Coronavirus 2020


But when he got Australian citizenship he immediately “became Australian” ! It doesn’t make any sense that he would endanger Australia by organising a family airlift from China during a virus outbreak !

I guess it means he’s not really Australian.


“Signs are emerging that a combination therapy involving cocktails of drugs meant for different ailments may be effective in combating the coronavirus outbreak around the world, with different hospitals from Bangkok to Zhejiang reporting cases of patients recovering from the disease.”


How do we even know the Chinese have the capacity to test enough and therefore track the real spread of the contagion accurately?

I don’t think we do.


The travel policy the Aussies put in concerning China was clear in terms of citizenship and residency. Let’s not be completely silly and off topic.



“Four confirmed cases presented “no obvious source of infection”, (he) warned of the possibility of outbreaks in the community.”

It looks like people are catching it even from fomites now. Which makes sense.

One guy died in Hong Kong who was only 39, but he had a preexisting condition. 2 deaths external to China so far. Let’s see how the statistics bear out, outside the mainland.


Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I’ve had (a probable viral) pneumonia. Are we looking at a highly contagious, ‘community acquired’ in the parlance, viral pneumonia ?

So other than travel bans, what are we doing to educate on stopping such a thing. Would doubling cleaning efforts help ?

Given the numbers on trolleys what the hell are we supposed to do if it strikes ?

Are there contingencies to close schools early for holidays ?


Are you daft? :joy::rofl::joy:

You’re on your own in Ireland when the SHTF - expect to be met with blank stares and recrimination if you try take the lead in any unusual situation of danger and trepidation.

The health system can’t even deal with predictable seasonal upticks in demand, but thinking about it, and now with whole heaps of people from anywhere and everywhere, people not really knowing their neighbours being more common than in the past and with 50+ languages spoken across the Island, the communications systems alone have a up hill battle, a new kind of complexity to deal with… but diversity is our strength never forget that, say it three times a day looking in the mirror and you’ll be fine, it should ward of all evil spirits and NWO-Nano-bot’s looking to suck your soul into the beast system.

In terms of accommodation, these days we have 10, 20, 30 or more people sharing houses across many of the populous housing estates and apartment blocks, most especially in Dublin, doing bed rotations by how many instances, our modern tenements, do we have you might wonder…100’s, 1000’s… no idea… but certainly has to be a few hundred or more, and not forgetting 100,000 or so more Chinese here than official figures accounted for in a recent census, if we are to believe the Chinese embassy over the Irish Gov accounting methods, remember that anecdote?

Be gad’s even the sewage plant in Ringsend is past capacity, there is so much SHTF there it’s not funny, and that can only be caused by one thing, demand.

What other kind of socio-demographic traps have we neatly laid for our future selves to spring, answers on a postcard.

If this is a global Black Swan event and it moves, really moves, there simply won’t be the ICU capacity to treat those in the most susceptible bracket on top of the normal pressures within the ICU faculties and overall health system.

I thought this would be broadly obvious.

You are on your own, best of luck everyone.

Do you remember Hurricane Ophelia and Leo’s commanding charge of the situation?

Or the Beast from the East, how people panicked, emptying supermarket shelves of food within no time.


Welcome to the party - maybe contributors will be able to pick some holes in this video.



Sorry thought I included the link in my post

This is what I can find now but wasn’t the original source

Also worrying is that people are contagious after being “cured” for a while. Might mean a bigger lag in cured rates than deaths. But who really knows about the info coming out of China. 


If we get big numbers then we won’t be able to give everyone oxygen. I’ve family members in high risk groups and would prefer a shut down right now, close everything up and deal with what appears in the meantime. Spot fires better than an inferno later. Anyway if I were high risk I’d lay low, stock up on food for a couple of weeks, it’s not really that much extra if you already keep a weeks worth around.

But I am a bear by nature!


Economic impacts continue.


Hypothetical scenario, if it hits the world harder than expected because China’s numbers turn out to be dodgy then will it affect trade with China in the future?


War Room: (Steve Bannon) Pandemic EP…11


Olympic games…


Who benefits from global Chaos?


Something many people are not taking note of, is that this will be infectious like the flu, mutate and could well come back every year and die off in Summer. It’ll be a whole new world if this is indeed the case.

I am seeing more evidence that this targets more males than females and the evidence so far is that it targets asian males the most. They have a higher level of receptors that it binds to. I’m sure more information will come out on this over the coming weeks. By the way, the evidence seemed to suggest it targets asian males about six times more powerfully than Western European males. This is all early days though, but if the German patient is anything to go by, it seems that this could be the case. He had very mild symptoms.

More evidence below that it’s targeting mostly older men that have a secondary illness. I’d say it’s a good time to cut out smoking and cut down on dessert for anyone going overboard on either of those two things.

Regarding the hospital beds and Ireland’s readiness for this. Not a hope. Even the USA has only about 95,000 ICU beds in the entire country…
Can you imagine what Ireland has. If even thousands of people got this in Ireland, they would be on their own for sure. Stock up on flu/cough medicine and vitamins. Not sure how you could get an oxygen tank but it could also be helpful.

Still seems very lacklustre evidence of this spreading outside of China though, even 2 or 3 weeks after millions of chinese have been to multiple countries.


Jamie Morris, a 23-year-old teacher from New Tredegar in South Wales, told the PA news agency he believes he may have contracted the virus at the end of November,

“They diagnosed me as having potential pneumonia but couldn’t confirm it,” he said.
“I had all the symptoms, literally everything that has been said by the government, however it was before the virus was made public knowledge.


Babies born with Coronavirus after mothers’ infection - China’s CCTV