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Propaganda is the use of information to deliberately mislead usually for political purposes. That information is mostly known to be false (but not always) and disseminated anyway for those purposes.

Whether the message is rational, irrational or otherwise is largely irrelevant.


It’s interesting that frequently guys who express anti-gay sentiments have something to hide themselves.


Nope, @blamegame already corrected this assumption. Propaganda is a technique that is totally neutral. Like any technique and the tools involved. Marketing. A Drill. A Spanner. A Hurley Stick. A Baseball bat. You can do something beautiful or diabolic, such is the nature of freedom.

In the current context I would agree with you that it is deliberately misleading and not just around PPE nonsense and that the easiest way to achieve this is by informational omission, the second and most heinous is claiming authority greater than that which is afforded to you and assuming direct tyrannical control over a mass of people under thread of forced compliance and material loss.

Is this a WAR?

Ask yourself are you in a WAR?

It’s an important question. It might need a range of set criteria for those who like a systematic and more exiguous approach to such bold claims be answered. Ok, I get it, so there are no bombs falling, no tanks rolling across the invisible borders. So it just can’t be… are you sure it’s as simple as this?

Meanwhile, anyone might think the Gov can make a better go of their progandizing if they simply messaged more correct factual accurate messaging… perhaps, and If we applied that as a measure, this whole event might never had gotten this far. There would be no lockdowns probably beyond the first. Hypothetically speaking, the Government would be gone, replaced a long time ago, possibly in jail some of them maybe even on the run including civil servants and other players.

prop•a•gan•da prŏp″ə-găn′də

The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause.

Systematic effort to propagate or win support for a theory or method of action.

In the end it’s a judgement call that requires a wider gamut of inputs to make a real call if the propagandising is useful or not, dangerous or virtuous, true or decitful - we have a few useful process to aid this, one is voting, the tore is running for election, the courts and so on.

Governments lie and misleads all the time.

Question everything that seeks to disabuse you of your human autonomy, in your own thoughts or with grand and direct actions and anything in-between is perfectly fine.

Successive Irish governments have shown they are most effective in this area of deception, with deadly consequences for some of the citizens (and sovereignty) and brutal outcomes for a far greater minority even majority, because when it comes to informing the Irish public about their real intentions, and the agenda in play they are only ever partially truthful most of the time and that is a matter of historical record. Living memory record.

This years group crisis event The Attack Of The Virus, uses multi platform propagandising, that is so insidiously full spectrum in it’s unrelenting dissemination that the majority can not easily see the wood for the trees, some have become mentally and emotionally crippled, they have been overcome by the power of the state and it’s various partner actors in the corporate world.

If you elevate your view to a position across multiple news and media zones and other information sources (which the internet has allowed anyone with access to do for decades while all the while becoming easier to do everyday) you can demonstrably see that myriad governments (particularly existing and former commonwealth nations) across the world are following a grand orderly systematic proscribed and structured narrative run and set of actions, almost perfectly in sync, even the talking points represented with no real counter, are identical in this manner - Everyday is 911 for the mind .

Getting more local - There is nothing supporting the view that the same people who destroyed the country in the Bubble have suddenly been infected with some weird but beneficial mind virus that has increased their IQ by 50 points and their empathy for a order of magnitude close to a mothers love and thus will bring us to salvation - so I don’t expect them to suddenly take your point on board about good and honest PPE information… let’s be honest, what are the chances?

Highly unlikely would-be my guess. Sure we’ll never know about all the money sent to China for half crap PPE - book deals or humanitarian payments, the back handers and brown envelopes of global players comes in many shapes and sizes. You got to be wide to the game.

No, what has occurred in these boys and girls have asked everyone to get on the trains and on the trains the majority have gotten, terrified out of their wits or believing they are doing the right thing.

Question is, has the train left the station yet / is there time to jump off or stop it wholesale? :thinking:


Lol. I think you’ll find that a Globohomo trope as per the American Beauty propaganda. 29 of the 30 men at the orgee did not express anti gay views publicly prior.

Yes, if someone expresses antigay views and then starts going to gay bars to “better understand the enemy” it’s a psychological closet thing. These are the people who get sampled by sociologists in their fake studies about antigay views.

But entire societies are or were vehemently expressly “antigay” (or “sensible” is another way to put it) . They weren’t all secretly gay.


Comparing euromomo excess deaths to the WHO European region, it shows I think deaths are overstated by al least a third.

Euromomo shows 270k excess deaths, if you subtract the average excess reported for 2018/2019 that gives 180k excess.

But the WHO gives 290k deaths from covid alone.

And we haven’t cured cancer, heart disease or any other major cause of death.




Passive aggressive. Don’t be a girly man !


Markets rebound thanks to the vaccine right.

