Coronavirus 2020


The people of Yorkshire must be quaking in their boots that it could mutate into their ferrets!


I live alone in London, and lockdown had been an anxious blur of work and half-hearted bouts of exercise.

Is Covid really the problem ?


Novel RNA “vaccine”.


Sweden are intermittent with their reporting, if you look at WHO Europe arcgis there is no data for this week yet, usually updates on Wednesday afternoons so I’d say you are looking at a reporting lag. My recent recollection is Sweden have the same 7-day rolling death toll, with twice the population.


This is no surprise at all, after months of scaremongering, many people are terrified of catching it and if they are tested positive, are really panicking!
PTSD is probably what they are experiencing, I know that at my daughter’s school, there are quite a few teenagers who are almost scared to death that they could catch this “deadly” disease that they are almost unable to function.

So much is happening that is having a far worse outcome than the actual pandemic itself, it will take some people years to recover from the trauma and stress caused by their fear of catching it.


Covid 19 is a Mental Illness.


Interesting debate in NI re lifting of restrictions…can’t imagine a similar scenario here right now.

In a clear indication of the strength of opposition among some DUP members to extending restrictions on businesses, party MLA Paul Frew accused the Executive of committing an “act of vandalism” on the economy.

Mr Frew, who also criticised the introduction of the circuit-break last month, branded the actions of the administration, particularly the delay in providing clarity to businesses, a “shame, disgrace and farce”.

“We have businesses, owners asking do I bring my supply chain in, do I order all that food, do I fill my freezer,” he told MLAs.

"This is unbelievable.


We’re just being trolled now, that clown Tomas Ryan.


Wow. I really did have to double check everything on that Examiner article. The date, is it really Waterford Whispers, is it the Mallow News, the lot.

This country is in some state at this stage if this is what is coming out of Trinity.:clown_face:


Rounding the corner in the US


As has been shown time and again and more importantly in the recent past - counting skills, you know the basic piece, in the US are debatable.


Lets compare with a similar first world population, shall we?

Rounding the corner in the the EU

As of 11 November 2020, 9 650 447 cases

As of 11 November 2020, 251 064 deaths


At least something good has come out of a wretched year. Influenza, the common cold, pneumonia and other pulmonary disorders are down around 95% this year and have been all but cured.

Or could it be that they’ve been given a makeover and repackaged as Covid 19? :thinking:


Will you ever fck off out of here with your logic and reasoning. Nazi. :wink:


One less thing to spend money on in future so :man_dancing:


Revelation after revelation after revelation… whenever will it stop!? :whistle:

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Revelation 13:16-17


For peeps that be all rational and stuff. Share and educate. Question, without question there is no answer.


So much for flattening the curve.

But to question is to engage in wild conspiracy theorising right?


British Conservative MP House of Commons

Desmond Swayne @DesmondSwayne

As we move into the vaccinated sunny uplands of release and freedom, there is a danger that the state has learned a powerful lesson - namely, that the British people do not worry too much about their liberties and that they can be dispensed with conveniently when need arises.


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Video @ Src:

Ian Brown @ianbrown

This CoNvid crisis has seen the biggest EVER transfer of wealth from poor to mega rich. Taxpayer debt to private banks now the biggest ever. THE WORLD’S A FARM WE ARE THE STOCK.

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Possibly may favourite line from that article:

“The one thing that we could do as a society is not to return to unregulated home gatherings. That’s where a lot of cases were coming from," he said.

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