Coronavirus 2020


Belgium is kicking off now…

Melbourne had extremely low case numbers…and was very slow to open up…but a few of the security guards at the quarantine hotels were fucking the girls who were under 14 day quarantine after arriving from overseas…and then the security guards spread it to their families and communities…


Covid app leaking personal data to Google, says Trinity researchers

Trinity College researchers say software required for the HSE’s Covid Tracker app amounts to “corporate surveillance”.

They and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties say it is concerning that the government are encouraging people to use the service without demanding more transparency about the data from Google and Apple.

Professor Douglas Leith and Dr Stephen Farrell, of Trinity College Dublin, discovered that Google Play Services sends highly sensitive personal data to Google servers every 20 minutes and this potentially allows for IP address-based location tracking of the phone.

Even where users turn Google Play Services off, data is still collected which is possibly in breach of GDPR.

Professor Leith says he is very concerned by these revelations.

This is extremely troubling from a privacy viewpoint, and of course it goes way beyond the HSE contact-tracing app.

"Governments and public health authorities are strongly encouraging their entire populations to use these apps.

“In a sense they are pressurising their entire populations to take part in this corporate surveillance. We think they should be telling Google to immediately fix this problem.”

Dr Stephen Farrell says the amount of data being gathered by the Google Play system would surprise even tech experts.

"I certainly think that people are not well enough informed, I couldn’t hazard a guess as to how many people who find this problematic when they discover it.

“It is not well known and it is not even hugely well known among app developers that this level of intrusion is happening inside the Google Play Store application.”


Australia, Melbourne:

“From 3,810 cases, which are the cases between July 7 and July 21, I’m very unhappy and very sad to have to report that nearly 9 in 10 - or 3,400 cases - did not isolate between when they first felt sick and when they went to get a test,” Andrews told reporters.

“People have felt sick, they’ve got symptoms, and they’ve kept going shopping. They’ve kept going to work.


btw… Are people wearing masks in shops in Ireland or Melbourne?

When I read all the drama about the masks from US its so stupid… The masks will slow down spread significantly now when everybody manufacture them, there should be no problem.

I caught myself forgetting mask few times at local petrol station, but just covered face with t shirt… its like 70-30 here and most people wear masks in closed spaces.


They’ve made them mandatory on buses and in supermarkets as of this week.

Up to now most people probably not wearing them. Maybe 60-40 against. I was in a supermarket yesterday and everyone is now wearing them.


They’re mandatory if you leave your home in Melbourne


Back in March, the sweatshops were ahead of the curve getting the handmade regime mandated attire ready.


Masks to be ‘mandatory’ in shops tomorrow in the UK.

However several supermarkets hint that they will not be ‘policing’ their customers over the wearing of masks. E.g. Sainsburys:

We won’t be challenging customers without a mask when they enter or when they are in store since they may have a reason not to wear a mask.

While the police themselves see it as unenforceable:

Police chief says ‘absurd’ face mask rule will be impossible to enforce

New rules making the wearing of face masks compulsory in shops will be ‘nigh-on impossible’ to enforce, police officers have said.
The Government announced last night that it will become mandatory for people to wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets across England from July 24. Anyone failing to comply with the order could face a fine of up to £100. Environment Secretary George Eustice said this morning that retailers ‘will have a role to play’ in ensuring customers abide by the rule, but added that ‘when it comes to that final sanction of issuing a penalty that is something that only the police can do’.
Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers in London, called the policy ‘absolutely absurd’ and said it will be ‘impossible for enforcement’.


I sure as hell won’t be wearing a face nappy. I will not be muzzled. :roll_eyes:
Why weren’t masks mandatory during the peak of the virus in March, April, May? This has nothing with preventing the spread of the virus. It’s all about compliance. Next step is the mandatory biometric vaccine and ID2020.


The report does not attempt to quantify the increased risk of severe outcomes from Covid-19 from carrying excess weight but Jebb said the association is “almost linear”. She added: “Every kilo you lose is going to reduce your risk of Covid hospitalisation, and also of diabetes, let’s not forget that.”


Survival of the fittest!




Anecdote alert:

Someone I know tested for C19.

First test at a first location: negative result

Tested a few days later at a second location: positive result

Tested again at first location a few days after positive test: negative result


Why did they get tested three times? And which result have they accepted as the correct one?


It is because of his occupation. Testing was mandatory prior to departure and on arrival. The positive test meant he was sent home. Then he retested and was negative. These tests were days apart.

The point is (anecdotally) that covid testing is not precise - its got a high error rate.


Thanks for the clarification. Those “results” don’t really surprise me.

You wonder is there anything we can really believe about the whole Covid saga? (Yes, I know the death rate was slightly higher here for a very short period of time. But the daily stories about “spikes” in cases in various countries and regions don’t seem to be matched by large increases in deaths.)

Note: I’ve been out seven times since the 29th June - in restaurants and pubs mainly in Dublin city centre (one in Dalkey) No issues whatsoever - and not one person in our company has had a phone call due to an outbreak. (We’ve had to leave contact details at all locations.) Yet some friends of mine are petrified to go anywhere - even outdoors - let alone have a meal somewhere, despite the efforts being made by business owners which I’ve been very impressed by so far

State of Fear.


The populace are easy to control when they’re in fear. All part of the plan. I regularly see people wearing masks while driving alone. And one idiot cycling alone (in a relatively isolated place with few other people around) wearing a face nappy and a face shield. :thinking:


I haven’t been to a restaurant or pub in several months. It’s not so much that I’m pissing my pants with fear, more that I don’t feel like increasing my chances, however slightly, of getting the fucking thing for slop fish and chips and a pint of plain. I don’t need the shite or a crap experience of going on holiday wearing fucking masks all the time, queing outside the boulangerie forever, washing my hands everywhere I go, places closed etc, - would just not be worth it for me.


It is well known that fear is a powerful motivator, and even more so that people are really bad in assessing risk.
(I recommend Dan Gardner’s` Book if you haven’t read it).
Of course arguably you are doing exactly the same thing by putting out vague statements about the “mainstream media” (Who are presumably lying to us?) and all this being part of “the plan.” - without elucidating what that plan would be, a part from trying to minimise people getting sick or die.

I was als wondering why do you care if some cyclist uses a face mask? People do the weirdest things on a normal day, never mind when they are feeling insecure. And if you are feeling so strong about it, maybe try to educate that person why s/he shouldn’t. In a matter that doesn’t include shouting “sheeple”


Want to see strange ,take a walk down any avenue in Manhattan
From purple dogs ,cats on skateboards,woman in power suit ,trainers ,walking with a full 2 litre bottle of water on her head.
Obey the rules and advice and live and let live