First mover advantage to Pfizer, it is interesting to have a look at it’s share performance over 2020

3/12/2020 39.95
23/1/2020 38.47

up 3.8%

3/12/2020 33.10
23/1/2020 34.66

down 4.5%


So, if anyone posts on farcebook that they have had an adverse reaction to the vaccine, that post will be suppressed.

A very dangerous situation that could endanger some people who may have a medical condition that requires medication that could react badly with the vaccine from being made aware of the potential risk.


It’s relentless, constant, ceaseless and never-ending…

The non-stop, patronising, finger-wagging, *behave yourselves or else…" warnings from our masters shows no sign of easing off.

Restaurants urged to close if they can’t controll gatherings amid warning of ‘de-facto Christmas parties’ (

It is crucial that adherence to public health guidelines does not “veer off course” as indoor dining in restaurants, cafes, and gastropubs resumes on Friday, a senior civil servant involved in the Government’s Covid-19 response has said.

Businesses should take the decision to close if they are concerned about Covid-19 safety, Elizabeth Canavan Department of Taoiseach assistant secretary general told a press briefing on Friday.

“If you’re a business you know what to do and if you’re having difficulty controlling the situation, do the brave thing, look for help, close your business if congregation is getting too much,” she said.

Ms Canavan said there had been “anecdotal reports” of some pubs serving takeaway drinks taking the decision to shut, due to concerns over numbers gathering outside the premises.

The guidance for restaurants and pubs that serve food was clear that there could be no “multiple bookings” of several tables by large groups, the senior official said.

“I’ve spoken to some of the restaurateurs myself, it is very difficult for them, the responsible ones are saying we’re not taking multiple bookings,” she said.

“This can’t be a de facto Christmas party, you will not be allowed to leave your table, swap seats,” Ms Canavan said. There was also some concern over potential large numbers gathering in the smoking areas of gastropubs, which had to be monitored by businesses, she said.


That term ‘gastropubs’, what a pile of manure. It first came on the radar when some well known chef in the UK got a gig cooking roasts from a pub kitchen, and a newspaper wrote it up, and to be fair there are some pubs that really do make a name for their food, but it’s still a long, long way from a pub with Michelin stars to being just a pub with a kitchen and all of a sudden in this country gastropub is being used to mean simply pub with a kitchen, one step up from pub with a microwave, and Canavan should know that and should stop with her BS, we really are now into the territory of apparatchiks claiming ‘I was just doing my job’ when people come to ask in the future, as they will, how was the madness able to continue for so long before the public finally said NO! we have had enough this time


The nanny state has gone full retard. Eventually they will kill the entrepreneurial goose that lays their golden pensions. Their technocracy will never come to fruition. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


Before it magics away.


This video of a MSM exchange pretty much sums up your points @HiFi with some added entertainment value:

Video @ link -


You’re right - but judges would, unfortunately, have no trouble overturning that law. As far as they’re concerned, the express wishes of the government are advisory only.


Agreed, but the endless handwringing about the cost of public liability insurance shows there is no political will to tackle the issue of civil liability. At most, there is a pious hope that the level of compensation paid out will not further increase the cost of insurance. In 2018, there were an estimated Euro 3,150,000,000 in outstanding liabilities for claims against the State and its agencies. It would be reasonable to add another few hundred million to that as an estimate for 2020 liabilities. (Make that another Billion Euros by the time the politicians have caved in on the CervicalCheck Tribunal).

Perhaps the politicians are also aware that even if the Oireachtas passed a law to limit civil liability - for example in respect of COVID vaccines - it would be a short-lived Pyhrric victory. The judges would find some loophole and, failing that, they would declare the law unconstitutional. So much for separation of powers. (Two examples - the Bail Referendum and the 10 year minimum sentence for drug dealers)

How long before someone lodges a claim that they suffered injury because of the COVID vaccine? I’d guess a maxiumum of three years, even if the vaccine is highly successful and perfectly safe. If someone has genuine side-effects, I expect that our courts will get involved as soon as the population in general has been immunised. At that stage, the court can’t be accused of scaring people away from the vaccine.

The individual pay-out in a successful claim will depend on specific circumstances, but that will be a fraction of the total cost of the case. Expect a flood of cases to follow.


Caved in on Cervical Check. Under Hoolihoop?

Again , did you really write this out loud. Do you really believe this?


This is just standard Establishment fake self-critique gibberish. Like listening to Richard Bruton in opposition.

In reality, anyone who has experienced an accident that wasn’t their fault in say Spain will assure you that compensation there is ridiculously low. As you’d kinda expect. Ireland is bad, but low compensation Spain is far worse.

It’s actually the sign of a civilised society that you can sue people for the appropriate amount of the damages they cause you. (Rather than the sort of pro-employer, pro -domestic wealthy society that Richard Bruton creeps long to create)