protests…for some reason 30% of people in quarantine in Melbourne refused testing…other states had less than 2% refusal and the laws to extend quarantine or refuse entry …

7NEWS can now reveal which countries the overseas-acquired infections originated from.

Almost a quarter were diagnosed in patients returning from Pakistan.

Almost a third of returned travellers in hotel quarantine in Victoria have been refusing to be tested for coronavirus.
Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaliese van Diemen confirmed yesterday about 30 per cent of international travellers, approximately 5,000 people, were refusing to be tested despite multiple offers during their 14-day stay.

“NSW already requests all of these returned travellers undertake a COVID-19 test on day 10 of their quarantine, and less than two per cent have refused to take the test.”


So the right to travel abroad doesn’t exist any more according to Dr Kim Roberts, it’s a privilege apparently:

She said international travel was a privilege and people needed to value that privilege

I’ve had just about enough of the dithering and mixed messages, it’s doing as much damage as anything else


What does psycho Bill and his wife have in store for us in the next stage of this plandemic? :thinking: He’s a software guy and has zero medical qualifications and I don’t remember these people being elected as world health officials.:zipper_mouth_face:


Bill Gates managed to become one of the richest people on the planet, and because of that, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has been able to spend more money on improving the health of millions than well anyone else, essentially.

But hey, his wife is transgender… cool, man.



Dude, it’s undeniable at this stage. And Bill has openly admitted to making a twenty-fold profit on his philanthropic efforts so far. There’s just something demonic about this couple.


Can you keep the idiotic conspiracy theories to less that 10 threads?