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Nearly half of care home staff WON'T take Covid vaccine as bosses call to make jabs compulsory | Daily Mail Online

Nearly half of care home staff won’t take the coronavirus vaccine, with bosses desperately calling on ministers to make jabs compulsory among healthcare workers.

Nadra Ahmed, chairman of the National Care Association, said as many as 40% of carers could choose not to take up the option as it is rolled out over the coming days.

One care home owner claimed if they got to such a situation, they would feel obliged to disclose the low take-up not only to family members but also the local authority, adding it wasn’t clear who would be liable if someone were to fall ill.

As a result, there are growing calls to make it a requirement for such workers to take the jab in a bid to win the war on Covid-19.

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Making it mandatory will only result in a mass exodus of care home staff and mass resignations.


Latest update on RTE website only tells half the story (again)
look at the number of cases reported in the article

Then look at the number of deaths on the WHO website.

How many (if any) of these deaths were from the migrant worker hovels?


Interesting to compare a snapshot of two 5-day periods of cases/deaths in Ireland. Directly below are the up-to-date figures - while below those are the figures for exactly a month ago. (Total cases/deaths are also included)

Are things really getting worse?

December 15, 2020 329 76,776 8 2,134
December 14, 2020 264 76,449 2 2,126
December 13, 2020 429 76,185 1 2,124
December 12, 2020 248 75,756 3 2,123
December 11, 2020 313 75,507 3 2,120

Cases = 1,583
Deaths = 17

November 15, 2020 378 67,903 1 1,979
November 14, 2020 456 67,526 6 1,978
November 13, 2020 482 67,099 7 1,972
November 12, 2020 395 66,632 1 1,965
November 11, 2020 362 66,247 2 1,965

Cases = 2,073
Deaths = 17

*Note: We were 20 days into Level 5 restrictions when the Nov figures (above) begin. Also worth bearing in mind that there had been no indoor dining/drinking in Dublin since mid-September. (The rest of the country followed on Oct 5) That’s about ten weeks with no restaurants/pubs/cafes open. They’ve been opened for indoor dining/drinking for 12 days now.


More video of Kary Mullis the inventor of PCR - the title in the link is somewhat incorrect but it is true that Kary Mullis claims in this video that Fauci would not debate him, despite the chance.


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Will there be “antibody” certs, “I already had covid” certs, " I’m at risk of a severe allergic reaction so I’ll not be having the vaccine thanks" certs, “I’m 4 years old and can’t catch covid” certs ? Etc.


Could it be that actions that people are taking because of Covid are reducing the death rate in ways not related to Covid?

I remember hearing that the extra years people are expected to live today are more to do with improvements in hygiene than advances in medicine. Could people washing their hand be having a significant effect on passing on disease or lethal parasites or bacteria? Similarly could deaths due to air pollution be reduced by mask wearing?


The publication of an Expert Group report on reform of clinical negligence cases is overshadowed by a proposal to set up a vaccine compensation tribunal.

The Government is under pressure to introduce a vaccine compensation scheme “as a matter of urgency” following recommendations from an expert group.

On Tuesday, Taoiseach Michéal Martin signalled that t he justice and health ministers were working to produce such a scheme. But it is unclear how soon it will be introduced.

Before anyone has got the COVID vaccine, they want a machine to churn out compo for vaccine injuries. That will really boost vaccine take up :face_with_head_bandage:



From what I can see the covid actions have only a limited impact anyway, at my daughter’s school, there is a “winter vomiting bug” doing the rounds. So either there is widespread non-compliance or the anti covid measure are having only a limited impact. In other words, they’re more of a visual propaganda campaign to get people to fell that they’re “doing something”, only effective in certain conditions, but enforced everywhere.

I expect that many will blame the school kids for not being compliant enough, despite the fact that many are becoming paranoid about adhering to the rules.


Yep - Soap & Sanitation (plumbing)!

The fundamental and greatest health policy of Civilisation - Don’t believe it, turn it off for a few months wholesale and see how things go. :whistle:



ASCH - Experiment or Method?

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After receiving a shot in the arm, then while being interviewed about it all, this poor lady collapses live on camera.

Administering an experimental and novel DNA procedure to all “frontline” staff during the Attack Of The Virus seems like another great plan. :whistle:


She said afterwards that she regularly faints from pain.


Nov - Mattie McGrath TD

"I don’t trust the figures. I don’t trust the PCR tests, and that’s been proven, and ye won’t let any of the scientists with a contrarian view, or medics, in an ass’s roar of ye. There’s a controlled opposition and controlled media" - Mattie McGrath, TD. #COVID19ireland

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Indeed, people can faint at the sight of a needle too. Maybe she forgot about her affliction before going in front of the cameras. Who knows what is going on.


It’s Time to Scare People About Covid

Our public messaging about the virus should explain the real costs — in graphic terms — of catching the virus.

Archived link:

CANADA - Anthropomorphic $

UK - Postmodern $


Don’t forget the face nappies lads. 24/7 if possible.


Great idea. Cause utter panic by making sudden, last minute announcements on restrictions resulting in crowded trains…

Passengers faced packed train carriages out of London as many attempted to flee the capital following the announcement of tougher coronavirus restrictions.

Travellers were told that social distancing “will not be possible” due to the volume of people on board, and those that felt “uncomfortable” should not stay on the train.