Coronavirus 2020


WHO knows, maybe they moved the comma a couple of places left and dropped the trailing numbers after the decimal point.
More likely they didn’t include the figures before the declaration of a pandemic by which time many thousands would have died of “flu” or “old age”.


7 hospital admissions today, smallest number since late September. Where are the media headlines?


7 admissions for what exactly.


I’m as curious as you are, could well be ingrown toenails or someone struggling to breathe.


The CSO said that the number of death notices observed for September stands at 2,353, which it said was broadly in line with previous years’ mortality statistics.

It said this contrasted with “the pronounced increase in death notices placed in April” when the number of death notices rose from 2,861 in March to 3,502.

The CSO said that death notices show an increase in mentions of “home” as the place of death, rising from 16.1 % in October 2019 to 25.8% in September this year.



I cant find any reference via Google/RTE etc.


Rte. Reliable source. Allways.


In plain sight, don’t have to be Roger Cook to find this.


Cos you know, we be the frontline innit. Chi ching.


For this? Ireland has underresourced, understaffed and underpaid PHD like they do most of the health service. Contractors make bank, while vocational, altruistic, salaried staff are programmed into conformity and compliance. We have fewer PHD than other populations, they have less staff and resources to work with. As individuals they deserve support. The system deserves condemnation.


An addendum… experts placed in constant firefighting mode have no time to critically analysing underlying causes. Exhaustion by volume of activity will mean no time or energy to critically analyse underlying causes, let alone laterally connect to political considerations.


Agreed and it’s not the only aspect of the public service that are treated like this, look at the Naval Service - half the fleet tied up and the implications of brexit on fisheries are looming large. It’s the ‘permanent government’ that do this, the most short sighted penny pinching you could imagine. The DF proposal to buy a field hospital was shot down a couple of years ago, so €25 million spent on the citywest hotel ‘facility’.


I was about to the make a similar point about the DF’s - It’s all following a very obvious pattern.


Swedish PM warns pandemic situation ‘very serious’


This is what “serious” means in Sweden…

…He also said parties at restaurants would be limited to eight people…


Interesting article on covid in asia


It is hard to read much into the limited local data available but the highest case rates in Dublin appear to be in the newer suburbs in the west of the county. Public health officials have worked hard to minimise infections in at-risk groups and enjoyed a large measure of success in this work, at least until recently.

Dem “newer suburbs” in West Dublin with “at risk groups”


I think everyone accepts that Level 2/3 would be more than enough for Ireland.
However, the problem is it seems as though the Irish are not as good as the Swedes at following the simple guidelines… That’s not necessarily the government’s fault


Yep, a national strategy will only be as good as the weakest links. In Ireland’s case that’s not good news.


I dunno, if everyone at the house party believed in their heart of hearts they were acting in a “compliant” manner, even going as far as to closing their eyes so they couldn’t see the other 63 people at the house party, 'cause they definitely weren’t mates. Then I really don’t see where the problem lies. :icon_beer: