Coronavirus 2020


How does asking "why not" change things?

I didn’t say it was acceptable or not. I’ve just outlined what is a plausible scenario, if not the most probable scenario of what is going to play out over the next eight weeks. You can ask ‘why was this allowed to happen’ all day long, but it is not going to change what is going to happen.


Asking “why not” may not change things but it still needs to be asked and its not being asked enough. When it is asked there’s a reaction from many which is worrying to say the least. NPHET need to get out in front and challenge the Government on the lack of response over the Summer rather than leaking to the media. They are supposed to be independent but seem to move in lock step with the Government.

Incidentally, your assumption on the “4k in hospital by Christmas” is that the infection rate is linear. I’m not sure that is the case. Again, there seems to be a lack of objective analysis of the situation at any given time. The assumptions made by SAGE on the rate of infection in the UK 4 weeks ago have proven to be wrong. Thats not to say there isn’t a developing problem in the UK (or Ireland for that matter) but measurable and objective measures are required and I don’t see that.


I didn’t really make any assumptions. I got the raw data on hospitalization numbers and calculated out the growth rate since 1st September until yestesday. It is 4% a day. Project that out and you get 4k in hospital by Christmas.


That’s an assumption.


Whatever happened to living WITH covid. I don’t believe that people wouldn’t change their behaviour once it gets past a tipping point.

The lockdown issue is it doesn’t work. No one has changed behaviour from level 2 to 4 as people have lost confidence (and rightly so ) in the measures. Also Nphet obvious have no faith in the level 3/4 as they have abandoned there own plan.
This lockdown will be followed by multiple lockdowns. 6 weeks up to Christmas is non-sensical as any relaxation will result in guess what - Christmas parties/celebrations.

The problem with the Level 1-5 issue is there is no enforcement or possibility of enforcement. Anyone who wants to have a party or go too a party or dinner party, can and will. The household spread I believe is the main source of infections. this will not change until things get worse.

What is actually needed is a way of enforcing isolation for those with covid. If you get covid now you can pretty much travel anywhere without sanction.

Ive changed my habits by not meeting my parents which unfortunately will extend well past Christmas. This rather than level 1 to 50 will at least have some impacts.

The collapse of the economy has some pretty serious social and health impacts long term.


Problem with that is people tend to be asymptomatic - they don’t know they have the virus (and neither does anyone else).


Test, test and test some more.

That’s the only solution that will work until there is effective treatment or a vaccine.

Everybody should be able access a test locally and get results in a couple of hours directly to their phone. And locally means locally - every town in the Country should have a testing capacity.
Rapid testing (though less accurate) still has advantages as false positives are rare. False negatives whilst unavoidable can be reduced further through repeat testing. Also if one member of a support group or family tests positive than the probability that other group members are infected is high. This will lead to target testing.

Look back test and trace would focus of Super Spreader events and than testing can target those at the events.


agreed, however there are multiple instants that i know about where Covid positive people were seen out at the shops /pubs etc AFTER testing positive.
All that is really needed is to isolate those who test positive


Realistically given that the majority of positives are asymptomatic, it really is extremely difficult to say with any acceptable level of confidence where it is being spread, other than where people meet. Don’t accept the crap that it’s not schools. Close schools before workplaces.


Most evidence to date shows that the virus is spread at locations / events where there is close contact for prolonged periods of time. Given that it spread through the air and close proximity is required in most transmissions events such funerals & weddings and religious services are of particular risk. Children do not spread the virus in schools - despite sitting in the same room they mostly stay away from each other. Mask wearing for older children should be mandatory (though there is conflicting evidence on masks despite what the media says).


Nah, enough research around to suggest schools are possibly as guilty as others, if not more so (can’t be arsed to dig up). There’s a certain bias built into the shite we’re being fed re schools not being important players in the spread. Cost more to shut workplaces than schools, etc.


The lockdowns have nothing to do with preventing the spread of this “deadly” virus. It’s all about destroying small businesses and the middle class and the implementation of The Great Reset and Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. Call me a conspiracy theory if you wish but these are undisputed facts.


Just throwing it out there to prepare for Christmas to be cancelled. :whistle:


How’s things in Citywest these days? Has that field hospital ever been overwhelmed.

Last I can see they got bored and turned it in to a ‘pop up’ alergy clinic and it is due to be decommissioned around about now.


This tweet seems to be gone so I don’t know if it includes evidence blaming NPHET for the leak but the report of the level 5 recommendation I saw earlier referred to “multiple government sources” which sounded like politicians to me.


When I first heard of this, I thought it was Waterford whispers!

Quote below shamelessly stolen from another blog.

Maduro’s 96% recovery rate, implying a 4% fatality rate, suggests his cures are not doing a lot to help patients.

Perhaps I am being unfair; the impressive “cure” rate might be a measure of the number of severely ill patients who suddenly feel well enough to discharge themselves from hospital, after they catch sight of the “ozone rectal” treatment machine.


Even the BBC are considering the Swedish solution.


I think it might be time to start contacting your TD and voice your opposition to higher restrictions.


John Campbell now recommending Zinc supplements. Trump’s doctors have him on it too.


Zinc supplements fine, I’m taking them myself. Zinc overdose / toxicity no.