Coronavirus 2020


This Horse Manure is going well beyond the ridiculous.


We are staring at the abyss.


Ryanair - not so much an airline - more a disease vector


Ryanair want at least 1 million people entering the country per month. At least they dont fly to the americas.

In other news


Trump obviously not liking the numbers. I’m guessing he won’t get away with this as there is a strong tradition of data transparency and public availability in the US - mainly enforced by a lot of large corporations that make an awful lot of money out of publicly collected data (e.g. The Weather Channel). However, it’s another strong indicator of his current mindset. -


Do you believe the NY Times to be a reliable source of information on Trump’s “current mindset”? :thinking:


I’ve corrected the minor grammatical error that may have confused you.


Argentinian health officials are scrambling to understand how nearly every crew member of a ship which spent 35 days at sea were found to have contracted coronavirus upon returning to land.

All 61 sailors aboard the trawler, Echizen Maru, tested negative for the virus upon departure from Buenos Aires in late May.

They were then flown to the Ushuaia, a typical jumping-off point for Antarctic voyages nicknamed “the end of the world”, where they were quarantined in a hotel for two weeks before setting sail.

After weeks at sea, some crew members started to display symptoms typical to Covid-19, and the ship returned to port.

All but four aboard the ship tested positive upon their return, local health authorities in the Tierra del Fuego province said on Monday. Two have been hospitalised in Ushuaia Regional Hospital, one of whom is receiving oxygen.

Now officials are struggling to piece together how the disease reached the isolated ship.

“It’s hard to establish how this crew was infected, considering that for 35 days, they had no contact with dry land,” Alejandra Alfaro, the director of primary health care in Tierra del Fuego, told Agence France-Presse. “Supplies were only brought in from the port of Ushuaia.”

“[The virus] entered somewhere. We have to think that it was human contact or contact with merchandise, products, supplies,” Ms Alfaro told local media on Monday.


Daily reader of the NYT from mid 80’s to early 2000’s here. If you want to understand why people like me now consider the NYT about as reliable a source of news as the Daily Star or the old Weekly World News start here.

Under the previous hereditary publisher “Pinch” Sultzberger the paper was turned from the absolute gold standard in journalism into a scandal ridden purveyor of Upper West Side '68’er Idiot Rich Kid patronizing shite.

Literally ever major story they covered after the idiot son took over from the very competent dad in the mid 90’s turned out to have very serious defects if not outright fabrications in the coverage. There has been a slight improvement under the next generation , A.G, who took over a few years ago but the rot is gone so far that the NYT is now doomed to follow the trajectory of the WaPo, LA Times, Chicago Trib, etc into bankruptcy and survival only as baubles for billionaires. Its just that the NYT has a much bigger trust fund to burn through. They are down to their last billion.

If you want to read what the DNC thinks on any subject this moment read the NYT. It reflects their talking points 110%. The NYT ceased to do any real serious informed reporting about 15 years ago when the last of the Abe Rosenthal generation of real journalists / story editors retired. The newsroom is now just Vox/Buzzfeed level bloggers. Sorry, content creators. Who know fuck all about anything and could not even spell the 6 W’s if they knew what it is. But they all have perfect Ivy League / J School credentials. Apart from the quota people hires that is. But they never stick around too long. For one reason or another. Not our kind of people, dont you know…


Matt Hancock orders urgent review of PHE Covid-19 death figures

Move comes after it emerges statistics may include people who died of other causes

The UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, is ordering an urgent review of the daily Covid-19 death statistics produced by Public Health England, after it emerged they may include recovered former sufferers who could have died of other causes.

The Guardian

Take it away Cilla…



ABC News: Coronavirus Australia live news: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews expected to announce COVID-19 cases in the high 400s.

Over 500 cases reported today, NSW, Vic and Queensland


Anyone score any deals on a weekend in Greenland?

Speaking to the Irish Examiner , one minister said: “Dealing with a pandemic is about clear communications and they have made a balls of it. Holding a Cabinet meeting at 8pm at night is bullshit, just stupid.


Writing this from Melbourne - it’s totally out of hand here - six weeks ago Australia had two cases in a day, today it’s over 500.

Trust me - this coming winter in Ireland - you will have the same.


Perhaps - but the gap between cases and deaths seems to be widening everywhere (including Ireland where cases are going up and deaths are remaining stable or even reducing.)

Meaning, that it is becoming less harmful in a general population sense…


Less deaths because
A ) Numbers in ICU from first wave have dropped ( either died or recovered.
B ) The vulnerable groups ie aged and those with underlying conditions are now more careful about their contacts.
However the fact we are seeing spikes in the community workplaces etc does not bode well for winter when we will all be indoors more.


It’s winter in OZ right, that’s how it works. It’s weird but it’s winter… have I got this right?


I’m not tracking the numbers as you might be but I wonder would it be fair to say this part post below, posted January 24th 2020 broadly reflects what you have written above?


Green list is absolute nonsense, in the last 14 days:
Germany has had 6 cases per 100,000 - excluded
Italy has had 5 cases per 100,000 - included


You can go to countries you have no interest in going to or where there are no flights too.
But in effect you can go anywhere as there are checks at any airport or any restriction on flights. Hell you can fly to any covid hotspot you like