Coronavirus 2020


Another one bites.

To say this lady was/is legendary in her field is an understatement. There is no hiding place on The Good Ship Fckup it seems.


While Ireland ties itself in knots over wet and dry pubs, German bars and restaurants – where table service is the norm – opened in June with spaced-out seating, contact lists and no obligatory meals.

While Ireland kept daily National Public Health Emergency Team briefings going for three months, dropping back to twice weekly in June, Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the central disease control body, ended its twice-weekly briefings in early May after three months.


Never happens with taxes, funny thing that, or if it does your goose is eventually cooked… :whistle:


Some common sense analysis here.


Never forget, the media as usual, are equally complicit as the politicians, NGOs, BIG Tech etc. etc. in the absolute unfolding cataclysm aka “new normal”, for as long as people believe it’s hype.




Despite the unbelievably nasty campaign of vilification against them - pubs, restaurants and hotels etc are some of the safest places to be. (If pubs had opened three weeks ago they’d be getting 100% of the blame for the recent increase in reported cases.)

Last week, there were 122 new outbreaks in private houses and seven in extended families. The number of outbreaks in other locales was paltry – six in workplaces, three in residential institutions and two in nursing homes. There were no outbreaks reported in childcare facilities, hotels, cafes/restaurants, pubs or shops.


8.10 to 8.40 of this debate on ‘This Morning’ Eamon Holmes red pills the Brits over their tea and toast.

‘This is all quite complicated because, this is a time of national emergency, and eh, as I know from myself at the start of all of this, you are not allowed to question the narrative on such things. So there are restrictions on publications, there are restrictions on broadcasters, and there will be a lot of people saying that you are simply eh rabble rousing, you’re creating panic with all of this’


Let’s hope more business leaders speak out against this economic suicide…

“We are mortgaging our children’s future as we rack up enormous levels of debt to fill this self-created hole in our public finances,” he says.

Referring to the reaction to “normal human activity” like a golf outing in Galway and partying in Killarney town centre, Mr Mc Carthy, in this week’s Kerryman South Kerry edition, writes.

“The handling of Covid-19 here has turned some good people into criminals and other good people into informers.”

The anger was understandable but there was a readiness to criminalise normal behaviour now, he says.

Psychologically there was huge cost too, Mr McCarthy says:

“We are placing enormous psychological burdens on vulnerable people as we tell them that it is ‘safer to be on their own’.”

He is also calling for clearer figures and explanations and an end to the NPHET public briefings. “The NPHET briefing is intrinsically frightening,” he writes.




I caught a headline in the ‘paper of record’ this morning, Diarmuid Ferriter questioning the merry dance NPHET have been leading us I’m surmising since it’s paywalled, along with McDowell’s ‘shroud wavers’ piece last week I would have thought the tide has turned.

The ECDC’s travel ‘traffic light system’
would mean that today’s 14 day incidence rates result in, among our close neighbours:-

Red: Spain

Orange: Greece, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Czech Rep., France

Green: Sweden (The irony), Norway, Germany, Poland, Iceland

I worry about the slant or spin that NHPET will put on orange though?

Also, the staggering decline in mortality persists. France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, UK, Italy, Germany and Ireland combined recorded 1.3 Million cases and 163k deaths to the 1st of July, since the 1st of July another 700k cases and 3.7k deaths. Data derived by simple inspection of the WHO arcgis website, I didn’t even need a calculator.


We’re all 9/11’d now.



Surely it must be dawning on people now that all we’re doing is refitting the stable door after the horse bolted in January!


Primary school kids singing in class has some parents on boards claiming that they are “shell-shocked” by it all. What has the world come to.


Tomorrows Irish Times:

Shell-shocked parents furious about Green Party 2:1 ban proposal, one parent said “How are we supposed to afford all these coffins, if it wasn’t for Pennys I’d be down to the moneylender”

The stupidity of crowds, really is an argument against democracy.




This is an interesting new approach - Glynn saying for the first time that the increase in cases might be due to increases in testing - rather than there being more actual cases. You wonder if someone had a word with him to place these numbers into some sort of context. (Not so long ago he said, bluntly, that “the numbers are the numbers.” Now we know “the numbers” are not necessarily the numbers)

Dr Ronan Glynn, the Acting CMO, said that the continued increase in cases is at least partly due to people coming forward prompty for testing.


This is extremely positive. With even moderate social distancing, we can skip the flu and covid. The hospitals might even be less sh1te than usual


Seriously dont know why anyone would call him controversial but thats headline writers for you


Its behind a paywall so can’t read all. Call anyone here access?