Coronavirus 2020


20 or 30 years. That’s how fn long they’ve been at this particular chestnut.


Maybe thats fair. I cant say Ive any expertise around healthcare recrutiment.

Although has there not been stories about Irish healthcare workers who returned at the beginning of the pandemic with a view to offering their services, never having subsequently been contacted by the HSE?

Regardless youd have to query why it would seem to be the case that no extra ICU beds have been put in place since March. After all, the initial lockdown was sold on the premise of ‘flattening the curve’ with a view to ensuring that ICU capacity would not be overwhelmed. That said capacity may not have been increased over the summer calm in advance of the now supposedly expected winter storm would seem very odd to say the least.


ICU Capacity - a chronic problem


It outlined a plan to boost national ICU capacity from its then total of 289 to 579, along with the closure of a number of facilities to allow centralisation of their resources to medium and large centres.

Recommending the closure of any facilities was a sure way of guaranteeing that report gathered dust in a corner somewhere.


There seems to be a move away from ICU (i.e. ventilation) as a strategy for Covid patients so it would make sense that such capacity is not being ramped.


Was out and about today not far from home (ended up in Dalkey, Sandycove, Monkstown, Dun Laoghaire etc.) It was heartwarming to see so many people - families / couples / singles etc, of all ages, taking in the fresh, sea air and being able to sit outside for lunches and coffees or whatever. Friends and relatives were posting similar pics online from Phoenix Park, Skerries, Howth, St Anne’s Raheny, Marley Park etc. The efforts that cafes, restaurants and bars are going to in order comply with these impossible regulations was incredible to see.

The notion or idea that even this kind of “activity” could be seen as undesirable and shut off completely by Government on the recommendation of NEPHT is truly perverse and veering closely towards totalitarianism.


I’ve been reading books about the British Left from the 1930s onwards (it’s shocking how sympathetic to Soviet Russia Barbara Castle & Nye Bevan etc were) but really one of their big themes was controlling & directing & planning the economy & society. That’s what this feels like. Not quite Totalitarian, but rather an entire cadre of placemen in every branch of public life who think the establishment (which bankrupted the country only 12 years ago) has great powers of planning, control & wisdom.

What distinguishes our placemen from the 1930s to 70s Labour generation is the pernicious overlay of the Carr Communications media mindset. They’re all about “the messaging” but they’re incapable of just answering Yes or No to questions.


Thing is though, they appear to have gone all in on this in the same way that the previous cabal went all in on property.

And if it was ever to come out that the foundations were shaky then it could provoke a similar reactionary repulsion. A lot of people died in care homes and many others have had their livelihoods decimated. Theres a lot riding on the next few weeks.


Back in the 90’s Nurse to ICU specialist training took about 4 months, done in-house, I know someone who did it back then.

Today a quick google reveals it’s delivered over an academic year by universities to nurses who hold a masters.

Realistically the 20 or so contact hours a week over 30 weeks could be done in 10 weeks. Also the masters requirement could be dropped? Not ‘best practice’ but this is a time for practicalities, it’s also not the time to do this at all, March was the time for this.


Oops…Pat Kenny on Newstalk just said there said there were, “over 1,000 deaths on Saturday!”

Slip of the tongue obviously but just shows you where his mind is at. (Very pro “hard” Lockdown and strict punishment has been his mantra for quite a while.)


He is the ultimate Covid Lock Down Shill. He was calling for people not obeying rules, if its proven they infect some-one and they die from ( insert your own narrative here, evryone else is ) then they should be charged with Manslaughter. I shot you not .

Dont think hes been out of his gaff in Dalkey more than a handful of times. He in his 70s you know.


If the scenario of COVID being able to survive for days on a surface, then the lockdown would need to be absolute for it to have any affect (Chinese Style), anything short of this is a waste of time.
Of course this will never make heard immunity possible and humanity will be pussy footing around the virus forever.


Experiment was actually conducted in total darkness. We know UV light kills the virus. It’s theoretically correct, but implications in a practical setting aren’t so worrying. Unless you live in a cave.


Posted before but also relevant:


Pat suffers from Chronic Imposter Syndrome, he’s been hugely overpaid for years so is terrified the public is about to find out and expose him. The solution is muzzle the lot of us.


Did you hear the latest, humans are carriers, they can survive on average for like 80 years or more. :icon_eek:


A total lockdown could probably also eliminate the carrier as well.


In this together. Sort of.


… but but but what happened to the concerns in April?

Which, it must be noted, only occurred to Tony Holohan by the sheer luck and chance during a personal health visit to a, wait for it… Hospital!

…Earlier this week Dr Holohan was admitted to hospital for tests unrelated to Covid-19.

He described seeing a “worrying scene” in which there was empty waiting rooms and empty beds.

He added: “While protecting yourself from Covid-19 is a priority, no one should ignore signs that they may need medical attention for other ailments such as lumps, chest pain or other concerns.

“Please do not ignore any symptom outside of Covid-19. The hospitals are there for all ailments, not just Covid-19.”

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I went in for a test to Navan General back in May. Bit of a lump on my jaw. Had 3 head x-rays done and the results back within a week. Nothing to worry about. The local medical centre and the hospital were both well set up, and I didn’t have issues accessing either.

I think the last 2 posts (and much of the “what about cancer” posts in general) are highlighting 2 unrelated issues. One is that people might be frightened of going to the doc, while the other is that some screening services might be disrupted. The messaging is, and has always been that you shouldn’t avoid medical care for anything that’s suspicious. Certainly I had no issues getting seen to. The latter… well, in the case of the bowel cancer screening, it’s unclear as to whether the overall delay was ever eliminated, and whether COVID is at least partly being used as an excuse.