Coronavirus 2020


‘Draconian’ restrictions around Covid-19 condemned by HSE doctor

Clinical director critical of media and public ‘obsession’ with daily case numbers

Covid-19 is “much less severe” than the average annual flu and current “draconian” restrictions are no longer justified, according to a senior Health Services Executive doctor.

People at low risk from the virus should be exposed to it so they can develop herd immunity and reduce the risk to vulnerable groups, according to Dr Martin Feeley, clinical director of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group.

“That is what is happening and yet the policy seems to be to prevent it,” he says. “This should have been allowed to happen during the summer months before the annual flu season, to reduce the workload on the health service during winter months.”

Any assessment of Ireland’s strategy to combat the virus should take into account the cost to people’s quality of life, according to the former vascular surgeon, who points out that “you can’t postpone youth”.

“The financial cost can be seen in any walk or drive through cities, towns and villages. Mortgage repayments and other financial setbacks are virtually all suffered by the young worker or business person and not by the over-65, who are guaranteed their pension, as indeed are the salaries of the individuals who decide to inflict these draconian measures,” the 70 year old told The Irish Times.

Dr Feeley is critical of the media and public “obsession” with daily case numbers, when so few people are being admitted to hospital or intensive care units. “The number of deaths among recent cases is less than one in a thousand. This data reflects a disease much less severe than the average annual flu.

‘Borders on hysteria’

“The media reaction to these cases, ie, with the gravity appropriate to reporting deaths from a major catastrophe, borders on hysteria. Opening a newscast with the number of people testing positive for a condition less dangerous than the flu, which many don’t even know they have, is scaremongering.”

Flu and Covid-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, caused by different viruses. Both can be transmitted by a person before they show symptoms. Covid-19 is generally more contagious and more associated with “super-spreader” events. Its effects are most severe among older people and those with underlying conditions. However, young children are at a higher risk of serious illness from flu.

There is a vaccine for flu but none as yet for Covid-19.

Dr Feeley says that while the initial measures taken by the Government were “totally acceptable and justifiable”, this is no longer the case, given what we now know about the disease.

Covid-19 is “profoundly different” from the Spanish flu pandemic of a century ago, he maintains, saying that that was “an indiscriminate killer” that largely targeted the young.

“Experience has taught us that at-risk and vulnerable individuals are identifiable with remarkable accuracy; and protective measures, hygiene, masks, social distancing and cocooning are effective.”

‘Best-kept secret’

Dr Feeley notes that virus-related deaths among people aged under 65 who do not have underlying conditions are uncommon, and transmission by children while possible is also uncommon.

The presence of a “chronic illness” is the “all-important factor” in determining a person’s Covid-19 risk, he points out. “You can identify with amazing accuracy who is at risk, as with no other disease.”

“The best-kept secret regarding Covid-19 is the vulnerability of individuals who are overweight,” he asserts.

Separately, another doctor, Alan Farrell, has written to the Taoiseach and the Minister for Health taking issue with the Government’s approach to Covid-19.

“From a medical perspective I am not seeing an impact from Covid on the ground. What I am seeing is delayed diagnoses for other conditions – breast cancer, skin cancer in young people, an onslaught of anxiety and depression, an increase in loneliness in the elderly, recently a fractured humerus in an elderly lady that has been like that for months as she was afraid to go outside.”

In a paper written with engineer Ivor Cummins, Dr Farrell argues that excess mortality from Covid-19 is “not very much greater” than the excess mortality observed during the 2018 flu season.

Most people are already immune to the virus, due to cross-immunity from prior coronaviruses, while the wearing of masks is an ineffective “politically driven endeavour”, they say.


Some sense at last. Wakey wakey


The population of vulnerable people will be much larger next time around, consider if flu deaths the following year are double that of a normal season? It could make a lot headlines and become an annual thing much like the weather has become much more prevalent and alarmist or worse some idiots would suggest masks and restrictions become a permanent seasonal thing, I’ve no doubt packed pubs and nightclubs are super spreader events in December / Christmas - it could mean that never happens again and will just build a larger vulnerable population.


The next survey / stats on obesity is going to be an eye opener, because of lockdown. Making more and more people vulnerable to covid. Ciara Kelly (I think) said 1 Euro in seven of the HSE budget already goes on obesity / type 2 diabetes diseases… Covid-19lbs was a theme on twitter recently.


This is the first time I’ve heard any of the usual experts admit that the virus has become “less lethal”. You’d wonder why that isn’t the main headline here.

Professor Jack Lambert said Ireland has been in "a post-Covid freeze’ since case numbers declined in hospitals in May and little has been done to prepare for living with Covid-19 going forward.

He said that 18 years ago the SARS epidemic stopped suddenly when the virus lost its virulence factor, but international colleagues say that Covid-19 is just as contagious as it was earlier in the year, but less lethal, even in higher risks groups.


The beatings will continue until morale improves.


It’s very hard for politicians to get off the high horse they’ve been riding for the past few months.
To admit that the virus is no longer deadly to the general public will result in severe loss of face


It truly is hard to believe how incompetent FF are coming across as (even I am surprised). Donnelly seems all at sea and the less said about Martin the better…with the poll today having them at 10% they must surely be looking at replacing Martin (with who you would say…). I am not sure if you are either pro lockdown or want everything opened up you could be happy. I can’t see the grassroots putting up with widescale lockdowns (they already recoiled at Donnelly’s attempt to allow guards enter private homes)


Hard to believe any country is going for a full shutdown again.


Will be interesting to see what evidence is produced…


I would be surprised if they decided to exclude Dublin pubs from the reopening next Monday. Think about it - they’d have to keep Kildare and Wicklow pubs shut too - for very little reason locally. (Otherwise half of Lucan would pile into Leixlip for the weekend. Same with South Dublin and Bray /Enniskerry etc.)

“These pubs have made no contribution whatsoever to the infection rate in Dublin or Ireland - these pubs have been closed since the 15th March by Government direction. They have not been a factor here.”

He noted that the hospitality sector has only been the source of a ‘very limited number of outbreaks’ since restaurants and hotels were allowed reopen.


Paywalled but you will get the gist.


Some more reporting on Chief Bilderberger inability to understand the concept of a Constitutional Republic based on inalienable rights, seems confused about the fundamentals.


Jun 3rd


Covknee, he’d make a great Democrat if he was a US citizen.


I, unfortunately, heard much of the debate on PK. Coveney was defending the right to protest to a hysterical Pat. I can’t see any changes.


I watched one of the videos circulating after the weekend protest march and was slightly amused to hear the chants…

“What do we want?

Try that one out in Beijing, Moscow or Naypyitaw and see how that works out for you.
Muppets, but they didn’t do any harm and I do agree with Coveney, they do have a right to “protest” even if they are complete idiots (IMO) in this case.


You poor soul. I had similar incident last week, more PK than I’ve listed to in probably 20 years! It was really weird… anyway seems they are in sync with countering the open push back across various parts of the world from Berline to Canid, Australia is another matter, they’ve gone full China or worse.

Vancouver Sept 13th

Quebec Sept 12th

Montreal Sept 12th


Are the protests getting bigger? :whistle:



New Zealand


He’s such a Tim Nicebutdim PowerPoint Ranger. He’s not clever or cunning. That was some stroke getting him into the Bildeberg set.

I wonder did the Bildeberg connection count against him for the EU Commissioner job ? :face_with_monocle:


Looks like a huge crowd in Dublin.

It was reported as only 1500