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The Guardian: NSW coronavirus cluster grows as Victoria reports just one Covid case and zero deaths.


The lack of faith medics show in their populace is really worth noting. Might explain all the infantilizing from Nephet.


Remember when people were dropping dead in the streets of China?

Any idea why this never happened here?


I’m sure the odd person dropped dead from a heart attack or similar type of medical incident.
Those deaths were probably nothing to do with COVID at all.

People tend to see things that have always gone on in the background then it is highlighted, look at how so many become aware of nature during the lockdown in March. Previously, they were too busy doing their part in the rat race in previous years and this year were forced to step out and thus had time to see the world around them in a different light.



I guess this answers my question how’s China doing and a good example that it’s always important to get to the end of a piece. :whistle:

…China’s health commission last reported 13 new coronavirus cases in the mainland for Oct. 17, bringing the mainland’s total number of confirmed cases to 85,672.

Incredible result really. The Best.

Due praise from 10 years ago for China’s affective actions in 2020. It’s hard not to fault their approach.

The Chinese government’s quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant and near-hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries and enabling a swifter post-pandemic recovery.


In summary, there is a Cure, one that the likes of Trump aka Dictator-In-Chief could never swallow. The real cure that liberates souls from the tyranny of this virus is communism, CCP have it nailed.

How else could the factories be working 24/7 to churn out the iPhone 12 line for the mounting pre-orders?

Communism, the incredible technologically empowered prophylactic wonderment that combats the evil of freedom lovin’ vectors.


Having successfully kept the virus out of the local population, they have created another problem.
Their population will always be susceptible to any future outbreaks as there is no heard immunity to stop a future epidemic hitting the country. This is also true of other countries that have “beaten back” the virus.

Without a successful vaccine and comprehensive vaccination programme, the ever present risk of COVID flare ups will always be there.


Sorry, I forgot to mention in my post that the Communists have a Time travel tech.

Meanwhile, on the cusp of the final countdown…


I hadn’t realized Paul Cunningham was such a waste of space. You live and learn !

One tangential observation - the list of attendees at yesterday’s meeting wasn’t impressive from a gender point of view.
The all-male gathering included Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, Climate Minister Eamon Ryan, Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, Public Expenditure Minister Michael McGrath, HSE chief Paul Reid, Secretary General at the Department of the Taoiseach Martin Fraser and NPHET members Dr Tony Holohan, Dr Ronan Glynn and Professor Philip Nolan


Maybe what they need is the telly bingo lad back for one more hurrah!

Hedge their bets like. Popular with the 'awl ones at the time I believe, might be an idea to segway it into a “play your lockdown right” mashup, could have prizes too, win an extra 2 Kilometres or bonus 20 kilometres prize the you can share among family or donate to a family of your choice.

EDIT: … oh I see they still use the lad for the telly bingo, but he’s lost the wig and lippy!


Do not open if you are feeling queasy today.


Story from

FEATURED: Irish Nursing Homes – Politicians Knowingly Put Elderly People to Death

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One of the (many) stories that the samestream media in Ireland refuse to cover in any meaningful detail, is the nursing home deaths resulting from Irish government Covid-19 directions.

( in a hurry? Scroll for the March 20th Italian government data releases)

In summary – the Irish Government was in possession of Italian data that would have prevented Nursing home deaths, if acted upon.

At the height of the media-driven covid-hysteria, detailed instructions were given by senior ministers and health department technocrats to send infected patients from empty hospitals to nursing homes.

Their directions arguably resulted in many needless deaths. The Irish government and health service were in possession of knowledge that if acted upon, would have prevented many of those deaths. RTE (mandated to tell the Irish people of relevant news, under the 2009 broadcasting act) also knew. As did Newstalk, and the Irish Times: none reported the data releases.

  • According to official government figures, between March 1 and May 6, a total of 534 sick elderly patients were discharged from semi-closed hospitals in Ireland and moved to nursing homes, under instructions from the Irish Government and senior health department officials

  • This was done during a ‘life-threatening pandemic’, to paraphrase the words of the Irish Government and health department (and a mainstream media that has done nothing but parrot the government line and asked zero questions since January).

  • We also know by simple deduction from official HSE figures ( released 2nd September 2020, page 11), that hospitals were never at full capacity during the crisis: it is well known that hospitals were closed to regular admissions.

