Coronavirus 2020


Which one?

Does anyone know are we sure the test’s are fool proof yet?


The article seems to shows that nearly all of those Chinese students are spending 14 days in Thailand before going to Australia. If they are not symptomatic in that time that sounds alright.

Interestingly none of the people in Australia with the virus so far appear to be in a critical condition.

Guangdong and Zhejiang each will shortly close up on 1000 confirmed infections and still have 0 deaths. Zhejiang has nearly 10% recovered.

Outside mainland China about 250+ confirmed infections and 2 deaths.


HSE epidemic head Doctor was on RTE Radio 1 today and he was saying next week is the crunch period. We should see whether the quarantine efforts have paid off with the numbers of infected plateauing.


Could the extremely polluted environment be a complicating factor for the disease. They say a lot of people died because of the Dublin smog because it complicated their breathing.


Yeah good point Tulip. The guys below have done a study and suggest that Ozone (part of smog) increases mortality and hospitalisations from influenza. More study is needed and the other smog particles could also cause an increase. It definitely makes sense given that smoking increases the risks of hospitalisation and mortality for influenza patients.

As far as I can make out, the main risks of dying with these viruses are from pneumonia, which is cutting off part of the lungs (essentially), or having a heart attack. Smoking is bad for the lungs and heart which leaves them more vulnerable. It sounds reasonable that smog will also weaken your lungs and your ability to cope with these viruses.



Would have expected increases in numbers world wide by now!! Hope !!


As long as the suspected cases are in the single / double digits I’d hope they’ll repeat the test more than once and also test for other things to establish what is actually wrong with them as opposed to simply ruling out coronavirus, if I was the clinician I know I would - but the HSE penpushers - it would be predictable form for them to veto this.



One of the Wuhan doctors who first tried to warn other doctors about the outbreak of a new disease back in December and was arrested by the police just died of 2019 nCoV.

Its going to be a long long spring and summer by the look of it.


The recovery rates outside of Hubei are looking extremely good. Also, the death rate is very low outside of Hubei. They could be getting a handle on things.


This is why you should not believe any of the official numbers out of China. For some strange reason the official daily cumulative total of deaths for the last 9 days always seems to be 2.1%. Give or take a rounding error.


Not with overwhelmed medical services in Hubai. And the numbers out of places like Chongqing are suspiciously low even for sanitized numbers. The city should be second only to Wuhan by now in case numbers given how many traveled there for the Spring Festival from Wuhan area.

As the official case numbers are ballpark for the total death numbers in Tencent transient web pages they might be used as a reasonable proxy for the actual death toll. You dont have whole extended families adults dying leaving orphans , of which there have been several stories so far, with a toll of a few hundred deaths.

We will know for sure in about 6 to 8 weeks when we have a large enough data set from western countries. The guy who died in HK had diabetes but had not traveled to the mainland. The 2% looks about right.but that is just for the mortality rate from ARDS alone. The other complications will add maybe another percent or two. Assuming unstressed medical services, especially the ICU’s.


There was a link that ,JMC I think, shared earlier that stated that the Corona deaths were from pneumonia and heart attacks. A lot of westerners have Hyperinsulinemia which is increasingly being seen as a culprit in heart disease. If Corona got into our population we could see a lot of heart attacks rather than pneumonia as the cause of death.


This is updated a lot. Interesting last update.

The Government advice says: “The UK Chief Medical Officers are advising anyone who has travelled to the UK from mainland China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau in the last 14 days and is experiencing cough or fever or shortness of breath, to stay indoors and call NHS 111, even if symptoms are mild."

The latest British person to be confirmed with the virus picked it up in a country outside of China.


Universities are drawing up plans to quarantine thousands of international students in regional campuses or student accommodation to mitigate a potential $3 billion hit to their budgets from the coronavirus outbreak.
The country’s top universities are the most exposed to the Chinese market, with the Group of Eight - including the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne - accounting for 65,000 of the more than 100,000 Chinese students trapped overseas.
Playing with fire


Chinese hospital announces that whistleblower doctor is dead

Li was hospitalized on Jan. 12 and tested positive for the coronavirus on Feb. 1.

Notice the delay in the test result. Also how long it took to die.


On 8 January, he was infected with the coronavirus when he met a pneumonia patient at his clinic. He started having a fever and cough on 10 January, which soon became severe. On 12 January, he was taken to an ICU where he was quarantined and given treatment.[10] Due to lack of test kits for the new virus, his diagnosis of the viral infection was not made until 1 February


Test results have confirmed that the patient who was placed in isolation at Cork University Hospital (CUH) this week does not have the coronavirus.


41 new cases confirmed overnight on the cruise ship currently docked in Japan. Went from 20 to 61 in one jump


A third patient with coronavirus confirmed in the UK is being treated at a London hospital.
Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty said in a statement on Thursday that the individual did not acquire the virus in the UK.
It is understood the patient arrived at Guy’s Hospital in London Bridge on Thursday afternoon and that the virus was contracted in an Asian country, but not in China.
The patient is thought to have been diagnosed in Brighton before being transferred.