Coronavirus 2020


Beyond a joke at this stage.


Put the thinking caps on chaps. Suspend disbelief for a moment, that these highly paid politicians, and civil servant are not actually complete idiots, let’s not make a Trumptoon out of them all surely no?

Think, which bits will they roll back on and which bits will they try to keep or replace instead.

What else are they up to?

Let’s see, what info do the telecos keep on file similar to this… the precedent is there.

Why can’t they keep on record of what you eat if they can who you call and where you surf for a considerable period of time, sure, how else will they know you are cleaning your plate and how else do you expect them to know the restauranteurs are not fiddling the books left, right and centre… are we sure this is not to indirectly clamp down on the the restaurant/food trade that has a reputation for not exactly declaring everything on the table hmm hmmm?

Food for thought at least.


More likely to be the result of people, whose primary professional function to date has been to cover their arse on a daily basis with a view to ascending a bureacracy, suddenly having significant degrees of responsibility thrust upon them. Hence the seeming across the board willingness to defer completely to the dictats of scientific nerds who spend their lives in labs ie the equivalent of a school kid saying ‘Johnny made me do it’.

All within the context of one of the most litigious (and mollycoddled) societies on earth.

When men like Simon Harris and Stephen Donnelly are considered leadership material you know Irish society has problems.


At this stage I reckon they’re hoping for mass disobedience to bring an end to the madness so they can deflect the blame back onto the public. Why don’t the pubs just collude to open? There aren’t enough cops in the country to stop them.


28 day record? Some of the pubs were/are in operation for hundreds of uyears with asking anyone for I.D.


Looks like the government are using strategies last used in the war of independence :grin:


Despite this, it is thought he developed Covid-19 in March. He did not display any of the listed symptoms at that time, did not have a temperature or feel unwell. While he remembers his sense of smell and taste being a little off, but that was not a known symptom at the time. However Dr O’Flynn became ill in May and had to take time off work. While at home sick, his swabs for Covid-19 came back negative.

Beyond a joke at this stage, he never actually tested positive for covid, the symptoms do seem like a post viral syndrome but it could just as easily have been glandular fever.


Spain now appears to have recorded as many cases in the last 5 weeks as it did in March and April, based purely on inspection of this graph:

But deaths:

I know there is a lag of up to three weeks between infection and outcome but that is the longest duration you could expect in most cases, my neighbour was admitted, diagnosed and died in 4 days. This pandemic is over in Europe.


Test positive versus having covid is different. Up to 5% of the spainish pop had Covid in march/april based on seropravelence (i.e. millions positive). Then also it is was in the nursing homes, some of which were effective abandoned as everyone was off sick. even if the are only picking up a small proportion then it is only in 10s thousands, and more likely young and unaffected.


We’re approaching the "pink undies’ and operation knicker twist phase… somehow I imagine gaslighting the Irish population is not exactly within the bounds of legal government power (or is a distorted justification of the “common good”), but then maybe it is, we know from Eamon Gilmore a member of past government, that they actively conspired to lie to the Irish public about plans to deal with financial armageddon aka collapse of the euro and return to the punt by using a influenza outbreak as a cover for their preparations.

Moving forward to now.

There is a relatively consistent line of thinking online, far and wide, that in broad terms, The Attack of The Virus, is the globalist cover for a planned financial world reset, somewhat delayed because “Trump”, while still ploughing ahead, albeit on a adjusted timeline, it also faces the second hurdle of competition vis a vis “Trump”.

Is this all really a Race to Reset?

Winner takes (us) all with them - We the People via the Trump admin (second term) or the Central Bankers?



Keyword: Breakfast


I think you could call it a bit of a backlash.

“It feels at the moment as if there’s somebody in an office up in Dublin just making up rules for the craic. There’s been no consultation, no communication, no working with us, no advance notice, I found out about this new regulation last night on Facebook.

Mr Minihan said there was utter confusion in the industry with Government departments contradicting each other, giving contradictory advice, and everybody interpreting the guidelines differently.

“So it’s like living at the moment in some sort of Kafkaesque state.


A few words from RFK Jr on the eve of mass protest against the virus measures.

Embed starts @ 9:50

Consider watching the from the start where Robert F Kennedy Jr gives background on his role, involvement and enter via the mercury issue in vaccines and the politics of it all.


A number of Ministers are exasperated at the latest self-inflicted controversy for the Government after poor communications and confusion prompted furious criticism of its plan to require pubs and restaurants to retain individual records of meals eaten for up to 28 days.

Political sources said the controversy over the rules reflects the absence of a coherent new plan to deal with the Covid pandemic through the autumn and the winter, although one is promised for September 14th.


A lot of people wondered why the historically and politically influential Vinters association was so quiet up to now, perhaps they were biding their time, because this looks likes a very well organised and tactical counter-assault. It is not easy to get this kind of broad counter assault pushed through the very captured media assets masquerading as some kind of free press.

The whole thing entirely bi-polar. So that’s the hallmark of the usual playbook.

FG lined up for the warm fuzzy green jersey praise.

FF lined up for the outrage phase / public revulsion phase.

Ya need to be weary how this can be perfectly managed to a desired outcome.


Well ask yourself, is there a real 3rd option to receive the benefit of public outpouring if anger and emotion that wants and needs to translate into action?

Not that I am aware of, so it has to go to the other side of the coin, unless there is an organic uprising of the general public, that represents a real and new option, a genuine 3rd option then be weary of having your own biases pandered too.

In this game SF would be a manufactured 3rd option, so they don’t count. They’re in the fold. Have probably always been.


Well no sooner than I had written the above today, did I stumble across this short video a little while later, which more or less outlines this point of view, with a a few data points as such thrown in.


Vintners lost control of the discussion on Joe Duffy (with Katie Hannon), where a good chuck was taken up by the suggestion that running 2 sets of books etc. was commonplace in pub trade.


So was I right in my earlier supposition do you think after listening to how the debate was let wander or cajoled if I understand the implication in your words.

If you can link to the specific section of the broadcast please post.


No link but was roughly last 20 mins or so.


I think the game is up at this stage…TD’s and Ministers getting it in the neck over the complete farce about “wet” pubs being the personification of evil…