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Just to let you know that all the statistics here…

…starting at Christmas week are complete and total garbage.

Absolutely no infectious respiratory disease or clinically reliable testing procedure ever produces number that look like this. Ever. Huge ramp up like that. Huge daily swings in mortality rates. 8 one day, 46 the next. An almost 20% positive rate. For mass screening with a prevalence of around 0.3%.

Whatever changed Christmas week means that absolutely all testing numbers are worthless and the huge swings in daily mortality rates tells me the daily data collection and collating process has collapsed.


Can you explain why they are “garbage” please? I personally know 17 people that have tested Covid positive in the last 2 weeks, inlcuding myself. All friends and family are saying the same whereas last Spring I knew very few. Curious for your (verifiable) reasoning as to why the huge spike in cases in in fact garbage. Thanks.


Answer is in your question - Cause you got the test.

You have to be careful not to drink any cola before the test, but kool-aid is ok. :wink:


Not sure i understand the insinuation, is it that the posiive test is a lie (and if i hadn’t got tested i would not have had Covid - which is insane) or that i was only positive because i got the test and on that basis the true national number is actually exponentialy larger as folks are going around with Covid unknowingly (which is undoubtedly the case also).


How many cycles did they run on your sample?


Jesus wept. You lads are so desperate to live in some deep state conspiracy world where nothing you are told is real, it’s actually incredible.


So you made your story up. Fair enough. Best of luck. Hold onto that feeling. Keep the dream alive.


What?! FWIW i had a fever, cough and no sense of smell/taste. I got a test merely for confrimation purposes and it’s a responsible thing to do.

But you seem to think that the test they carried out is fake/incorrect/conspiracy to boost the numbers so our dark overlords can further control us - is that it?


The test failure rate of the RT/PCR is 90% plus with SARs CoV2. 90% plus of positives have no active SARs CoV 2. Its a statistical artifact. And at least 50% of those who actually have an active SARs CoV2 test will test negative.

Before the governments changed the rules in March any doctor using RT/PCR test as the primary and only clinical diagnostic criteria would have been guilty of medical malpractice. The test fails on all criteria as a reliable clinical test in low prevalence scenarios.

For that matter my relative who is at the highest risk, an almost perfect PSI/PORT score, many decades history of hospitalization for respiratory infections, tested positive a few weeks ago. Within the window of the garbage data. Due to the idiotic “contract tracing”. Not the slightest sign of any symptoms for him or other family members who also tested positive. None. Yet another false positive.

Not one single person I know of who tested positive in the last nine months who already did not have advanced symptoms (when the test can be reasonable accurate) later developed any symptoms consistent with SARs Cov 2 infection. None. The test is not a test for an active infection, it a test for tiny amount of genetic debris. Which has a very weak correlation with actual active infections.

When you see spikes like that in data, unlike previous trends and utterly unlike every other country, the data is garbage. You will find that the spike is due to some change in procedure, reagents etc and all results for the last few weeks are totally wrong. Quite separate from the false positives.

Those “46 deaths” on 1/11/21. That was several weeks backlog being entered into the system. If you look back through the daily death count over the months you can see that almost all variation is a data input artifact. There is zero correlation with any real world pattern of daily deaths in an epidemic.

As was mentioned here before if you want to know how many people actually died on a given day ask the undertakers. Because absolutely no one in the HSE or Dept of Health has the slightest idea.

As for your test result. Before Christmas I would have said 90% probability it was a false positive. Given the official numbers posted the last two week I’d say the probability is closer to 99%. At the moment if you start developing symptoms its a 90% plus probability its some other viral infection. Influenza, rhinovirus, RSV etc.

If you develop any symptoms stay completely away from all hospitals or health care facilities unless you collapse and need oxygen. SARs CoV 2 is basically another Hospital Acquired Pneumonia. The best way of not getting infected at the moment is to stay away from hospitals.

So it looks very much like the numbers are on your side and for your friends. If you got your test more than 4 or 5 days ago and no symptoms then it was a false positive.


