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2.2 million people did vote in a day in 2020. I mean, checking a ballot card, marking people off a list, time to cast vote…it’s not that different.


With close to 5m to vaccinate, ‘only’ 135K by end Feb seems slow. But I guess production will ramp up as more vaccines approved. Pfizer also opening a new plant in Germany next month


Government pledge more kool-aid on way.


I don’t believe anyone thinks we are going to get close to even 80% coverage by end of the year or ever, nor do we need to. Once the over 70’s and hospital staff are done ~800K then it’s all over, the death and seriously ill numbers through the floor.

And I’m hoping that is what the reasoning behind putting Robert Watt in as Sec Gen of DOH is all about.


Interesting. So we need 20% of the population’s msot vulnerable to reduce deaths by 90%.

Haven’t seen any rollout projections beyond Feb so don’t know ballpark how long the 800K will take


fundamental questions remain unanswered by the Government (or even asked by the media)

  1. why was there no mass vaccination plan drafted up prior to December?;
  2. is there a mass vaccination plan now approved?;
  3. has this plan been costed and funding in place in anticipation of multiple vaccines being available in the future?;
  4. when was the current plan for limited vaccinations drafted and approved;
  5. what is the basis of the current vaccination plan - doses available or expected to be available?
  6. can this plan be flexed - if more doses become available can the process be accelerated under the plan;
  7. why was no bilateral agreement with the vaccine producers considered outside but in addition the EU procurement program?
  8. who made the decision not to explore a bilateral agreement? Did this come before Cabinet?
  9. Has any effort been made to agree a bilateral agreement since the New Year?
  10. Has any of this been raised at EU level given the EU procurement program seems to be lagging across the EU.


Interesting number one, I’d think something like this would be more to the point.

  1. Why are the Government using a bogus test regime to terrify the people of the nation as the justify for their tyrannical rule.

In fairness it’s to a hard one to answer as it’s one of those self-answering questions where the answer lies in the question, ya know that kind of a way?


To add , why are they calling it a vaccine when it clearly is not.

Those 2 questions and the argument is dead.


There have been several reports of deaths related to the covid vaccine.
In reporting terms, what makes this interesting is that anyone who dies following a positive covid test, gets reported as ‘having died from covid’.
But anyone who dies following a vaccination, gets reported as ‘having died after getting the vaccine’.

Why is media not reporting that people have died ‘from the vaccine’?


Probably a simple case that if someone dies unexpectedly after the vaccine, is quite likely to have died from something else. But someone who dies with COVID, probably had their life expectancy shortened by the virus and without it would have more than likely died shortly anyway from one or more of the other conditions they had.
ticking COVID simplifies the paperwork.


There will be almost half a million doses of Covid-19 vaccines in Ireland by the end of March, the minister for health has said.

This includes a combination of 350,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 110,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine, with hopes high that the AstraZeneca vaccine and a further vaccine from Johnson & Johnson could be approved soon too, boosting supplies further.

The latter comes in a single dose and is easier to apply, Stephen Donnelly told RTÉ radio, adding that by the end of February, he anticipated that all nursing home residents and staff along with frontline workers will have been vaccinated.

The minister also defended the pace of the vaccination programme on Newstalk.

We’re not slow. We’re moving at the same pace as the rest of Europe.

"Ireland’s approach was that the only constraint would be the arrival of the vaccine, he said.

350K Pfizer / 2 doses required = 175K vaccinated

110K Morderna / 1 dose required = 110K vaccinated

Total 285K vaccinated by end March.

As reported earlier, we need c. 800K, which are most vulnerable areas, to reduce fatalities by 90%. By end March we’ll still be miles off that…


And those ‘Zero-Covid’ idiots (Scally, Ryan, McConkey et al) tweeting a prediction of 6000 deaths and 17k in ICU if we open up once that 800K are done. They choose to ignore that herd immunity (however achieved) isn’t a ‘lightswitch’ event.


And I’ve checked the link provided, which appears to purport that this prediction was made by the HPSC.

Now located here:

and that text doesn’t appear in it.


Crazed bought and paid for quasi scientists lie to public shocker.



(blood pressure warning)

JUST IN - Scottish Police forcefully enter into a private home to check if [#COVID19] rules are violated.

Video @ Src:


The latest mantra on the Vaccine Rollout heard on the BBC:

‘Nobody is safe until we are all safe’


HSE’s ancient IT system coming back into focus


Behind the headline.

No mention of how many per week.
And deliveries start sometime in the wide range of the “2nd quarter”.

Vaccines for 1.3% of the population ‘in stock’.


Reality is one giant experiment where the majority of people have been mental conditioned to accept being willing test subjects in a novel mass genetic modification of their families, communities, counties, and countries.

All aboard the Prophylaxis Express!


People reject Pfizer vaccine to wait for 'English' jab (

A high-profile doctor in northeast England has said patients turned down the chance to have the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, saying they would “wait for the English one”.

Paul Williams, a former Labour MP, said it shows that nationalism has consequences, given they were delaying having a jab at the height of the pandemic.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was made available to patients in the UK at the start of December, while the Oxford/AstraZeneca version was authorised on 30 December.

Imagine being a nationalist. Uugh :hot_face:

Or could it be that faced with the dismal prospects they opt out of the MRNA ‘new technology’ shot, and choose the more ‘traditional’ Oxford/AstraZeneca shot instead.