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Our old friend Roderic O’Gorman is lobbying here on behalf of MASI - Movement of Asylum seekers in Ireland.

MASI seem to have a lot of leverage in the Irish government. What they say seems to go.

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Nice. Real nice.

Minister for Children, Disability, Equality and Integration Roderic O’Gorman said that he had raised concerns with Ms McEntee.

“It is vital that all members of the IPAT are objective in their work and that they are seen to be objective. I’ve raised my concerns over yesterday’s protest with Minister McEntee and I’ll be keeping in contact with her about this issue.”

Minister for Sinister, plays the “you’ll never work in this town again” gambit while waving the ethical high ground card as a distraction.


Of course it’s not really about the Barrister. It’s about warning the entire society that you can’t stay on the Public payroll in a decision making capacity & hold views directly contrary to Official Ireland.

You could be a road sweeper and go to the protest - for now.

It’s also reinforcing that being anti Mass Migration is the One Sin that will not be tolerated in Modern Ireland. That everyone with anti Mass Migration views needs a sort of “Contact Tracing” done on them so that anyone who spends 15 minutes close to them must “get tested”. The only way to pass the Test is to condemn anti Mass Migration as a view.

Roddie isn’t just a creep. He’s a dangerous creep.

He’s also a reckless fool, given he’s a law lecturer himself. If the appeals body fires her, she has a very solid case for unfair dismissal. The views she expressed were in no way related to her ability to do her job. “Deplatforming” here is illegal. He’s such an ideological maniac he doesn’t care if he costs the State a packet.

The Green Party is a reinvention of the 1970s Workers Party. They don’t love the environment. They hate the host society as it’s organized. They want to revolutionarily destabilize society by infiltrating it’s institutions.


This older gentleman knows the score.



Very large turnout on Saturday. Hopefully Paddy is awakening from his slumber.


[coronavirus all really is a]… global power-grab by our technocrats, that our fear of death is being weaponized against us to utter in absolute totalitarianism and the mandating of an unsafe and experimental DNA altering vaccine
Interesting perspective :roll_eyes:


Signs that the great mask experiment has not quite worked out…

“We need more evidence to determine at what point the risks of reducing physical distance outweigh the benefits of wearing a mask.

Those with the strongest belief that masks prevented them catching Covid-19 were prepared to stand closer to others if they wore masks.

  • Still doesnt get everyone back to work does it


I think it’s significant in that it questions whether masks are in fact the “magic bullet” that the propaganda in recent months has been telling us they are. And that in the wake of an anti-mask protest last week.

Whatever you think about Peter Hitchens, he has been consistent in pointing out that the science is unconvincing about widespread (and mandatory) use of face-masks in public. Perhaps others might be moved to also ask why the numbers appeared to have increased so soon after the “mandatory masks indoors” rules came in over here. It’s a reasonable question…

Of course, you’ll hear many others say, “shure what harm can they do and they might even help in preventing the spread?” If there is emerging evidence that masks are causing people to take more risks and ignore other even more important safety protocols, the whole mask campaign will have been pointless and a needless distraction.


So myself and Mrs Chef were here. Traveled quite a bit along with many others that we met to attend. This is the first time we have ever protested about anything. The overwhelming thing that struck me about the gathering was the diverse nature of attendees.

All ages, all backgrounds. Families, old and young and all in between. “Normal People” for the most part.

We certainly wouldn’t agree with a lot of the speakers, Ben Gilroy and the like. Not even sure about Cahill although she does raise some good points and they should be debated.

There were easily 5-7k people there and was really well behaved on the Antifa mob moved on with help from the Guards. There will be a lot more at the next event I am sure. It gave a little bit of hope to all there that questions are being asked. The soundbites from the establishment in the aftermath , Media and Government, are laughable and cringeworthy.


I always thought the idea was to only wear a mask if you were unable to maintain the 2 metre distance, anyway as far as I can tell, masks only restrict the distance that the flow of airborne virus from exhaled breath will travel, by reducing its velocity.
Cloth masks cannot filter it out.


I think it is a bit unfair to the Public Health Doctors to now hit them with the “masks make people overconfident” line. They were making this point from the beginning.


Again, to rail against lockdown 3 months ago would have been to risk getting targeted as a ‘conspiracy theorist’/fruitcake/trouble maker.

Today it’s ‘new thinking’ in the WSJ


Yes, growing dissent - even among the “experts”…I even heard Luke O’Neill almost admitting yesterday on Newstalk that Sweden might be onto something…

Anyway, Van The Man will save us all…It’s Too Late To Stop Now!

Irish rock star Van Morrison has denounced the supposed “pseudoscience” around coronavirus and is attempting to rally musicians in a campaign to restore live music concerts with full capacity audiences.

The 74-year-old Northern Irish singer launched a campaign to “save live music” on his website, saying socially distanced gigs were not economically viable. “I call on my fellow singers, musicians, writers, producers, promoters and others in the industry to fight with me on this. Come forward, stand up, fight the pseudo-science and speak up,” he said.


I thought the first few speakers and De Bruin (last speaker) in particular made some good points. Cahill and McGurk are clearly misguided at best. HQL curing the flu. I would have thought an epidemiologist would at least be familiar with the lack of data to support this.


I suppose he needs some excuse for being useless. Covid useless


Phil Hogan tested negative for Covid, but because he was abroad he still has to self isolate for 14 days from when he arrived in Ireland.
However, he wouldn’t have to self isolate if he tested negative and hadn’t been abroad.
Anyone know why this is the case? What difference does it make if he came from Spain or Kildare for example?


I don’t know the answer but I was told last week of another (returning from overseas) person getting a test to end their self-isolation period. Presumably also our politicians who have occasionally had to go to Brussels have some special arrangement (rightly in my opinion).


As far as I know, as explained by Tony Connolly yesterday, if you have symptoms and self isolate (as advised) on obtaining a negative covid test you no longer need to self isolate. However a separate rule applies when entering the county form a non green list country whereby you must restrict your movements for 14 days regardless with no get out clause around a negative covid test. Other politicians got around it as there are exceptions around diplomats, essential travel and a few other things but i don’t think an old boys p*ss up in Clifden counts as that.

On a wider note the absolute lack of clarity (deliberately in my belief) between advice and actual rules (legally) during the course of the pandemic has confused everyone so much now that its tripping up the people who came up with them.