I just saw your post. You had basic symptoms. But still non-specific without a blood assay showing early stage pre pneumonia. So that reduces the false positive rate quite a bit. In that case before the recent few weeks I would say the false positive rate was less than 50% for your situation. Last few weeks depending on exactly where the test procedure failure point is the false positive rate could be anywhere up in the high 90%.s


If by “basic symptoms” you mean more or less the exact symptoms that medical practitioners in Ireland and abroad ascribe to identifying Covid, then yes I did. My parents, wife and brother also had the majority of same symptoms.

Thank you for clarifying that there’s a 90% chance all of our tests were in all liklihood false positives and we didn’t really have covid at all. Maybe we all had early stage pneumonia or some other “kool-aid” induced illness, which would absolutely make more sense.


Again, I’d like to reiterate that I believe COVID is/was a real novel Coronavirus, nastier than most CV strains, but I see no evidence that it is/was as severe as SARS or MERS. My concerns are about ”asymptomatic PCR positive” “COVID”. JMC is correct that the definition of how to diagnose diseases in March was altered.

Kary Mullis, the man who won a Nobel Prize for inventing PCR, had concerns about its use as a diagnostic tool. He died last year.

Portugal have also expressed concerns - The PCR test “is unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that a positive result corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus”, said the Lisbon Court of Appeal.

Prodromal (presymptomtic) spread of viral infections can occur, but “asymptomatic spread“? “Historically… asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks…” - and that’s according to Dr Fauci. Before everything got changed and things got so political.


One of the big problems is that we have is a low accuracy mass screening test being used for a fairly generic symptom wise respiratory infection where the new virus is probably about the fourth or fifth most probable infectious agent at the moment.

The body reacts in pretty much the same way to respiratory infections no matter what its cause. Most symptoms are due to the way the immune system responds. The dry cough is the only fairly specif symptom to SARs CoV 2 but far from unique. For me that was one of the most memorable parts of getting Swine flu. Once I could physically move again. A cough so painful that you had to hold your sides when coughing. Wrapping your arms around yourself. Thats the main reason I was on top of the literature in late January because of what I experienced with Swine Flu. The published literature said just as bad but with tens times the death rate. Which turned out to be untrue. Actually just the same as 2009.

Glad to hear it was not too serious by the sound of it. Might be a good idea to keep all the documentation about your case close at hand in case they try to force everyone to get vaccinated. You’re immune system has a good probability of being primed but one of the problems with previous human corona-virus vaccines is that there were some reports of high adverse response rates with the vaccines for those who already had immunity due to prior related infection. So this should be kept in mind. Its only an early stage experimental vaccine and will be for 3 to 5 years. The normal clinical trials period.





A higher res plot to show what junk data looks like…


That is one serious fuck up in the testing results pipeline starting week 3 in December…


U.K. had some issues with contamination of tests during processing at one stage:


I think ya missed the gag :wink:

Anyhooo… here is my super-duper chart, updated to reflect latest up-to-date Jan 12 figures, showing the testing volume preceding Christmas.

Also included, the Mid-Summer Outlier event - I can’t remember of the terror level status, but what caused the humongous “demand” in testing, system finally put in place, ready to rock, and then a sudden collapse until resumption some time later, hm hmm? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is how the official dashboard charts the same above data:

Here we get a bit of a better idea of the divergence between hospital and lab testing volume.

Too compare to the first chart:

Blue (below chart) = Grey (Super-duper chart A)
Crimson = Blue (Super-duper chart A)


Labs tech drinking cola form the vending machine again? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Covid UK: Vaccinated Britons to be offered 'vaccine passport' | Daily Mail Online

Thousands of Britons who have received their Covid jab ‘will be offered a vaccine passport’ in trial taking place this month – as EU considers plan to bring them in for travel across Europe

Thousands of Britons who have already received their coronavirus jab will be offered a vaccine passport in a trial taking place this month after ministers flip-flopped over the controversial policy.

The passport, created by biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine, will be issued as a free app and will allow users to prove digitally if they have had their first or second jab - or no jab at all.

Though the Department of Health said there were ‘no plans’ to introduce vaccine passports, the Government’s own science and research funding agency Innovate UK has already pumped £75,000 into the project.

Mvine director Frank Joshi said the company, which had started working on the passports to demonstrate test results, later acquired more funding to switch into vaccination passporting.