  • We also know from multiple citizen video sources that hospitals were virtually empty (see Dublin’s James’ hospital below on March 30th – there were many videos like this of several Irish hospitals – mixed in with the hundreds of videos of nurses & doctors dancing in elaborately choreographed set-pieces).

  • In early March, with Irish media-hysteria at fever pitch, the Italian government health department ( – , which is like Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) ) released detailed statistical breakdowns that included extensive details of anyone who had died ‘with’ Coronavirus in Italy.

  • These collated statistical death card breakdowns showed conclusively that the people at risk from this new viral threat were: average age 82; and that 98%+ had at least one or more chronic illnesses in the five years prior to their death (these chronic illnesses are listed in the chart from March, available for download below).

  • It is important to note that the Italian health service emphasised that deaths were WITH not OF the virus at the time : The Italian Coronavirus surveillance institute said this on official video in March that has copies of.

  • The reports were released every two/three days starting in mid March, and at first included upwards of 3000 dead Italians testing positive. Today, you can find the accumulated report at this link on the Italian government health website. Only the accumulated report is available on that site. The March 20th individual report was saved by along with many others, and is available for download below. Over 35,000 people have so far tested positive and also died since the emergency began.

  • These statistical reports are very digestible – you don’t need to be a whizz at maths to understand them. As of today’s report, over 96% of all deaths in Italy (that also tested positve WITH Covid) had one or more serious (listed) health conditions. Average age was 80, and for context, Italian life-expectancy is 82.

Covid death report, 3200 people, Italian department of health data release on coronavirus, March 20 2020Download

Sample images from the March 20 Italian government report

  • * * * italian corona death reports march 20italian corona death reports march 20

  • Various TD’s and Government ministers (from all the main parties including Sinn Fein) were made aware of these reports by Irish citizens, on the record via recorded phone calls and emails. There are records of Fine Gael, Fine Fail, and Sinn Fein Offices being informed of these reports.

  • No one raised them for interrogation, many elderly people died, many more are suffering isolation, and our economy is destroyed. Sinn Fein & ‘People Before Profit’ are still playing politics with unscientific lockdowns and mask mandates, claiming to be ‘protecting workers’, while ignoring the actual science and ironically, tens of thousands of job-losses. They’re also asking zero real questions, and approving everything the government spins on this manufactured crisis.

  • Despite having this knowledge of the Italian dataset, the Irish government still sent infected people to nursing homes, where they knew the most vulnerable section of Irish society lived in large numbers in close proximity. This couldn’t be more clear.


An unknown virus was sweeping the world in early March, Governments had zero information on it. The Italian health service was the first place to be hit after Wuhan. Notwithstanding the fact that the exact same situation happened in Italy in 2018 (link to Italian news site to back that up here), the fact is that the eyes of the world were watching Italy.

The 8th largest economy in the world, with a rich history of scientific and medical contribution, birthplace of the renaissance, and key EU member, was releasing daily data on how this new virus was presenting in their hospitals.

It is difficult to imagine that the Irish Government and health technocrats did not know about the Italian data releases. It is reasonable to assume that ALL European governments knew. Yet Sweden seems to be the only country that acted accordingly.

There are now real arguments for prosecutions of serving Irish ministers and civil servants and health professionals. For involuntary manslaughter, or worse. Ireland has the second worst rate of nursing home deaths in the world with over 60% of associated deaths happening in nursing homes. To note, those figures were released AFTER the recent data releases by the Irish health department – see bullet 3 above). The numbers are constantly changing and being re-interpreted to cover the changing narrative.

Globally, Ireland is only better than Canada in this respect, where over eighty percent of deaths have happened in care facilities. For comparison, the U.S. rate was 41 percent in June.

The US department of justice has opened investigations into four Democrat-run states’ nursing home Covid-policies: this is the same democrat party that the Irish mainstream media adore (RTE in particular), and which Ireland’s three main political parties have heavy ties to.

The question is not why Irish elderly people weren’t tested – as has been presented in mainstream media outlets, and by the heads of nursing homes.

The question is, why were they moved from acute-care hospitals, when the hospitals were relatively empty, and government decision makers possessed the Italian data?

Data that clearly showed that nursing home residents were most (almost exclusively) at risk of dying.

This decision was taken at a number of levels.

The Irish Government and Health department have set up several review boards in the wake of this simmering scandal – many of them staffed by the same people that presided over the situation in the first place.

Senior ministers and officials need to go on the record about knowledge of the Italian Data releases. Indeed, this question needs to be asked at a national level across the Western world.

