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Discharges minus admissions = 6, but the graph shows a net increase of 9 on the previous day. Assuming that 15 people admitted for one reason had routine covid tests, were positive and are now added to the numbers.


Any “let it be” approach is mental with unknown virus like this…

Well dedicated covid ICUs are pretty full with no more ventilators ready to use in my city atm. More closures from Saturday… which is stupid as we can expected people to storm shopping centres prior to closure. Full remote for schools from Monday.
Test positive rates were 35% again and they were testing around the capacity of 80k daily. More tests via “fast ones” are now allowed for usage in hospitals etc to find if its COVID positive patient. I’ve heard they have only 95% accuracy.
There was a record of 373 deaths in last 24h… This number will most likely rise rapidly soon due to close to full capacity.

Protests are still present daily… retarded politicians playing games and lemmings are following. I don’t fucking understand people at all. Facts are obvious as stated on press conference from government: we are heading towards a wall.

Guys, better safe than sorry.


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Nine months of separation. Qualified nurse looking to take her mother home and care for her - ARRESTED - how can this be right, in the meantime her 97 year older mother’s health continues to decline

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Discharges minus admissions = 14, but the graph shows a net decrease of 8 on the previous day. Another 6 people in people in hospital counted as a covid burden but they very probably are not.

What is the true number of people in our hospitals with covid symptoms?


US reports it’s highest to date daily case count @103k


Taoiseach Micheál Martin confirmed last night that the Level 5 lockdown will last for six weeks as scheduled despite case numbers dropping.

this is ridiculous, keeping a level 5 lockdown for another 4 weeks with our current numbers is beyond stupid.

xmas will be carnage for non-compliance i think everyone expects that so we will have another lockdown in Jan as well.


What do they mean by “minimum additional restrictions” I wonder?


Also does anyone know what happens to your DNA after you have been swabbed/tested for the virus?


nothing, swab buds typically don’t change you at the molecular level…


Except for paranoia


I think he meant whether your DNA profile is recorded.


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Mortality Z score in Europe are currently non existent with the exception of a slight blip in Belgium and Italy.

Brazils cases continue to fall


Teacher might let us out early yet… :whistle:

Spirits in the Irish Government, gloomy after overnight trends towards President Donald Trump, rose throughout the day as Joe Biden began to close the gap with and eventually overtake his rival.

Though publicly the Government seeks to maintain a studied neutrality, they’re fooling nobody and they know it. The universal preference among all the parties and the entire upper echelons of the Government is for a Biden victory, for reasons of politics, policy and personal preference.


Update on this. My Vitamin D level has gone from 40 to 133 n/mol in 4 months. Consultant recommended a range of 100 to 150. HSE say 50 is healthy !


Ah, I’d forgotten all about the 'rona over the last few days with all other other madness going on. Is it still a thing? :icon_beer:


This virus is getting more lethal - that’s for sure…

Mr Kluge, who was wearing a mask even as he was interviewed over a webcam meeting, also said the mortality rate could be seen rising “little by little”.


If euromomo is your source here I would be cautious, the data would trickle in over several weeks I would think.

Yesterdays very high number was partially Spain reporting a multiple of it’s seven day average in a single day, perhaps it was delayed data but the deaths reported are approaching the spring numbers. The case numbers are a multiple of the Spring too.

Still doesn’t mean we were justified going to level 5, the effect should only be filtering into the data now, if NPHET are to be believed.



Covid now a permanent part of the normal list of health conditions…and one that rarely affects those without serious underlying conditions.

Chronic heart disease was by far the most common underlying condition among those who died with the virus, accounting for 44 per cent of cases. Other underlying conditions included kidney disease, liver disease, neurological disease, respiratory disease, cancer and diabetes.

The vast majority of the 1,568 people with an underlying condition who died with the disease were aged over 65 (1,450 people) with the median age at 83, the CSO’s latest Deaths and Cases Bulletin series shows. Of the 133 deaths among people aged 25-64, 87 per cent (116) had underlying conditions.

The figures show more than 10 people have died from the virus in each week of the last eight weeks. There has been a sharp decline in the hospitalisation rate of people with the virus. Of the 3,881 confirmed cases during the final week of October, 126 were admitted to hospital and less than five to ICU. This compares to the 688 people who were hospitalised the week ending March 27th with an additional 95 people admitted to ICU.