Coronavirus 2020


HIQA came to the same conclusion…


I posted a direct link to the study 8 hours ago, i.e back up a bit in the thread, click here to see the post.


If the mink are killed, let’s hope their fur is properly harvested for the luxury coat market to help with Ireland’s balance of payments crisis, terrible to think all those cute animals could be slaughtered with no one benefiting, except a bunch of anti fur campaigners


I would imagine that the anti-fur people are up in arms, after all they don’t want the animals killed at all, especially for their fur!
This would put them in a quandary as to what they will be offended by.


Like the greens somewhat and their outrage over the Masks mountain most are building.

But hey. Reasons.


Nice. I see what you did there.

Adjust the denominator to win your argument by adding countries that test less than the world’s largest economy.

Low information thought.


Hale and happy before the pandemic, the 75-year-old retired Alabama truck driver became so malnourished and dehydrated that he dropped to 98 pounds and looked to his son like he’d been in a concentration camp. Septic shock suggested an untreated urinary infection, E. coli in his body from his own feces hinted at poor hygiene, and aspiration pneumonia indicated Wallace, who needed help with meals, had likely choked on his food.

“He couldn’t even hold his head up straight because he had gotten so weak,” said his son, Kevin Amerson. “They stopped taking care of him. They abandoned him.”

I take no satisfaction from stating that I predicted this in April. Shameful.


It’s nothing short of criminal. Everywhere.

Look these people in the eyes. Now.


It looks like the climbdown had begun, with an admission that the second wave has far fewer deaths.


A component in this year’s spike in deaths among the over eighties was neglect:

Malnutrition, thirst and despair watched over by insouciant carers on the minimum wage.

Human nature - unsupervised by regular visitors they neglected their charges.


Demand Justice


So no second wave.


More of a ripple than a wave, just imagine what the case numbers would have been like if this level of testing was started in November last year.

So many people had this “strange” bug around the new year, a bug that seemed to be similar to COVID.


Australia are now pinning their draconian actions on the head of individuals who don’t follow the process!

South Australia decided to enter a state-wide lockdown based on a lie told by a man with Covid-19 about his link to a pizza shop, police say.
The strict lockdown began on Wednesday after the state detected 36 infections, including its first locally acquired cases since April.
But this would have been avoided if the man had told the truth, that he worked shifts at the shop, officials said.
He said he only went there to buy a pizza.

Talk about putting the blame on others for your overreaction!


Out of interest, what are the hospital submission statistics from Nov '19 - Feb '20. Seeing lots of people say this has been around since well before March, but have not seen any evidence that people were being admitted to hospital with respiratory issues etc. or displaying the same symptoms as they have been since March. Surely if covid had been in community circulation across EU since late last year it would be very easily verified.


A quick search has brought up the UK NHS hospital admissions for April 2019 to April 2020 and it doesn’t show any noticeable spike in admissions, COVID is lost in the noise. (I cannot find the HSE equivalent)

Even now COVID cases would be lost in the noise if they were not being filtered out!

The 2019 fourth quarter report does not look good, but this was probably before the COVID crisis started

Something to remember when we (will) hear about hospitals not coping with the excess workload, it happens every year.

This time last year the hospitals were stuffed full.


Last years flu season/burden was light, in comparison to the previous two. Easy enough to mistake a lot of the symptoms. Plenty of anecdotal evidence about people who never took a day out sick from work being out for a week or ten days which also fits the flu scenario.


Yes I get that, but naturally think traditional flu related admissions will be down this year given lockdowns, lack of social interactions, hygiene etc. Perhaps not enough to offset this but I just do not think it is possible that all across western europe people were contracting Covid since November 2019, displaying covid symptoms, the typical older/unfit cohort being admitted to hospital for breathing difficulties and into ICU etc. and yet no western europe health service realised this was something different. Sorry i just don’t buy it. While Covid is a strain of the flu, it’s not the exact same and neither are the symptoms, so there’s just no way it’s been in wider circulation since Nov 19. And no amount of revisionist aul eejits saying “oh yeah i was a little sick last Xmas, must have been covid” will convince me otherwise!!


I can only speak for my wife who had displayed all the symptoms of what was later to be called COVID in the first week of January.


There was no evidence of influenza viruses circulating in the community in Ireland during week 46 2020
(week ending 15/11/2020) or during weeks 40-45 2020.