Coronavirus 2020


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The UKs approach appears as muddled as ever.

Minister announces the wrong town regarding an outbreak

The idea of having a lockdown in Leicester is unworkable. Plus there still does not appear to be any finesse to the lockdown rules, just close everything again. One would image they have figured out that some activities are higher risk of spreading the virus than others at this stage.

Meanwhile sweden still has a reasonable high number of cases but a decrease in the death rate

One of the austria ski resorts has report the highest seroprevalence of yet


As a matter of interest, why would you say this is unworkable?

Seems to me that targeted lockdowns of affected regions or towns would surely be preferable to shutting the whole country down…assuming its enforceable.

Maybe you mean from an enforceability perspective, whereby ‘freer’ western European countries (for example) possess neither the ability nor the culture to impose and adhere to forms of martial/military policing, are less capable of replicating the likes of China or Vietnam (for example).

The Vietnamese locked down a number of specific impacted regions and the approach appears to have been succesful in stemming the spread. We’re probably incapable of imposing something similar…but in theory it should work.


Unworkable/unenforceable, probably both. There appears to be real confusion on what the police are meant to do or can do. There is also zero information on the justification to get buy in for locals who are fed up with restrictions. Its like getting to the pub after 4 months, ordering a cold pint and then having it taken away before you get a sip.


Victorians ‘abused’ in SA border towns as coronavirus tensions flare amid travel confusion

Cars with Victorian plates vandalised etc…when Europeans start traveling and disease starts spreading and killing the locals how are they going to react?



Does that mean that people are at a much greater risk of reinfection and that possibly someone who was asymptomatic first time could still get seriously ill with the second infection?

If so, then we’re a long way from the end of this particular road through hell!


This seems to be a problem with the vaccine .
They will have little idea on how long it will be effective


I watched The Tonight show in the last week or so where an immunologist stated early vaccine candidates would likely have short lived efficacy meaning annual boosters, which will of course feed into the anti-vaxxer / big-pharma cash grab rhetoric.

Nothing positive in this sh1tshow lately.


Long running and common vaccines afaik still suffer exactly the same issues. For some (which can be a sizeable percentage, possibly double digits), recipients of a vaccinations may only enjoy the immuniogical benefit for a period of only months, because it is not so much a booster but actually a re-vaccination received as the vaccine derived immunity is no longer present.

Therefore the perceived dilemma may not be anything new or unknown within industry or medicine, though it might be news to many that do not think to deeply about modern medicine practices or care, placing some aspects into a uncritical “magical box” of infalabilty or simple trust in health professionals.

I think others have pointed out the seasonal flub vaccination requires the right amounts of the most probable seasonal strain to be made and dispersed to be useful and this is not always the case. That seems somewhat akin to whack a mole approach and so why would it be any different for this virus?


Hepatitis was the only vaccine I’ve received as an adult, and my recollection was protection was conferred for >5 years.

The CDC says up to 10 years:,least%2010%20years%20(29).

I thought the common flu was repeated annually because of new variants, not because the original/current strain protection didn’t last.


Afaik the only way to be sure you have actually received immunity is to have a titer test at some later date. I think it’s commonly done in hospitals and healthcare settings periodically and also animals.

Link for illustration purposes:


Up to 14 members of the same family at centre of Covid cluster in Sligo

Although not named, the cluster around the family was referenced on Monday night.

Then, Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said he is “very concerned” about new cases being imported from abroad.

Tony Holohan yesterday specifically pointed out there has been a new travel-related cluster in the northwest of the country as a result of people returning to Ireland from Iraq.

The man at the centre of the cluster returned to Ireland last Monday week with his wife and child from Iraq, where they had been since last February.

Don’t be thinking of them foreign holidays now, but you can travel back from Iraq with Covid 19 on that well trodden silk road to Sligo :eyes:






Loads of flights to hotspots incl the US, UK, Mideast. You can catch a flight to lockdown leicester or wherever you like


Excess deaths ‘substantially’ less than Covid-19 figures - HIQA

A new report from the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) shows that while Covid-19 caused a 13% increase in deaths in Ireland between March and June 2020, the number of excess deaths linked to the virus may be “substantially” less than has been reported.

The analysis assesses the number of deaths that occurred in Ireland from 11 March 2020 to 16 June 2020 relative to the expected number of deaths, using data from the death notices website

It found that while there were 1,200 more deaths during that period, this is less than the 1,709 people recorded as having died from coronavirus during those months.

HIQA’s Chief Scientist, Dr Conor Teljeur, said: "Based on an analysis of the death notices reported on since 2010, there is clear evidence of excess deaths occurring since the first reported death due to Covid-19 in Ireland.

"There were about 1,100 to 1,200 more deaths than we would expect based on historical patterns; a 13% increase between 11 March to 16 June. However, the number of excess deaths is substantially less than the reported 1,709 Covid-19-related deaths over the same period."

HIQA found that the officially-reported Covid-19 deaths likely overestimates the true burden of excess deaths caused by the virus. This could be due to the inclusion within official figures of people who were infected with SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) at the time of death, whose cause of death may have been predominantly due to other factors.

“Excess deaths peaked by 33% over a six-week period from 25 March 2020 to 5 May 2020”, Dr Teljeur said. “During this period, there was an increase of 1,200 deaths from expected figures, with 1,332 Covid-19-related deaths officially reported.”

Dr Teljeur said that in the last four weeks of the analysis, they saw a reversal of that trend, with fewer deaths than expected.

However, he said that changes to healthcare delivery – like suspending elective activity in public acute hospitals – might have a lasting impact on health outcomes that could take years to be seen.


Sounds like a simple case of seriously ill people who would probably have died because of their underlying medical conditions if COVID hadn’t finished them off first.