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No I don’t thinks so unfortunately. I think this time around they have really terrified the old and the aging/ active old so much so that it is trickling down the generations.

People that would have been free even two months ago are now cowering in Fear. They are broken and helpless.


Coincidentally, since I wrote that I opened my post to find this:

I wonder why… something? Nothing? Courts and/or juries suspended? Urgent repairs?


This is how f*cking stupid the situation is. And how criminal negligent the Irish media are.

Headlines are 101 "confirmed dead from COVID today …

The average number of total deaths in Ireland every day is around 90. With a seasonal variation of around 20%. So usually around 100/110 a day during the winter flu season.

So if you take on face value the HSE statistics as reported by the media almost everyone who died in Ireland yesterday died of COVID…

Its seems not one single person in the Irish media actual spent 10 seconds doing the most basic fact checking.

Of course that 101 number is not qualified by when they actually did die. It is actually just that they got entered into the HSE official numbers in the last day. Some of those deaths probably go back weeks. The variation in the daily death numbers indicates that someone is only working a four or five day week entering the values into the public database. So utterly worthless as reliable data.

Or how many of those 101 died of pneumonia. Which is how SARs CoV 2 actually kills people. No footnotes. No actual data.

As it seems that most Influenza deaths and pneumonia deaths of previous years seem to be SARs 2 related this year, displacement deaths, it is unlikely that of those 101 any more that 25 or 30 actually died of anything like a pneumonia. Around the same as in other years from severe viral respiratory illnesses.


It’s not stupid, it’s scary. I have savings I can live on for 1-2 years if I have to leave / resign from work to avoid vaccination, but if we’re talking Gulag Archipelago and concentration camps for the unvaccinated, that gets trickier :grimacing::grimacing:

Anecdotally hearing about docs taking 1-2 days off work after the second jab cos of pain and feeling like crap. Vaccines always illicit some immune response, have had a bunch in my time, but nothing like that :grimacing:


Again the real tragic thing here is the brainwashing associated with it.

101 deaths
101 families
101 restricted funerals
1000s upon 1000of people fcked up with grief and regret forever - you cannot and will not recover from this kind of grief
A nation terrified that this will happen to them and their families so you get obedience of the masses.
Rinse, repeat. There is no way out of this cycle. Not without, well, you know. :ninja:



Is the EC President and France’s Europe minister spreading ‘misinformation’ about a vaccine? Zut alors

No10 slaps down Ursula von der Leyen over vaccine criticism | Daily Mail Online

Speaking on Monday, Mrs von der Leyen defended the EU’s slower vaccine approvals policy, while criticising Britain’s for compromising on ‘safety and efficacy’.

‘Some countries started to vaccinate a little before Europe, it is true,’ she said in an interview with French newspaper Le Monde when asked about Britain.

‘But they resorted to emergency, 24-hour marketing authorisation procedures. The commission and the member states agreed not to compromise with the safety and efficacy requirements linked to the authorisation of a vaccine,’ she said.

’Time had to be taken to analyse the data, which, even minimised, takes three to four weeks. So, yes, Europe left it later, but it was the right decision. I remind you that a vaccine is the injection of an active biological substance into a healthy body. We are talking about mass vaccination here, it is a gigantic responsibility.'

France’s Europe minister, Clément Beaune, had also criticised the UK’s rollout as he said ‘they are taking a lot of risks’.

Downing Street rejected the claims at lunchtime today, insisting that the MHRA’s authorisation of vaccines had been based on an ‘extremely thorough’ process.

Of course as they’re having a go at the Brits, and undermining the vaccine roll out at the same time, one could savour the thought of the mental gymnastics this story would require from Irish media


Looking at the latest numbers for testing volumes. It seems clear to my small mind, that making a simple assumption that hospitals labs vs the commercial/outside labs, must be running different cycle threshold, is not that off the wall.

My guess is the non-hospital labs are running higher cycles and producing stupid results.

There now appears to be a signal validation of this occurring in January 2021 - in that to my eye, the hospitals labs have increased by what look like double their test volume for Jan 2021 and interestingly, the use of outside non-hospitals labs has dropped dramatically in comparison at the same time, but guess what has not gone up and continued to fall… why the cases numbers.

The case numbers are dropping in tandem with the drop in non-hospital labs test volume, despite the increased hospital lab testing taking up some of the slack.

There appears to be no correlation in case numbers ever going up due to hospitals labs

There appears case numbers only reach crazy peaks when sent out to the out non-hospital labs get the samples.

In other words, if Ireland only ever used Hospital labs to test then there would be no 2nd and 3rd lockdown and maybe never even a first, but I will not go that far for now, and leave it at maybe.

If we only used the non-hospital labs for testing, we would have all been administered cyanide end of last year.


Testing has re-started and is rolling back into meat and processing plants around the country so hang in there, the numbers are coming. :wink:

Because Science and Reasons Lads. Science and Reasons.


It looks like totally polluted test result data from commercial labs for almost two week in December / January.

But this is how meaningless the “positive” numbers are. If you put everyone under house arrest for a month after forcing everyone to take the vaccine shots and then did mass testing the “positive” percentage would be pretty much the same as before you did all that.

The positive test results mean zero unless they are done after someone has shown very positive clinical symptoms (like a chest XRay) of a viral respiratory infection.

This is how stupid the current situation is. If the prevalence is 0.3% if you took two groups of 1000 people and tested one group using RT/PCT and just selected 60 at random from the other group given the very high false negative rate of the RT/PCT test the probability of an infected person being detected by the RT/PCT test is not that substantially higher than just picking people at random and saying they are positive. Which actually is pretty close to the current mass testing process.

RT/PCR is not a valid mass screening test.


“Stockholm now at 45% positive antibody testing!! or 42% for entire nation. Weekly test results out; url in chart title for verification.”


Herd immunity?
Their numbers of new cases has fallen steadily and the death rate has fallen off a cliff in recent weeks.


Or / plus the usual winter respiratory illness peak passing


Saw this chart based on last week’s figures. Sweden second lowest for “Covid” deaths…


Our total is 3,512 (I think).

1,500 in nursing homes. Without those, our cases per million would look a little less scary :cry: The way this infection ran rampant through our nursing homes (who’s staff and infrastructure are not set up for infection control, and were short of PPE etc.) is an absolute scandal and tragedy.


Yeah Leo played a blinder lads :rage:


Switzerland seeks more data on Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

Swiss regulators have said that data submitted by AstraZeneca is not sufficient for them to authorise use of the company’s Covid-19 vaccine and “new studies” are needed.

The Swissmedic regulatory authority said it had been examining information from AstraZeneca but that was “not yet sufficient to permit authorisation”.

“To obtain more information about safety, efficacy and quality, additional data from new studies are needed,” it said in a statement.

Switzerland has so far given the green light to Covid-19 vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

It had been expected to authorise the AstraZeneca jab soon, after the European Union last week gave the vaccine the go ahead.

But while the EU granted approval for use in all people over the age of 18, several European countries have advised against giving the jabs to people over 65, citing lack of evidence that it was effective among the elderly.



Some more good news? Cases may be dropping in US. Again is it simply seasonal, testing criteria or are they getting to herd immunity too?


The Political Mental Illness is getting a cure, who’d have thunk it.:thinking:


TRUMP was the Virus… :whistle: