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Using this logic, cars would have been banned decades ago!


Speaking of which, slightly related.

Bizzare stuff.


Meanwhile your " elected leaders".

They should all resign over this shouldn’t:thinking: they?


I only saw this last night-Billie Eilish’s outfit at the Grammies on January 26th :flushed:


Bizarre indeed. They should have two queues at Garda checkpoints. One for people who are happy to answer questions from the Gardai - and another for people who have questions about the process and would like them answered - sort of like the Information desk in the bank.
I noticed the lad had cut the chip out of his Driving License - presumably loaded with points and he thinks that can get him round that little problem. He probably has the chip cut out of his bank card as well so he doesn’t have to pay for stuff.


Can anyone share this. The Irish times paywall won’t allow me. Thanks. Chef.


Advert advocating lifting of restrictions ‘belittles’ impact of Covid-19, says HSE chief clinical adviser

Advert advocating herd immunity placed by tech millionaire drew ‘wrong conclusions’

Ronan McGreevyabout an hour ago

‘I don’t accept arguments that belittle the impact of the disease and reduce the strategy to something where older people can be siphoned off safely,’ Dr Colm Henry, chief clinical officer with the HSE said. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

‘I don’t accept arguments that belittle the impact of the disease and reduce the strategy to something where older people can be siphoned off safely,’ Dr Colm Henry, chief clinical officer with the HSE said. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

An advertisement in The Irish Times advocating a strategy of lifting all Covid-19 restrictions while shielding the vulnerable would not work, HSE chief clinical adviser Dr Colm Henry has said.

Dr Henry said that while the facts contained in the advertisement were correct the conclusions were wrong.

The full page advertisement in Thursday’s paper was paid for by Dublin technology millionaire John Moore who owns MoorezeyHoldings and who previously owned 3D4Medical which was sold last year for €45.9 million.

It said the median age of death from Covid-19 is 83, that 95 per cent of people who have died from the disease have underlying health issues and that people under the age of 44 are more likely to die in a car accident than from Covid-19.

“Surely there is another way to take care of the few who are vulnerable while letting our economy and future survive?” the advertisement asked.

It also referenced a website promoting the Great Barrington Declaration which advocates a policy of shielding vulnerable people while allowing the rest of the population to pursue herd immunity. It advocated an end to restrictions.

Dr Henry said the facts as outlined in the advertisement were correct, but its conclusion was wrong.

“I don’t accept arguments that belittle the impact of the disease and reduce the strategy to something where older people can be siphoned off safely,” he said.

“Everybody is only one degree away from somebody who has died from it.”

He said it would be impossible to protect vulnerable populations from Covid-19 when widespread community transmission happens as a result of lifting all restrictions.

He said the results of uncontrolled transmission of the virus were seen in northern Italy when its hospital systems were completely overwhelmed by the number of cases it had to deal with despite having one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world.

“A lot of people died who shouldn’t have died,” he said.

Dr Henry also pointed out that it is not just old people who are affected by the disease as the median age in ICUs is 62.



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So…80% of those struck down with this awful, terrible plague are, eh, completely unaware of it?

Dr Henry said the strategy of mass screening healthcare workers and close contacts is picking up many more positive Covid-19 cases. Only a minority of those have any symptoms at all.

“This underlines the case that in the majority of cases in younger people, they have no symptoms or only mild symptoms,” he said at the HSE’s weekly briefing on Covid-19.

*Edit: The more I think about it - this is quite an astonishing revelation. If I’m not mistaken, they were previously talking about 40% or so cases that were asymptomatic? Now we learn it’s double that already high percentage. Seems like the ould Covid is way less severe than “normal” flu for the vast majority of the population. And it’s now confirmed officially by the HSE!


I just clicked on the link above and now the headline states
" Cork, Letterkenny and Cavan hospitals exceed normal ICU capacity over Covid-19"
Project fear has resumed!


The Journal did a ‘Fact Check’ on it, with a headline claiming it is false, farcically tried to discredit each point it with the most tortuous language while at the same time saying each point is correct, bar one assertion. This makes tinfoil hat posts about the MSM look credible.

Oh, and comments closed of course…


So according to there own data there is
0 covid cases in CAvan ICU
2 covid case in Letterkenny ICU

On a Propertyspire fact check - mainly mislead BS


But yet, because reasons.


The Journal.


if you have lost the journal readership…


and or the PP:

It appears that NPHET are briefing the media again ahead of its primary function of advising Cabinet causing speculation and worry.
If this leaking continues, questions must be asked as to whether or not the body is fit for purpose in its current form.


For the last six weeks the number of people in hospital with C19 has been increasing at 4% a day. If this continues there will be 4k in hospital by Christmas. Two issues this presents: There are not that many free beds. That number of additional free beds can not be brought into operation in time.

Keep things the way they are and there is every reason to assume that 4% growth rate will continue for another eight weeks. If it does continue there will need to be some ruthless prioritization calls made in a month’s time or so. Decisions which I don’t believe the Irish people have the stomach for.

  • Refuse access to hospital for C19 patients. Many would die who would otherwise not.
  • Empty the hospitals of existing patients. Many will suffer and die who would not otherwise.
  • Move patients into ad-hoc facilities. These facilities don’t really exist yet. What ever treatment they receive in those facilities will be sub-standard. It could get very messy.

This is what people are afraid of. No one wants to be the person to be making these calls.

Ahh, what am I saying? Sure it’s all a hoax. No one is getting sick or dying. And if they are dying, they are only dying with C19 and not from it. Beside most of them are old and or have per-existing conditions and are not important anyway.


I’ve never heard of the guy who paid for the advert in the IT and I’ve no idea if the facts quoted are right or wrong but its remarkable that any Country including Ireland is effectively shutting down for the 2nd time in 8 months in response to a virus that hospitalises very few and kills less. This is not to minimize the health of those infected or to question the motivation of politicians but the lock down didn’t work the first time so I don’t see it working the 2nd time. It “flattened the curve” for about as long as the lock down lasted (give or take 12 weeks).


Hold on a second…

The Dept. of Health has had an blank cheque since March. Every state organisation has been mobilised to deal with the virus since early March. The “lack of beds” argument does not stand up. There was every opportunity to create capacity and ICU capacity in the system over the summer months. If this was not done the question needs to be asked “why not”? Why is it acceptable to shut down cities when those who are dealing with the virus missed the opportunity to prepare for the obvious infection increase in the winter months?