Coronavirus 2020


Lambert was on Drivetime and seemed to be rambling incoherently.


Some pubs tweeting tonight that - according to the Gov graphic - "wet “pubs” can still stay open at Level 3 - yet Dublin is not even at Level 3 and they can’t open…


In my head I imagine, if Roddy Doyle was lurking behind bus shelters for raw material, we’d end up with.

Head1: “alright…how’s the weather looking’”

Head2: “Orange warning…”

Head1: "Ah right… so how was the holdiay last week? "

Head2: “… grand grand, code green all the way…”

Head1: “Good stuff {rub hands}…fancy a pint?”

Head2: “… are ye mad! The locals gone level 5 CODE RED, klingons on the starboard bow… Captain Kirk eat your bleedin’ heart out… 'tis a dutch gold night methinks…”

Head1: “…that’s mad ted, it’s a pain all the same, ya know, the mask… it gets soaked fairly rapid…”


That’s brilliant OW…the whole thing is Comedy Gold!

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t expect the sudden abandonment of parliament because the Minister for Health fears he may have contracted the coronavirus and the entire Cabinet has to self-isolate. But not with this Government, which is best viewed from behind a sofa with splayed fingers across the eyes.

Since its formation, it has endured a stratospheric streak of bad luck and debacle, lurching from controversy to calamity on an impressively regular basis.

And so another day, another Dáil week begins. Surely things can’t get any worse?

“Hold me coat!” coughs Stephen Donnelly, signalling the start of yet another spell of mortification for Micheál Martin and his band of beaten down Fianna Fáil Ministers.

They had been hoping to turn a corner on Tuesday. And they did – right into the path of an oncoming truck.

Business as usual, really.

It was supposed to be different this time with the launch of the much trumpeted roadmap for “Living with Covid”. A lot of planning went into it, with a set-piece planned for Dublin Castle featuring the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Minister for Health. As it turned out, all they needed to do was email the document to themselves.

The ink was scarcely dry on this blueprint when they had to repurpose it for a new audience – the entire Cabinet. Two members hors de combat by the end of the day and the rest on tenterhooks waiting for test results to return.

“It’s literally one giant Cabinet clusterf***!” declared an Opposition deputy, gobsmacked.

The launch wasn’t great. It was supposed to steady public confidence with clear advice for the Covid situation in the coming months. It was assembled by a crack squad of existing and freshly recruited elite communication specialists. They delivered a triumph, if a confusing sludge of management speak and little else was what you were after.

Meanwhile, the Taoiseach had to go out on the Six One News for his live interview in the knowledge that the country was laughing its head off at his latest predicament. He restricted his movements to one side of the fountain, which had been turned off as a mark of respect to his Government’s credibility.

Dear God, we thought, as Micheál spoke a mile a minute, hands flying, voice raised. “He looked very pink in the face. A bit peaky.” He was drinking a lot of water at the launch, and before he left the Dáil chamber, we noticed him draining his paper cup of its contents.

He sounded like a man fighting for his political future, once more the victim of unforeseen events not of his making.

The man just can’t catch a break.


In a similar vein


Deviation from groupthink is verboten, even when empirical evidence to the contrary published by WHO is in the public domain, France and Spain combined have had more cases in the last 6 weeks than in Mar/Apr/May but a tiny fraction of the deaths.




The future is really, really bleak.


The Govt has hired more PR handlers recently…and the messaging is actually getting worse. It’s a cluster of fucks. The Top 3 only had a big briefing 24 hours ago and then this. I know it’s really difficult to turn down RTE if you’re a politician but they really need to stop appearing on Radio & Television.

I’m tempted to call this Project Fear. But it’s actually Project Dumb.


Project WOLF - jobs for the boy/s.



This appeared on twitter a while back, hadn’t time to look at it or post, quickly found the below graph.

The JUMP in the chart, occurs 13 days after dispensing of Hydroxychloroquine stopped, possibly instigated by a negative medical report at the time (maybe the retracted lancet piece, not totally sure, someone might match up the dates) - then dispensing of HCQ resumed, and the SPIKE collapsed.


Why isn’t this front page news ?

Buried in the ‘Life & Style’ section where you’d normally expect to find articles about vegan homeopathy or sacrocranial massage, and remember these services haven’t resumed either.


According to reliable sources, the Cabinet sub-committee on Covid-19, chaired by Taoiseach Micheál Martin will meet on Friday to discuss the latest report from the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) on the situation, nationally but particularly in the capital.

See, we’ve reached peak dysfunction here. We have a political & media establishment so addicted to briefing, backscratching & kite flying that it is incapable of just getting the head down & making dispassionate logical decisions. They think carrying on this way is defensible & actually amounts to a sort of transparency. It doesn’t. I can’t decide if it’s old fashioned pre-internet behaviour or if It makes them look like a group of 14 year old girls.

But this is no way to run a country.



So…it looks like - from next Monday - I can travel to Berlin, on non-essential travel, without any quarantine requirements on returning home. But I’m advised not to go to Bray (about three miles away.) But I can go to Howth - or Skerries (30 miles away.)



Trivial Compliance. Don’t make their job easy for them and drive yourself nuts.

Ok, question for the floor - Has any Irish politician, discussed Hydroxychloroquine (or anything else, other than “vaccine” messaging) or has there been any serious debate on types of treatments as opposed to this carry-on?

Can you even get HCQ in the socialised health service in Ireland?


Finally someone is asking the right questions. Rather than letting the virus gets its cascade going and causing serious health problems what strategies or treatments would reduce this or prevent it.

Hydroxy or Plaquenil is available in Ireland. However, currently it is being reserved for people with Lupus or certain types of arthritis. In my local pharmacy no GP has prescribed it for Coronavirus.

There is an unwritten campaign by the Pharma companies (through their senior medical council buddies) to threaten any Doctor that does - like our recent examples you will be either fired or face a star chamber investigation.

The policy is to keep the population subdued and limp the now very little fatal virus along until we can foist a very expensive vaccine on everyone ala Australia. Any dissent is being trounced.

How many have died needlessly because of this policy?


There’s been a lot of conspiracy theory nonsense on here in the last few months but this is the most amateur I’ve seen yet, I think simply because there’s no entertainment factor.


As we know HSE and Dept of Health statistics are so unreliable, incomplete and out of date that the CSO uses the death notices site as the most reliable, accurate and timely source of mortality numbers for Ireland. It takes about nine months to one year for the official government morality statistics to converge on any kind of reasonably accurate number.

Which is why for example the official HSE / Dept of Health number of COVID deaths this year is twice the actual number of excess deaths. Because the HSE / Dept of Health numbers are based on very low quality and inaccurate data where as the CSO numbers are from a very accurate and timely source. Irish undertakers.

More here

Now the really interesting part is Figure 4. Morality curves of the last decade, year by year. The area under the curve (total deaths) for same period this flu season and last flu season are almost the same, and not much higher than some of the previous bad flu seasons like 2008/2009. So given that 90% plus of those who have died classified with COVID are in exactly the same high risk group who die of viral pneumonia in previous flu season and were at a high risk of dying this year even without SARs CoV 2 where exactly is the public health risk to the general population.

There is none.


He has produced another video debunking a video claiming the the previous video is “wrong”


Last I heard Hydroxychloroquine was still routinely used on Covid patients in the hospital.

I heard that from a person working in a Covid ward.