Coronavirus 2020



It wasn’t propaganda. There was no intent to deceive the public. It was panic and lack of ability.

Cynical fools will see conspiracy everywhere and be led down blind paths trying to find proof.


No Propaganda is not lies. Propaganda is taking something with an element of truth (masks are correct in some settings and circumstances/Jews are low trust in-group bias people who engage in a lot of social activism) and messaging it in an exaggerated fashion (not wearing a mask makes you a traitor/all Jews are traitors)


Having being panicked onto a course of action, they are now unable to get off the roller-coaster they have created without being seen to have made a series of foolish decisions in the spring, so IMHO it IS propaganda to convince the public that their way is the correct ( and only) way by labelling alternative viewpoints as “false news”


It actually was, continues to be so and you actually demanded a better more effective kind of propaganda in your criticism.


The original intent was to flatten the curve.
The unintended consequence was to flatten the country.
(Unless of course you’re on the taxpayers’ payroll, in which case you’re grand, working from bed, getting paid, getting pensioned up, saving on commute and other work in office costs)


Phase 1, flatten the curve was the correct course of action
Phase 2, should have been to allow heard immunity to develop and snuff out the virus by having a resistant population while protecting the vulnerable.
They got stuck in phase 1,


They’re back.


I’ll file that under “explaining my own words to me”.


Holohan seems to think we will not ‘do away with these measures’ even with a (good) vaccine.

If mortality does fall by say 90%, which is easily plausible IMO, what will the great prevaricator decide?


Correct me if I am wrong, but the mistake you are making here is thinking propaganda requires a rational message to work or that it is suppose to tackle a rational position that needs to be changed or reinforced. You assume the good, when you may have also forgotten to factor in the bad.

I was not explaining your words to you if that was not clear, within the grains of your own observations was the kernel of truth, that the message is not aimed at rational thinking, but irrational thinking, (if that is not an oxymoron), which in the main is how the majority are moved from one item to the next… i.e. here is todays 2 mins of *hate.

Manipulating people using their emotions is a well studied, well documented and well applied craft.

In essence your critique is misplaced because the propaganda has been deeply effective, it has worked.

The whole PPE jeopardy play and then the PPE cosplay were early and mid acts, as we appear to be in or approaching the final act in the story arch.


The cheek!


I’m sure we all agree that it’s nothing but an extraordinary coincidence that - on the first day of relaxing of restrictions - NPHET have announced 18 “Covid-related” deaths. (The highest daily reported number since May 12th.)


As reported “the majority of which occurred in November”, great way to put the wind up people!


Of all the gin joints of all the towns in all the world…imagine that a gay bar with an Orban ally would get rolled over. What are the odds ?


I think our Government is incapable of thinking outside the box. The vaccine makers are saying they won’t supply us without an indemnity. Everyone assumes this means the Government must pay if the courts decide to award compo to vaccine claimants. I am pointing to alternatives - the Government could abolish liability i.e. declare the vaccine is safe and give the bums’ rush to claimants. Another possibility - and let your imagination run riot here - is to have limited liability so that successful claimants are guaranteed a lifetime of free medical care.

Why would anyone produce a vaccine if it meant fighting in the courts for years despite having FDA approval etc.?


Did you really write that. Really.


Did you really have no answer to my question?


I wasn’t answering your question. I was asking one.

I’m still awaiting an answer to the question btw. Really?


More coverage of the since deleted John Hopkins article previously posted in this topic.


Irish hospitals, satire is impossible.