Let us also remember that many of those who died were paying for their care under the grossly unfair ‘Fair Deal’ system, which has been a boon for the private nursing home industry. The owners of those nursing homes most definitely benefited financially from having such a mass die off.

Criminal prosecutions may be warranted at both the ministerial and civil service level, as well as at RTE under the 2009 Broadcasting act because they neglected to report it, and were also informed. More on that soon.

It may be time for several HSE, Irish department of health senior staff, and NPHET technocrats, to Lwyrup. If they haven’t already done so.

There is more that the government are not telling the Irish people in relation to Covid-19, and the absence of true facts underpinning their unscientific lockdowns and questionable mask mandates is becoming more apparent by the day.

Misrepresenting rising cases as a cause for a second economically disastrous lockdown, with the associated devastating effects on mental and physical health, is just the tip of the iceberg with these people. By their own statistics no one is dying of this coronavirus anymore, if they ever were dying in the first place.


Another career ending move or the beginning of the end for the numbers game?

…Professor Mary Horgan said it was not unusual for intensive care beds to be at capacity at this time of year and confirmed that just one patient was in ICU with Covid-19.

Figures published by the HSE this week showed that CUH was among several hospitals without intensive care beds as the country grapples with a second wave of Covid-19 infections.

“It’s not unusual for ICU beds to be at capacity, the challenge now is that we have Covid on top of this,” Professor Horgan told the Irish Examiner.

“There is a fear out there that the place is overwhelmed with patients with Covid-19 and people might get it from them. That is not the case,” she added…


Well shit hit the fan here in Poland. Positive test rate is around 20% for 3 consecutive days and even the goverment admit our 7-9k cases daily will most likely double next week.
Warsaw is setting up temporary covid facility at national stadium, 9 more to be set in big cities across the country. Severe covid and non covid patients in ambulances struggle to deliver people to hospitals which in Warsaw, Cracow and Poznań are near top of the designated capacity at designated covid hospitals.
edit. Same in my city Wrocław, just heard records of 3 different situations when there was a discussion between ambulance crew, hospitals and local coordinator. No more “isolated” beds available in the city.

Political blame game is heated and everyone is trying to “score some points” from “covid ain’t real, f the masks”, through “its all government fault and it is panic policy” to govt itself changing tone to more realistic.

It’s not very optimistic outlook with ~400 new hospitalized daily of which 40 requiring ventilators. Especially that 1/3 of all doctors here is over 60.


So, it’s level 5!
These rules are impossible to comply with as the school is more than 5km away for starters, the nearest shop is also more than 5km away.

These new rules will be unenforceable and compliance will fall as time goes by, it will be interesting to see how the lockdown ends, will it eventually be abandoned due to lack of compliance or will it make it through to the end of November. The government had better hope that number of cases soon drops, otherwise they’ll be seen as failed.


If number of cases drop, it’ll be because of the stricter measures put in place by government.
If they don’t drop, it’ll be because of lack of public compliance.
So they can’t really lose ?!?


Yeah, great timing here by a “senior” officer. Every Garda in the country must have groaned when they heard this. You can just imagine the checkpoint conversation; "Eh sorry guard, I didn’t realise it but - I mean, anyone can make a mistake with all this confusion - can’t they?


Can’t disagree with that, but my assessment of their actions will be how we compare to Sweden after next spring.
If we end up with similar or worse figures(per capita) then it will have been a complete and very damaging failure!
We also need to see how the “excess deaths” figures are stacking up right now, that metric seems to have disappeared completely off the radar.


Whats the latest from Sweden?

I read somewhere that they may be introducing localised lockdowns due to increasing numbers in some places.

If their non-locked down approach results in less deaths than our latest blunt instrument it will surely be the end of our current approach…or maybe not…


I was very annoyed when I heard, now I’m relaxed again. Ireland is just really badly governed. This is as close as ‘Pet’ Leahy has ever come to criticizing the establishment. What he’s describing is…a shambles. I heard on Off The Ball that the Special Advisors were leaking the cabinet decision before the mammoth cabinet meeting had occurred…shambles

The opposition within Government will be amplified outside it. The economic costs could be extremely damaging. There must now be a question of whether the schools remain open – a key test of the administration’s ability to manage the country.
“I’m not worried about the ICUs,” says one Government insider. “I’m worried about the teachers.”
It’s hard to conclude anything other than the Government is heavily divided on the key challenges facing it. It has weakened its own authority – and therefore its capacity to act