Coronavirus 2020


But what the hell is going to happen come Halloween, are we going to ban scary witch masks because the huge nose poses a health threat and might scare the bejaysus out of your grandma? We need to think about this fast cuz Halloween is just around the corner


So should we also be forced to wear face nappies for the common cold, influenza etc? Corona 19 is clearly no more infectious or dangerous than influenza. When does this madness end?


We can’t possibly test for the thing we know will kill people because,…reasons.


55 likes. 4,900 dislikes. It would appear that Paddy has no intention of being tracked, traced and monitored by the Health Passport tracking app. :smiley:


It doesn’t use Bluetooth or track your location?


This on the face of it looks like it could enable foreign travel.

The real news here is the HSE look to be comitting to 6hr turn around on PCR tests, and introducing antigen & antibody tests? “Anyone can be tested at anytime” was a line I heard in the video.

So what exactly would an app like this need to not do in order to make you believe a Stasi policeman isn’t following you?


So…let me get this straight: the new Garda powers that allows them to shut down pubs that aren’t serving food, will now help to open pubs - that don’t serve food?



Its all about control. Control everything and anything.

And again, Pubs and all with go-along with same. They have no choice, they are broken.


Hats off to @HiFi your satirical quip of 4 days ago was on the money, now THEY characterise these premises as “wet pubs”.

I’ve never heard that term applied to describe an Irish pub, or any pub so it reads as an attempt to make some spurious associative connection back to the total FUD of the early and totally unchallenged wet market propaganda, anyone who isn’t here a wet week might remember the original BATshit-crazy stories, diffuse and prolific online… I know because I posted at least one or two links early on. :whistle:


Remember Leo told us we would be able to borrow no probs in his magnificent speech to the nation as he pulled us from the brink into the hole?


Remember the president of Belarus said the gentlemen bankers of the world promised he could have all the gold in the world if he too promised lock down and lock in nice and hard?




I definitely think the mood music has changed in the last few days, coleman/kelly on newstalk this morning were saying we need to move away from x amount of cases a day and focus on no one has dies in 2 weeks from covid(yesterdays death was from june, but barely mentioned in the reporting)

the “wet” pubs seem to be now on to open in a matter of weeks. Although Nphet were bleating on about lock downs again, donnelly ruled that out completely.

maybe the government are moving away from the Stockholm syndrome and finally taking independent decisions, I suspect the 8B deficit hole this week has focused minds…


Unfortunately the ‘Zero Covid’ idiots are still getting top billing:

Along with scare stories, like yesterdays headlines leading with ‘a’ (singular) death, but then we are told this is a historical correction of a case in June and this:

But a voice of reason:

I reject the idea that the economic life of the country is somehow secondary to public health policy. The two are interwoven in an inextricable weave. Neither can exist without the other for any protracted period during a pandemic. Lives depend on the continuance of economic activity.

our way of life now depends economically to a significant extent on the location of pharmaceutical and financial services sectors in our country. We have lost tourism for the foreseeable future. If we had to rely solely on exports of other industrial goods and agricultural output to pay for our imports, we would be set back by a half century.

Unfortunately our Taoiseach is a legendary prevaricator, even with Varadkar needling him.


The thing with Martin is he’s more of a Brit-licker than you’d think, more than he’s a Deutsch-licker. If Britain keeps opening up that will keep him under pressure.


Yes, definitely a momentum of some kind to get back to “normality” with more articles in the MSM critical of current policy. Pubs will be open again in a matter of weeks - though some of the papers are mentioning October 5th as the date. Which means we’ll be in a kind of “no-man’s land, phoney-war” situation where Gardai will be policing and enforcing rules that they know won’t exist in a few weeks time… and most pubs won’t care if they flout a few rules as they can probably afford a few warnings over a few weeks

October is probably a little too late for many country pubs to pick up on the Autumn weekend break trade which would be their last chance of rescuing some business in 2020. (We were thinking of a few nights in Kinsale or Westport in a couple of weeks time but the thoughts of having to eat and drink in one place for 105 minutes and not be able to have a stroll after the meal and a few late pints is off-putting.)

The Green List, travel restrictions etc will be the next to be relaxed…


At some point in the near future, we’ll probably find out that the virus has “run out of steam” as so much of the population may have already had it and were asymptomatic and unrecorded that the infection rate may already be close to the so called heard immunity rate required to prevent the virus spreading.

I still believe that it ripped through the population at the end of last year and was classified as flu in those who had symptoms.


That’s Micheal Levits position, calls it burnout based on antibodys, t-cell immunity and cross reactivity. He was on primetime a few months ago, where Luke O’Neill called him (a noble laureate and sitting Stanford professor) a fool because he wasn’t an immunologist.



And yet…they still keep coming up with unworkable, unenforceable and utterly barmy rules that seem designed purely to annoy people and to make life almost impossible for anyone trying to run a business.

“Not only is it too impractical for our members to implement but why does the Government think this law will help in the fight against Covid? It’s madness. We’re all for making customers feel safe in our pubs but this new measure only increases pressure on staff already coping with a host of new safety measures.”

A spokesperson for the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) described the latest development as “ridiculous.”

Fianna Fáil TD Marc MacSharry, in a message to his party colleagues, labelled the regulations “Stasi guidelines”.
He called on Taoiseach Micheál Martin to step in and to “urgently reverse this authoritarian and unnecessary nonsense”.

“Today’s guidelines as published are ridiculous,” he said.


I have no words :neutral_face: