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Even prior Coronavirus strains could cause 8% case mortality rate in elderly, they should have been protected immediately. The nursing home deaths should be a greater scandal, but get no attention in the overall narrative.


First France, now Fauci, talking about vaccines being mandatory for services like public transport…


Seen on twitter… “if I wanted to generate vaccine-resistant-SARS-CoV-2 variants »


Presumably you wouldnt have to fund the provision of these services via taxation if you were to be precluded from availing of them? Or is that a silly question…


It gets better, when tested 10% of all hospital admissions for respiratory illnesses had active human-corona virus infections (usually 229E and OC43). The unadjusted case fatality rate for people with these infections was between 20% and 30%. The majority of mass mortality pneumonia outbreaks in care homes were cased by general circulation corona-viruses. I think it was OC43 in one of the worst outbreaks in a British Columbia home which killed around 100 people. Nothing unique about that outbreak, just the death toll. These outbreaks usually only kill around 10 or 20 and never make the news.

There was nothing new or different about SARs Cov2 when compered to the other four human corona-viruses. Same kind of infection rates, same kind of asymptomatic rates , same kind of hospitalization rates, and it kills the same kind of people at pretty much the same rate from viral pneumonia. And we will all get infected with it at about the same rate as all the others. A few dozen times during our lifetime, mostly as kids. With mostly the same results. A very nasty cold.

Thats what all the fuss is about.


Does anyone know the approx. time lag or better, the turn around time for processing test results that generate the cases number, is it 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours… or longer? (HSE)

Edit: It appears to be previous day up to 3pm, but I am not totally sure or if it indicative of the age of the samples to be processed.


According to the HSE press release median time about 3 days for “positives”. Which for true positives given that during the 10/15 day active infection cycle only about 5 to 7 days max will return true positive which means that about half of true positives will already be near the end of the active infection cycle by the time the results comes back. So the only clinical utility of these tests is to tell someone who is already sick that that they are sick from an untreatable viral infection rather than a bacterial infection which can be treated… Thats about it.

The only mass surveillance test that would any clinical diagnostic value during a pandemic is an antigen / speleological that had a 90%+ accuracy rate during the initial 3 days of infection. And would have to be an instant on-site non lab based test. Such a test does not exist for RNA viruses and probably never will.

Which is why all screening test are futile. Just political theater.


Exactamundo… 3 days its is so.

Next question for the floor:

Does anyone have any idea where all he demand comes from for testing, excluding Hospital demand which cna be run in-house - what is there Hospital out-house, GPs, HSE clinics, Covid testing parties… ???


I think if you have a new cough or a cold and call the GP you get tested. Which means the neurotic must be causing a lot of tests

I wonder will we ever find out if one individual GP’s patient has had like 25 tests ? Some super neurotic patient who attends a super neurotic doctor.


Ah yes, the great neurosis, it’s interesting to see how you can overnight give great favour to the inner neurotic which compels the outer neurotic to express even more, you might almost see it as a gamification of the neurotics routine via legislation, maximal state sanction blessings to be OTT and proud.

Meanwhile, while they go on about record numbers of cases and strain on the hospital system in the media, and Doom Doctors warn of more falling sky.

Here are the ICU (and HDU) Discharges & Admission over the last 7 days (sorry not date column

Date Runnign Total ICU Discharged ICU Admitted to ICU Net
Dec 27 27 0 5 5
Dec 28 30 1 5 4
Dec 29 34 3 8 5
Dec 30 39 4 9 5
Dec 31 42 2 10 8
Jan 1 50 1 11 10
Jan 2 56 1 10 9

It is no where near as bad as the start of the year, despite what Dr Varadkar would like everyone to believe:

Mr Varadkar said the current situation much more closely resembles the first wave of the disease rather than the second wave.


Within the RTE piece their is no qualification as to how it resembles the first wave. It woudl be safe to assume it is a simple deception.


Indeed, I am aware of one case where the refusal to take in patients in this manner as was being pursued by the HSE was totally and successfully resisted for the sake of protecting existing staff and elderly care patients. Did the HSE get really nasty? Oh yes they did. Hell bent it sounded like, yet those resisting knew how to stand their ground and stand they did and I guess you might say, saved some lives.

Sounds like a valiant effort by all accounts where local management trumps top down managerial diktats.

Curiously, was that in the news much?

Any links to the NHI ireland push back would be of interest.


Ho ho ho… :santa:


Do you gotz a good link to that covers that general story.

From what I can gather looking at the numbers, the majority of the test volume is pushed through the labs in Ireland.

The hospitals provide a reliable testing base figure, anytime there is a big jump in “cases” we see a preceding ramp up in test sent to labs, but no equivalent uptick the hospitals test volume.

Where all that demand comes from would be interesting to know, in fact I think it is rally crucial - is it medical system excess, warehouse of cola cases or a field of sheep.

For example, the ramp up in tests toward the end of December 2020 is the biggest like ever man, like TRUMP big, the biggest… then surprise surprise cases go up TRUMP style too and the headlines sustain the tension.

Here is the weird thing, there was a HUGE ramp up in testing mid-Jul thru to mid-August (approx), and then a sudden drop for a similar-ish period, during the ramp up, cases were on the floor. The FLOOR, then they began to gently uptick approx a week or so later, then the ramp up in testing occurs at the end of August and has been sustained at levels never before seen, this may be accounted for by schools retuning, but those labs results are the source every time of the case peaks.

If the numbers update for tests soon, I might upload a graph I have been using to make sense of the numbers, because the dashboard is a pile of shyte tbh.

Oh but don’t forget, we all partied at Christmas, they told us children this would happen, they warned us months ago, if we ate too much chocolate, we’d all end up with sick tummys! :whistle:


Now at 65 ICU cases. That’s almost a doubling in 5 days
Remember that discharges include deaths.
Now if people would just hurry up and die there would be no pressure on beds at all.


That’s a great insight. Who knows this eh??? :man_shrugging:

Is it the same for general hospital discharges also?

Also are their any live figures for the total ICU capacity that include all ICU ins & outs similar to how the ICU-C19 figures are recorded?


Or no need for icu/ventilation. Just normal low cost therapy treatments for symptoms of showing.

I cast my mind back to the tremendous media campaign promoting this along with how peeps can boost their immune system. Great wasn’t it. :wink:


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Tony is some man for the mixed messages. He really is. Gas man Tony. :ninja:


Yesterday, Canadian Police RAID Home For Too Many People



The plan is working.