Coronavirus 2020



You’ve probably already seen the stunned reaction from all sectors affected by this latest madness - including sports and cultural organisations. But the strongest has come from the most important group - the business sector who are barely concealing their anger and frustration at the seemingly arbitrary nature of the restrictions.
Show us the science,” appears to be the call.

It is seeking a full explanation and evidence as to why each new measure has been introduced, details of where virus clusters have appeared and confirmation about whether offices have been connected to any clusters.

It also wants to know whether any small restaurants or coffee shops have been connected to any clusters of the virus, as well as an explanation of the rationale behind the differing capacity limits between the various types of setting.

Clarity is also being sought on whether public transport has been connected to any clusters of the virus.

"Without absolute clarity and transparency around the causes of clusters and known risk factors, it is inconceivable that whole sections of the economy would be locked down," said Ms Burke.

“Without this information, blanket measures are completely unfair on the many businesses who have spent huge amounts of time and money on ensuring they are compliant with regulations and providing a safe working environment for employees.”


Michael O’Leary tearing strips off of Mary Wilson on Drivetime yesterday: “Why are you defending NPHET…” basically called her out.


€4,291 euros off the €50,000 target, a minute ago.


If you look at who is in NPHET you will find that not one single member has any relevant experience in epidemiology, any relevant area of virology, or even anyone who might be familiar in any meaningful way with the scientific literature regarding epidemic / pandemic respiratory illnesses or coronaviruses. Look at their CV’s and published research.

What you do find is a large number of medical and government bureaucrats, a large collection of consultants and GP’s, and two people whose scientific research background seems to be mostly as part of the HIV research industry. Totally irrelevant to human coronaviruses. In fact if you are familiar with the backstory to the Pasture Inst/Gallo/HTLV4/HIV Scandal you would know why they are worse than useless.

That’s why Irish government policy has been a science free zone for that last six months. No one involved seems to have even a basic familiarity with the relevant domain knowledge. Just stuff they seem to have cribbed from WHO press releases. You will find more actual relevant science on a single page of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health…

… than in all the verbiage published by the HSE and over the months

Actually the site has probably the most relevant and well explained information available in the English language for general consumption. Which is a damning indictment in its own way of the CDC / and the NHS / let alone the HSE.

A public policy clusterfuck of truly unprecedented magnitude.


What could have been a reasoned debate on herd immunity and ‘living with’ covid PrimeTime last night, except they had one of the ‘Zero Covid’ crew in studio, Cillian De Gascun. They did have a piece about the lack of deaths across Europe during the recent resurgence.

He had the neck to defend New Zealands approach as valid saying someone deliberately broke quarantine - as if that wouldn’t happen here, and said Swedens economy suffered just as much as anyone else, this is demonstrably untrue, so basically lying. Nothing short of Vladimir Putin annexing the republic is going to threaten his salary and pension, so why would he give a damn about the Irish economy.

17 in hospital, one (1) admission to Irish hospitals in the last 24hrs, on the back of 136 positive test results yesterday, approx 1200 cases in the last 14 days.

This is Utter Madness.


Zero covid would never work unless the full agreement with northern ireland. This particular reality is completely lost on most of the so called experts. Anyways, i thought i would look at the GDP. Caveats abound but the EU had a mare .
Worst still was the UK and wee know there approach to Covid.

Some figures were
USA -30%
UK - 20%
EU -11%
China - 10% (double caveat)
Hungary, France, Portugal -14%
Belgium, Italy - 12%
Germany -10%
Sweden, Czech, Netherlands, Poland - 8 to 9%
Denmark,Latvia -7.5%
Iceland -7%
Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Luxembourg -3 to 4%

Nordics in bold.


I think a big drawback of the zero-covid strategy is that you don’t develop the behaviours that suppress the virus so that when the inevitable breach occurs it can spread quickly. I think realistically it will be whack-a-mole until the combined effect of better treatments/vaccines/mutations/post infection immunity diminish the impact. In the meantime we should push the envelope of opening as much as is sensible.


Another record day for test volume, 13,080 in the last 24hrs. Positive rate 7 day average drops by 0.1% to 1.2%


I wonder if Michael O’Leary will show this to the judge as exhibit A:


Melbourne under medical tyranny and Marshall Law. “The Lucky Country”:whistle:


Doesn’t make any sense - if it ever did…

The current rate of infection in Belgium is twice that of Ireland. However, gatherings of 100 people inside and 200 people outside are permitted there, while pubs and restaurants can stay open until 1am.

This contrasts with a complete ban on sporting crowds in Ireland, a maximum of 50 spaced individuals at an indoor venue, with 15 allowed to meet outside and six at home. Ireland’s recent infection rate is 17th out of 31 European countries.


I’d expect to see a significant rise in cases in the coming six weeks. After the shenanigans in Clifden a lot of people just won’t give a toss anymore. So, just in time for schools to reopen and the economy to take an even deeper dive. This government should be s******* themselves right now.


In Sweden its still a limit of 50. Other Nordic country have higher limits. Within reason sports events could easily accommodate much larger numbers. I see the logic in relation to indoor events.

South Korea has another spike thanks to another church


Well its two weeks till school start in Poland and we have record number 903 cases and local red/yellow zones with extra restrictions. Based on new recent cases. Actually they’ve added pinks today… counties in danger to become yellow:

I was on holidays on polish baltic coast, first time in many years… crowds everywhere.


Great crowd down at the Customs House on a wet day


That is quite a turnout…despite the best efforts of the Irish Times & Co to whip up some kind of “far-right” fear and loathing. Most of those in the crowd look oddly normal, average, everyday people. That said - it’s hard to figure out what the protest is about - but the photo in the Irish Times with riot squad cops ready to confront this imaginary “threat” was unnecessarily provocative.


Not a golf bag in sight, fancy that


Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US

Deja Vu times 100

As anticipated and expected Halloween has come early too RTE.

Mar 1st, 2020 - First Case, School Boy.

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