Coronavirus 2020


Do you see how laughable that sounds - to decry anti flu vaccination campaigns as backward, and then rely on personal experience (I’m a physician) and credo (I believe) for using it. And then to admit there is an “on balance” in your own thought process - when none is ever countenanced in public health policy messaging.


I’m only giving my opinion/ Nowhere did I offer any advice.


You would like to think there’d be a follow-up to this hysterical outburst from a doctor in two weeks time when the “wave” doesn’t happen.



I think he’s pretty well covered as he says ‘weeks’ rather than two weeks. In any case it is not an unusual feature of a viral epidemic to have a second wave -

It didn’t seem like a hysterical outburst to me - and actually I wouldn’t blame him if it was. Even the publicans understand the likely consequences of this behaviour.


Balance belongs in the judgement of evidence and the ultimate formulation of public health policy. Then the Government needs to act decisively on whichever side that balance falls. Putting balance in the expression and dissemination of policy leads to mixed messages and muddled implementation - exactly what we have seen in the UK and the US - with the predictably disastrous consequences in those countries.


The ongoing reaction in the media to a relatively small group of people outside pubs in one area of Dublin has been hysterical. The good doctor above said it was like a Festival or that Dublin had won the All Ireland. No it wasn’t. (Daughter was in town that night and said it was relatively quiet around Grogan’s / Pygmallion area with plenty of space for everyone. The photos she took prove it.)

If the second wave is weeks away - where is the “wave” that should have followed the Black Lives Matter protests in Dublin four weeks ago where there were much larger crowds?


Actually the UK’s approach to Corona proves my point. Always assured they were in the right, and never transparent.

The reported owner of Pygmalion is one of the giantest spoofers you will ever encounter. The idea that he has any role in stopping the spread of Corona is terrifying.


I hope this is not the beginning of a wave of reporting of neglect in homes during the lockdown. See my post above.


Hard to explain or even conceptualise how this can be, yet the precedent is there with the Spanish flu apparently, weird. I bet that Q fella has a theory! / i’ll get my coat…


Well ignoring the CT aspect for the moment, I still believe that my wife had a corona type illness in the first week of January. With that in mind, this sounds perfectly plausible.


I think your daughter is telling porkies.
I was in town for dinner with my wife.
We left the restaurant at 21:30.
What I saw was absolutely shocking.
The queue for PYG was over 100 people.
South William street was packed with people drinking outside pubs and in groups all over the street.

Places like that should be shut down.

And have their liquor licences revoked.



Despite the high impact of COVID-19 in Spain, prevalence estimates remain low and are clearly insufficient to provide herd immunity. This cannot be achieved without accepting the collateral damage of many deaths in the susceptible population and overburdening of health systems. In this situation, social distance measures and efforts to identify and isolate new cases and their contacts are imperative for future epidemic control.


There is another alternative, the reason it was so crowded is because all the other pubs are closed because they don’t serve food, if we opened all pubs at the same time it wouldn’t have been so packed, how does eating food stop a person contracting or spreading a virus

When I passed it on Thursday the only food they seemed to be serving was pizza, did they just become a “restaurant” because of the virus, I not sure if I ever saw them serving food before now


I fully agree the whole €9 food is a load of shite.
In terms of reopening pubs I just don’t know.
I can’t wait to see how we make a balls of schools reopening. Largest classroom sizes in Europe.



Bit late replying to this… I wonder, is it 14 Iraqis, all immediate family all living in the one house by any chance or multiple locations?

Meanwhile, the techno-communists begin the push for the masses to install the tracking app in earnest.



Twitter says positive, cannot say i’m saddened by it if true given what he has let happen in his country.


I thought he was positive weeks and weeks ago, maybe I am wrong, but I think he had been with Trump and thus the story at the time.

Edit: Ok it’s contained at the end of the article.

Bolsonaro tested negative in March for the coronavirus after several aides were diagnosed following a visit to U.S. President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Florida, estate.