Coronavirus 2020


42 days???



Hmmm… 42 days.


We’re all dead, kind of dead Jim, dead, vibe… ya know this new phrase that’s suddenly doing the rounds, the one that’s been injected into the bio-liguistic-cyber-space, this “super spreader”, reminds me an awful lot of that other popularised phrase, “super predator” remember that one? Now we got ourselves a “super virus”, the stakes they just keep rising, it’s like the price is right or play your cards right, which cards? Wild cards Vs Trump cards???


nope, wrong movie title :smiley:

I really wonder how much of exiled Chinese tweets are total bullshit. The whole information war is probably more scary than the flu itself. During the swine flu, muricans were posting about FEMA camps ready to isolate and “put down” people… it ended up as another bs.
I am sure that there is serious threat to be sick with potential severe complications, otherwise Xi and the band would not openly panic, but I am just tired of internet boogie everything theories. In Poland black Volga in 90s, black beemer later… in Ireland misterious white Van, in internet ANY FREAKING THING can be picked up :wink:

They keep coming back to 1918, it was different world back then. Its really scary how it went global back then when 90 of world population did not travel outside of their town really…


They must have been super hyper duper super spreaders back then, death and disease spreaders just aren’t what they use to be, back in my day England would sneeze and Ireland would catch a ferry with Kleenex in hand.


First there was a 28 days incubation theory, now the 42 Days incubation. Yea no movies were ever made with those titles about a deadly virus creating killer Zombies and a reference to WWZ has never appeared in any popular artists of the 90’s in advance of the 2007 movie, that also contain the two letters “WU” in their name, while referencing plagues and mass death in their edgy lyrics, never ever ever… super honest! :whistle:


Is the time you are infected 42 days now?


I can’t believe it’s not Coronavirus, so you can spread it good and wide - Incubation period.

42 days replicating itself possibly, or maybe not in some cases. You might carry it but it’s not active, but it spreads, but probably to spread effectively if you want to win a gold medal in the super-spreader olympics, I guess it would have to be replicating to beat the band to get prodctions output up, done of course by hi-jacking your cells duplication machinery and resources for it’s own propagation.

It’s a lot like how government works through Taxation. Using your life energy to grow beyond it’s ability to maintain itself in equilibrium.

Classic parasitical lock, that’s destined to end in the death of the host as the parasite never knows when to stop, since it’s machine like in this instance both virion and government.


Oh, I’ve seen here too that you don’t always show up as infected. The head of the HSE pandemic unit or what have you, repeated that 20K Irish people could die from this. Over 20K seriously people hitting the Irish health care system could destroy it.


The WHO have named the virus COVID-19


Two prisoners in Britain being tested. One was repatriated from Thailand.


Any link to that HSE statement dare I say press release?


He would have been processed through this place in the days before he was deported from Thailand:


It’s a disease ridden hellhole anyway; when this takes hold there there will be hundreds of deaths, including many children.


Morbid and sad but informative paper looking at the 1918 flu in Derbyshire. Pregnancy increased risks as was also seen with SARS virus. The flu came in 3 waves.


Imagine the amount of cases going under the radar in all these countries right now. I think that when this gets into a community a lot of people are infected, but it takes a while for incubation and for it to reach a critical mass and at that time, the reported numbers quickly explode and the medical services are overwhelmed. I believe also that 18 months time until an antivirus is best case scenario. Then, to vaccinate everyone in the world would probably take years after it has been developed.

Your best bet right now is probably to take care of your health and be very hygienic. I’ll also tell you, that the plastic disposable gloves are some of the first things for supermarkets to run out of so get those early.


2 more found in Singapore. One of them worked in a Casino. An interesting snippet from the article, “The ministry said that it has identified 1,124 close contacts as of noon on Tuesday. Of the 1,021 who are still in Singapore, 989 have been contacted and are being quarantined or isolated. Efforts are ongoing to contact the remaining 32 close contacts.”

I think that must relate to close contacts of the 47 individuals who have currently been confirmed. The article is not clear on this but it makes sense. It goes to show how many close contacts one individual can potentially infect, let alone people who are not close contacts. In Tianjin in one department store, 33 people have been infected alone.

The US is currently modifying 11 Military bases to become quarantine centres.


China might be fiddling the numbers to get trade and travel going again

China’s aviation regulator said on Wednesday that it hopes countries will lift virus-related travel restrictions as soon as possible, in line with guidance from the World Health Organization and International Civil Aviation Organization.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China will continue to lobby authorities to subsidize airlines hurt by travel curbs due to the coronavirus, Xiong Jie, a CAAC official, told a media briefing.


I couldn’t find one, sorry. The HSE lad was on the Last Word. Matt Cooper brought up the figure from the last time they spoke as he was rattled when he said it the first time. Matt Cooper seemed equally rattled when he re-iterated it.


I’m heading to Singapore and Thailand in July. Might mean some deals esp Thailand with their tourism numbers down